“Martial arts!What do you think?”Chu Deirers always love the secret。

Don’t see Chu Deirers, don’t want to provoke left and cold,If he can burst the cold,Chu Deirers now……Cangled martial arts,Prepare to explode the left cold in the future。
“no!And the martial arts of the sun and moon,You dare to learn?”Qu Nian smoke。
“What do you dare to learn??You will《Sunflower》、《Plastic star Dafa》Take,I am also on the spot.……Rendezvous,Be used!”Chu Deiren said a neck neck。
Qufounded smoke:“What you think is beautiful?!”
At this time, she doesn’t know.《Sunflower》Practice,So there is no more spit。
Chu Deirers also sigh,If everyone is like a high three candidates with a word with a word?,How beautiful this rivers and lakes will。
“But you must want it.……I have a hard work.,Is the teacher secret password!”Qu non-smoke eye。
“Teacher secret?Is this generous??”Chu Deirers were also shocked。
The main activities of the five immortals in the southwest,Head of Song and Dali Border,Many disciples in Dali,In fact, it is“Five toxicism”,Tangent、Canister,Therefore, people are jealous of people in the rivers and lakes.,But now it is a subordinate of the supersive god.,Teacher“Blue Phoenix”。
“Is it not very good??or……You just write it off,I went to steal tonight.?”Chu Deirers have a sense of justice。
“Do not,This kung fu is deeply,But after you learned,In the future, I am afraid to meet Blue Sister.,I also dare to tell you.。”Qu-called smoke is very confident。
Chu Deirers see people so sincerely,Naturally, there is no reason!
The memory of Tobacco is really good.,Chu Deirers doubt that she is a thing that is not forgotten.,After cleaning,Put a twist tutorial secret,I have given a Chu Deirers.。
“Have you remembered??Do you want me to write down??”Qu Nei smoking。
And not to mention normal,It is impossible to remember,and……Qu Nian smoke also believes,Chu Deirers have at least understanding this is the door?。
To put it bluntly, it is a teasing to play.……
This kung fu is not something else,Even the official name is,Just cooperation“Poisonous iron hand”A exercise method!
Chu Deirers now understand,Although the five fairy teaches the teacher is Blue Phoenix,But there is a magical part“Bifasury”The people of the Chinese and five poisonous teachers。
In order to practice five poisonous teachers,I was broken by her father from the child.,Instead of a handle。
But there is no five brothers are small.,Hundreds of skills have a small veins,It is a big damaging。
“Poisonous iron hand”Just don’t have this intercept,And when I entered my work,Replace with five toxic quenching golden hooks,More effective。
But it is always in addition to“Poisonous iron hand”,Everything else is not practiced.……
This time you need this unmanned skills.,No other role,Is practicing、When it is labor,“shield”Hand meridians!
And Duan Yanqing《Hybrid》Almost role——《Hybrid》Mainly with chasing homes,Make sure that the veins around the legs、Active……After that, these two martial arts,Du Deer who is still lacking,Blend《Different fault》,Usually used to add the sword。
In fact, it is very chicken.,Waiting for“Technique”The equipment bar is not enough,Eight allocation should be replaced。
“unnecessary,I have probably understand!”Chu Deer’s contentment。
Make a non-smoke,This is said that it is already known that he will take him.,So don’t want to listen again,but……Qu-not smoke always feels,Chu Deire’s tone,It seems that it is not disappointing?
Of course not disappointing!
First, the Chu Deirers just listened over.,But it has already learned。
As for the effect……
What bicycle wants??
Do not use it,Is it not good to have a worldwide??
“I can’t think of you or a Wuqing.?”The color of the smoke looks at the Chu Deirers.。
Personal,Chu Deirers are not like Wu.,but……Only Wuqing will only do not need martial arts at all,Feel“Happy”Bar?
There is no explanation of Chu Deirens.,At this time, the two have come to the front of Liu Fumen.。
At this time, Liu Fu’s gate closed,Do not seem to usually have a doorman disciple to guard in front of the door,Changed to a closed door。
However, after the Chu Demen, I used the door to hit it.,Open the old servant is from the door to recognize the Chu Deirers.,I am busy, please go in.。
At this time, I originally participated in the rivers and lakes who wash their hands in the gold basin.,Basically have been scattered,Iron is unparalleled, it is still in the government,It is a matter of Liu Zhengfeng.,Just want to come and still have two or three days.。
Chu Deiren came to the front hall of hospitality,Iron unparalleled seat,New disciple Liu Que,At this time, it is still comforting mother and sister.。

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