Silicon Valley is not far from 40 degrees north latitude,At the same time it is very close to the ocean,This makes the summer, which should be hot, be regulated by the ocean,Not too hot。Fortunately, Silicon Valley has the characteristics of two climate types because of its unique geographical location and latitude location.。

Not hot in summer,Winter is not cold,Warm and humid,Particularly livable。
This is probably why the big tech guys particularly favor this place。
Of course, humid environment is not suitable for data center,The impurities in the humid sea breeze are easy to corrode various metal devices,But no one can deny,Silicon Valley is a livable city,Even one of the most livable cities in the United States。
A wonderful environment may also calm people’s minds,Even if the time has entered October,It’s the rainy season in San Jose, the home of Silicon Valley high-tech companies,But after all, it is a city with more than 300 sunny days a year,The weather is still fine today。
Probably to live up to the wonderful weather,A very important meeting was arranged at Stanford University。
Big bosses from top Silicon Valley companies were invited to participate。
This meeting was initiated by the National Science Foundation,A conference jointly organized by the US Quantum Science Information Center。
The high meeting specifications can be seen。
But this is actually just a temporary meeting。
no way,The wind from China has put too much pressure on the National Science Foundation。
In fact, the National Science Foundation is a semi-official organization,The purpose of its existence is to enable the United States to remain at the forefront of the world in all frontier scientific fields.。
However, what is embarrassing about this incident is,Two years ago, the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy announced a joint investment6.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Built a quantum science information center。The function of this quantum science information center is to cooperate with major universities and these high-tech companies,Research includes next-generation quantum science and engineering、Center for Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems、Quantum system accelerators and other aspects。
It is obvious that,Most of the contents researched by the Quantum Science Information Center are related to quantum computers。
To be the boss, you have to have the consciousness to be the boss。
If you don’t maintain the advanced nature of technology,Others’ technology surpasses,Why collect taxes everywhere in the world?
But now the leading technology position has been challenged,Especially when it comes to the National Science Foundation,Just invested several hundred million to this level in the first two years,Have made such a big momentum,Unite many universities and high-tech companies to research this project,As a result, so many universities and companies have not produced results,Huaxia’s quantum computers have already begun to look for Mersenne prime numbers.。

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