Continue to deepen the work reform of the river lake, Henan will include "Heier +" work into the annual assessment of the river lake

The Changzhili made the head of Henan Province, the Heng Lake Changzhi, Henan Province, from "a famous" change to "strong", further deepening the long system of the river lake, and decided to fully implement the "River Long +" working mechanism in the province. In the future, party committees and governments at all levels should attach great importance to the construction of the "Heier +" mechanism, further deepen the long system of the river lake, establish and improve the party and government responsibility, procurator supervision, judicial protection, industry supervision, public participation, etc. River lake management Mechanism, and will fully implement the "River Long +" work into the important content of the long-term annual assessment of the river lake. Fully implement the "River Long +" working mechanism is "upgraded version" in Henan Province.

Recently, the 2021 River Lake Changchuan Joint Conference and Hei Lake Management Protection TV conference clearly, in-depth "river length +" reform is an important decision-making deployment that improves the working mechanism of rivers and lakes. A key job this year. It is reported that the "River Long +" working mechanism includes "river long + auditorian" system, "river long + warrior" system, "river length + warrior" "Healing + Folk Head" "Heier + Network Long" "Heier + Internet". (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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