Interview-only 7 points for the first title of the career, Liu Yan hit the LPGA light battle

Interview | Only 7 points for the first title of the career, Liu Yan hit the LPGA lightly
The 11th National Day holiday is not over yet. Chinese professional female golfer Liu Yan is about to board American Airlines and prepare to take the LPGA (American Women’s Professional Golf Tournament) qualification test for the second time, which will impact the PGA Tour.Unlike the first time, Liu Yan, who has been in her career for 3 years, hopes to go into battle easily with her ordinary heart. In her words, when you do what you should do, everything will come naturally.Liu Yan took the first career title.Figure / Social media preparations focus on physical fitness and wind resistance Beijing News: How to arrange the itinerary to the United States and the participation plan?Liu Yan: Depart for the United States on October 7.Because the world ranking is relatively high, I can start playing from the second level. The competition time is from October 14th to 17th. If it can pass successfully, the third level will be followed immediately.Beijing News: For this LPGA exam, do you prepare in advance?Liu Yan: Because the test intensity is still relatively large, and the weather in the United States is now relatively hot, I have practiced more physically.During the offseason, practice twice a day, morning and evening one and a half hours each; the interval in the previous period is one day a day, two hours each time; from last week, one practice a day, no more than two hours at a time, is also a test of your endurance.In addition, the American stadium is far away, fast, and the wind is still strong. Technically, more efforts are made on wind resistance and high pitching.It is also very important to know how far each pole can be played in the case of wind resistance.In fact, I took the exam once soon after I changed my career in 2017. At that time, I felt very fresh, the first level was very smooth, but the idea of the second level began a lot. I went to the venue to try for a long time in advance, and the psychological burden is relatively large.Fight well.So this time, I will treat my mind with the usual mindset, one round at a time, one level at a time, and don’t put too much psychological burden on myself. I am more relaxed.Beijing News: How did the first career career title achieved in May this year personally help you, including this LPGA exam?Liu Yan: This crown sent me to the second pass of the LPGA exam. The world ranking was stabilized within the top 400 before August 31, and you can pass the second pass.Before that, I was within the top 400, and this crown consolidated my position.Personally, I have always believed in myself. I will win the championship one day, and I will enter a higher platform one day. Of course, this crown has increased my self-confidence.Liu Yan did not want to put too much pressure on herself.Figure / Women ‘s mid-season season rarely wins the first championship or even regrets the Beijing News: Is it your plan to win the professional championship this year?How did you feel at the time?Liu Yan: This crown is quite unexpected. I never thought that the first professional career came like this.In my imagination, the final round was in the leading group. Three people competed fiercely and then won the championship on the last hole.In reality, I won the championship on the green after I played first.In fact, my condition was not very good that week, especially the No. 1 wood always couldn’t be straight.But the course in Hong Kong is relatively short. Except for a few five-hole parquets, most of them are tee shots.That week, my cuts were very good, and the save rate was very high. Putters within 2 yards basically moved forward.Beijing News: You have already won 1 championship and 1 Asia this season. From the point of view, it is an explosion. What adjustments have been made during winter training?Liu Yan: My coach and I practiced in Xiamen this winter. We made plans ourselves and did not follow other sports teams.It is possible to arrange personalized training that suits you, and it is also more focused, quiet, and gains more.Winter training mainly focuses on irons, and it takes a lot of time to practice every day. Because short shots are so important, the overall short shots have been greatly improved this year.Beijing News: Has the goal set in the initial period been achieved?A brief summary of the upcoming performance this season.Liu Yan: The initial goal was to hope to be promoted in the regular season, but this year there is still one eliminated in the country, and there is hope that the US Women ‘s Open will be promoted, but the result has not been able to play normal levels.If you score, you may only have 7 points.The 1 point deduction is in psychological performance, often on the key shot, when the pressure is very large, without absolute focus, there are a lot of ideas.There is still 1 point deducted from the score, which has not reached your goal, and 1 point is your room for improvement.Later, I also reflected that maybe this should not be a small but difficult target. In fact, there should not be so many ideas. As long as the best level is achieved, the result will not be worsego with.Billiards is Liu Yan’s hobby.Figure / Women’s mid-range patrol trick to play billiards helps putter the Beijing News: I heard that you like to play billiards, is this helpful for you to play golf?Liu Yan: There are many similarities between billiards and golf, some of them look at angles.When you play billiards, you have to think about how to do the next shot after this shot; the golf putter is also like this. A long long put, you have to think about putting the ball in its position firstPushing doesn’t give you that much pressure.The moment of playing billiards is similar to putting.Just like you have to put the sweet spot on the putter, the ball will follow your established route, and the same goes for playing billiards.In fact, playing billiards is very helpful for thinking. When the season is not so busy, I often go to play.Beijing News: In China, you have a relatively long hitting distance, can you share some experience of increasing the distance?Liu Yan: To increase the distance in the short term is to increase the strength of the upper limbs. After about a week, you will obviously feel that the batting becomes stronger and the distance is farther, but it may not be so stable.In order to keep the hitting distance at a relatively long distance, a little more bouncing physical training is needed to increase the leg strength, borrow the strength of the floor rebound and then re-penetrate into the body, and then put it on the club. DistanceIt will be far away.Your bouncing strength is stronger, the distance will definitely become farther, but the effective time depends on your own physical condition.Beijing News: Many golfers have no concept of distance when putting, how to increase the distance sense of putting?Liu Yan: Find a large green, put the ball far away from you, first notice it for 5 seconds, then close your eyes and walk towards the ball, see where your error is, try to train more,Minimize the error as much as possible. The error is within 1 to 2 yards. There is a concept for your brain to feel this distance.Beijing News: Will you listen to music during training, will this distract you or make you more relaxed?Liu Yan: I usually listen to music when I warm up or play 30 to 40 balls before the driving range. The concert will make your body excited and change into a state.When your body is warming up and you are really focused on training, it is not recommended to listen, because when you hear music with a strong sense of rhythm, the swing rhythm will become faster and the soft music will slow down.Your rhythm will be taken away by the melody of the music.Liu Yan profile birthday: February 27, 1998 Height: 1.72-meter turn career time: 2016 hobbies: billiards, swimming, game women’s Chinese tour rankings: 3 results: 2019 Hong Kong Women’s Golf Open champion, 2019 Hangzhou International Golf Championship runner-up sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Wang Chunqiu proofreadingLi Xiangling

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