First0476chapter misunderstanding

Xia Jian’s voice,Gao Hang Hongliang,Attracted the eyes of the diners in the entire restaurant。
“Yo!Your kid still wants heroes to save beauty,I’ll say hello to you in advance,Get out,Otherwise, I’m not happy,Will make you crawl out of here”When the bald head said this,The flesh on his face trembled。If this is someone else,I was scared by his expression a long time ago,But the person standing here is not someone else,But Xia Jian。
Xia Jian walked over,Right hand flip,It snapped on the bald wrist with a snap,This guy held Xiaolian’s hand and involuntarily let go。
Freedom Little Lotus,Pulling the corner of Xia Jian’s clothes and whispering:“You go quickly!You can’t afford these three people,I will refund you the money,Even if i’m sorry”
“go,Where to go,This is my face,I have to eat before I can go”Xia Jian said righteously。As the saying goes,If you don’t steam the steamed bun,These three guys are not just bullying Xiaolian,By the way, I also bullied Xia Jian。
Bald head touched the wrist hurt by Xia Jian,Say viciously:“You still want to eat noodles,I told you to eat”This guy said,I spit on which bowl of fried noodles。
He is looking for death,Xia Jian originally wanted to bring back this bowl of noodles.,I didn’t expect this guy to have his nose on his face,To do such an exhilarating thing in full view。
The anger that Xia Jianqiang suppressed rose again,He stepped up,Which bowl of noodles to pick up,Buttoned at the bald head,The bald head may never have expected,Xia Jianhui is so bold,A bowl of noodles。Soup,Flowed down the flesh on his face。
The people in the restaurant were a bit stunned by Xia Jian’s hand just now,Everyone is watching quietly,Even the two yellow hairs sat stupidly,At a loss。
Time stood still for about ten seconds,The bald head suddenly roared:“Made him for me,What are you guys doing??”
Only then did the yellow and red hair reflect,They pushed away the chair behind them,Chao Xiajian pounced,There is not much space in the restaurant,Plus with tables, chairs and benches,The aisle is the only space for activities。
Xia Jian has already observed this,He stopped in the aisle,Preempt the location,Ready to fight。Huang Mao’s body just came out from the table,Xia Jian just flew,This kick not only knocked down the yellow hair,More importantly, it overwhelmed the red hair。
Bald did not expect,Xia Jian who looks a little quiet,Fighting people is brave,His two men,Can’t say how mighty,But he never saw it,The two of them are as embarrassed as they are today,He was put down on the ground before he even shot。
All the people eating in the restaurant stood up,Timid and run quickly,The bold one is watching。At this time, the guys in the back kitchen also ran out,But they looked at each other,Watching from afar,Dare not come forward。

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