A new round of cadres and teachers exchange

  Yesterday, Beijing Youth Daily learned from the first meeting of the 17th People’s Congress of Dongcheng District, the district continued to promote the sharing of co-construction, continuously enhancing people’s livelihood in the field of education, health, pension, disability, grassroots governance. Well-being. In terms of education and improvement, Dongcheng District will launch a new round of cadres and teachers to communicate, and establish a new exchange of round-saving cadres.

In terms of grassroots governance, the area not only formed a "collar housekeeper" "Triege Department" and other grassroots mass autonomous brands, but also launched "Dongcheng Social Workers" brand, played in the work of exhibition, major event services, etc. Important role.

  Launched by the Cadre Teacher next year, the Director Director Dongcheng Education Committee introduced the efforts of the region in education.

In terms of communication, since 2014, Dongcheng District has deepened comprehensively reform, through the management model of "Alliance Group", breaking the "Quality Resource Belt" Acceleration Barriers, breaking the exchange barriers of inter-phase cadres, etc. Cadres and teachers exchange the role mechanism, and Dongcheng District has also been assessing the first batch of "District Management School" Demonstration Zone in the Ministry of Education. The area of ??Xindong City, His Hutong and Innovation Primary School, Beijing Jingshan School and Beijing Foreign Foreign Language School, Beijing Second Middle School and Beijing 25th Middle School, etc. 1 pilot school area in the doorway, focusing on full-time exchange, through classroom teaching, follow-up exercise, etc., increase the general teacher, the teaching of the Academy of Academy, the Junior Palace, Science and Technology Museum, and Vocational Education Teachers.

In January 2022, Dongcheng District will launch a new round of cadres and teachers, establish a new exchange of migrant cadres and teachers’ accounts in accordance with the principles of demand orientation and goals, and ensure that this school year’s mission goals are completed.

  Gao Wei also revealed that Dongcheng District is actively exploring "Double-Division Classroom", in Huiwen Middle School Education Group, History Education Group, Guangqumen Middle School Education Group, Beijing No. 11 Middle School, Beijing First Normal School Accession Primary School, etc. And its cross-regional cooperative running schools have carried out pilot work. At present, 78 "Double Teaching Classroom" have been established, providing high quality "Double Division" to exceed hundreds of fees; promote family education, training Dongcheng family education guidance at 1200 The rest of the "double minus" work together. At the same time, Dongcheng District is an opportunity to make a new exploration of the time guarantee of the after-school service, rich in content, highlights, etc. in the class service. 79 more than 8800 primary primary and secondary school teachers and Juvenile Palace, Youth Science and Technology Museum, etc.

  2059 community social organizations have improved the level of grassroots governance. The Dongcheng District not only formed a "small school", "The Courtyard Chamber of Commerce" and other grassroots mass autonomous brands, but also launched the "Dongcheng Social Worker" brand, in the epidemic prevention and control In the work of major activity services, the widespread praise of residents and the broad recognition of society. In the efforts to enhance the mobilization of grassroots governance, Dongcheng also explored a set of self-experience. Zhang Songqing, Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Dongcheng District, said that Dongcheng District continued to promote the "Five-Powered Master" plan. Founded around the people’s livelihood "Key Little Things", a group of microecons, micro-reform projects, created 7 demonstration sites in the community council, 21 municipal-level demonstration sites, construction of "community homes" 63.

  In addition, Dongcheng District also vigorously cultivates the development of community social organizations, achieving all street hub platforms, 6 street hub platform registration registration, currently with 2059 community societies, an average of more than 12 per community. Actively expand public welfare venture capital, fund 55 community projects and 11 platform projects, organized a wide range of social fairings, garbage classification and cloud pilots, and build Dongcheng picking up the Branding brand, carrying out new Idea · Public Welfare Second Generation "Resource Docking Activities.

  Non-resettlement of disabled people in employment, no less than 180 people are helping the disabled. In the past five years, Dongcheng District Disabled Persons’ Association will organize the human social security department, all grassroots disabled forms, and fully promote the employment of disabled people, accumulating 1012 employment for employment and disabled people, carrying out Vocational skills training more than 4,200 people.

  Liu Zhhui, Party Secretary, Chairman, Director of Dongcheng District, said that in the next five years, Dongcheng District will actively promote the employment entrepreneurship of disabled people, and actively promote the employment of disabled people: improve the employment promotion of disabled people, and implement the disabled in accordance with the law Employment review work, reducing the cost of employer through distribution of posts. Multi-channel multi-level promotion of persons with disabilities, encourage high-tech enterprises, modern service industry, cultural and creative industries, etc. More disabled people have stable employment, radiation drives people with disabilities, home employment, Internet new employment, planned annual new placement Non-employed is not less than 180 people with disabilities. Fine-refined employment services, provide policy preaching, human resources promotion, pre-job training, etc. 30 people.

  It is worth mentioning that, on the basis of implementing the various support and security policies of disabled people, the Dongcheng District develops new "Internet + Employment Modes", creates "firefly" live public welfare platform for disabled people, and creates disability on behalf of the core area. The new "Net Red Team" has been cultivated by more than 20 disabled, disintegration, limb disability, vision disability.

  Text / This reporter Jiang Ruo Jing.

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