Sun Jiazhong: Red Spirit Concrete After the Family "Four Treasures"

People’s Network Sana September 18th (Niu Liangyu) "Father is ready to go out to raise food, unnetholated by traitors, then the Japanese army is coming fast, the father jumped into the jungle after the village, caught the father’s Japanese army, and ruined I fell, and my family cracked the chicken dog. "Sun Cheng told reporters that the father Sun Jia Zhong often talked about the years of the anti-Japanese period. When he tells the story, he often is full of emotions. In the past, he can’t forget the years in his life. His glory is always hard, but it is more precious.

Sun Jiazhong, participated in revolutionary activities in 1939, due to the progress of ideology, work positive, in 1941, Join the Communist Party of China, and served as a publicity committee, military government diet, and the argument. Take the Qingshan Golden Food is a real portrayal of Sun Jiazhong. In the face of the regional constant expansion, the environment complex battlefield, Sun Jiazhong has borrowed his wit, relying on the strength of the party organization and the people according to the local people, breaking through the Japanese army’s heavy hindrance, many times The task of paying the military public food is born to ensure the anti-Japanese war and the front line replenishment of the Liberation War. After the liberation, Sun Jiazhong served as a senior technology president of Meishan Commune, Meshan 5 Farm Pattern. "In the year, the" floating wind "was in that environment, and the father still stood up and proposed against opinions, opposing everyone to grow rice in order to pursue production.

"Sun Cheng told reporters that Sun Jiazhong is working hard in the work after liberation, always maintains meticulous, seeking truth from facts.

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