9 whitening magics tofu tofu


9 whitening magics tofu tofu

Whitening magic one: a bag of milk a day.

hzh {display: none; }  牛奶可是个好东西,里面含有丰富的矿物质,坚持每天临睡前一杯牛奶,这样可以美容,还可以助眠哦,而且拿牛奶坚持做面膜,也是不错的选择,I usually mix milk + pearl powder + VE to make a mask, which is cheap and effective. Sisters who want to whiten quickly, but try it.

  Whitening magic two: eat more soy products like tofu, drink soy milk, soy products are called natural plant hormones, generally middle-aged women eat more soy products, but also can regulate estrogen in the body and extend menopause.

Haha, pull away, come back and continue to say, like I do n’t really like tofu, my husband changed the way to use delicious tofu, and he could n’t taste the tofu at all. Wahaha, I am looking forward to it every dayMy husband cooks tofu, and his skin is smooth, white and tender.

  Whitening magic three: one tomato a day here is to add a sufficient amount of vc, vc is a good whitening Oh, it can also freckle, Nana now does not even eat tomatoes, will also add a sufficient amount of vitamin c,Hey, white or not, you can see it, but when it comes to tomatoes, it is best to eat them raw, with the highest nutritional value. Nana’s favorite is tomato sugar, sour and sweet, very delicious.

  Whitening magic four: a multi-vitamin tablet every day with this is a lot more convenient, he is a collection of various vitamins and minerals, one tablet a day, it is not troublesome, simple, all aspects of nutrition is fully replenished,Like Nana, I do n’t particularly like to eat vegetables. After eating this, I can also promote gastrointestinal motility and promote bowel movements. The body is free of toxins and the skin is naturally pale.

  Whitening magic five: rice haha, wash your face with rice water every day, this, everyone has this convenience?

Unless, your house has no rice.

Note that only the first and second pass of rice washing water is best. Collect rice washing water into this bottle. You can find a bigger bottle. This is for demonstration purposes.If you have to, use the third and fourth passes.

Khan, you are too frugal.

  Whitening magic six: Tremella tremella, 555, known as the bird’s nest of the poor, ha ha, using white fungus as a mask, boiled sugar can be, it is delicious, can also whiten, ha.

  Tremella syrup: 5 tremella funguses, boiled with water + red dates + lilies until softened and rotten before, you can eat a little whitening magic after adding sugar to the potNow I insist on taking one capsule a day. Hey, shells have a smooth and whitening magic. Eight: salt, insisting on washing your face with salt every day, not only can whiten, exfoliate, and most importantly, most of them are no longer oily.You get a dirty face, right?

Hehe, believe me, keep extending, you will definitely see the effect.

  Whitening Magic Nine: A glass of lemon + honey water every day can also pass through the whitening effect, the taste is very good, if you are afraid of acid, you can add some rock candy.

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