Checking data is a laborious task,Qiao Tianyu wanted to find the data,I spent a whole morning in the archives without knowing it。

Just finished checking the data,Qiao Tianyu received a call from Mr. Brewer,He told Qiao Tianyu,Everything is done。
With this call from Mr. Brewer,Qiao Tianyu’s hanging heart is half down,Tomorrow’s Policy Research Conference,He already has half the odds。
Out of the archives of the Federal Statistical Office,Qiao Tianyu returned to the President Hotel where he stayed,Time of the next day,He is at ease preparing for the upcoming policy seminar,Never go out again。
time flies,In a blink of an eye it came to 9:30 the next morning。
The policy research meeting is scheduled to be held at ten o’clock this morning,And Palizovsky came to invite Qiao Tianyu at 9:30。
Sitting Palizovsky owns“Special pass”Benz bulletproof car,Qiao Tianyu soon came to the Russian Duma Building on Arbat Street。
Looking at the copper Russian double-headed eagle national emblem hanging on the building,And stone carving Soviet Union sickle and axe national emblem,Qiao Tianyu is full of emotion。
Actually, for Russia,Qiao Tianyu has feelings。
He grew up in China,Heard of countless times“Soviet Big Brother”Name,and《How the Steel Was Tempered》It inspired the growth of Qiao Tianyu’s generation。
Standing in front of the Russian State Duma building,Qiao Tianyu is like a world away,He never dreamed that he could advise on the development of this country。
Although Qiao Tianyu doesn’t know how much his suggestion can be adopted,But he thinks he is sacred at this moment。
What Qiao Tianyu didn’t know was,His sense of holiness will soon disappear without a trace。
Russian economic policy in the early 1990s was“Reformers”Hold firmly,And Giordaan instigated,Qiao Tianyu was obviously not welcomed today。
Today’s meeting place is a huge oval table meeting room,Around the oval table can sit thirty or forty people。
Before Qiao Tianyu arrived,Many officials from the National Property Council have come,Today they will propose economic policies for the second stage of privatization,For discussion by State Duma members and economists。
This situation is the same as during the China National People’s Congress,****Group discussion**work report,And decide whether to pass,Very similar。
But after Qiao Tianyu entered the venue,,Looking around the oval table for a long time,I didn’t find my seat plate。

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