Six arms,Like stars falling,Bombarded the periphery of the Blackwater Array。

The six Sanxian Dixians who are presiding over the formation in the big formation feel the pressure surge。
One inside and one outside,The strength of the two major opponents is no less than that of Saito ancestor!
This makes the six Sanxian can only join forces to resist external attacks first。
And inside the formation,The battle between Li Ming and Saito’s ancestor continues。
Li Ming has to admit,Saito is indeed very powerful,It’s definitely more than just a million years。
The middle grade crescent scimitar weapon,A set of superb shields with strange materials,A high-grade magic weapon similar to the immortal rope is used one after another,Or defense,Or restraint,It’s hard for Li Ming to kill him。
Saito fairy is even more furious,He couldn’t think of it anyway,The opponent in front of you is better than him,On the competition of the domain of the great road, he was actually at a disadvantage。
Saito Patriarch,What I enlightened is the so-called Jiuyou Dao,Not very aggressive,But the combined array spell has a great advantage in the field。
The corrosion and penetration of Jiuyou Dao can’t penetrate into Li Ming’s body along the Dao realm,Even under the suppression of Li Ming’s Avenue of Stars, he can only shrink within three feet of the divine body to resist the omnipresent starlight.。
Li Ming’s six arms stretched out and bombarded,As if the stars shine,Burst of edge,Void Torn。
The six attacks are no less than the magic weapon of Saito ancestors,But the same can’t defeat that fairy-tier best big shield magic weapon。
Simultaneously,The magic weapon similar to the immortal rope shone with golden light,Hovering to form a bondage force applied to Li Ming’s divine body,But was also blocked by his avenue。

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