How does sexual intercourse nourish and tonic?

How does sexual intercourse nourish and tonic?

The wedding honeymoon is sweet.

However, due to excessive sexual life, men and women often feel fatigued, dizzy, dizzy, weak limbs, palpitations, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, back pain, dim and heavy all day, indicating that sexual life has been excessive and should be controlled in time, Appropriate tonic.

Replenishing the needed nutrients in a timely manner is beneficial to both the spouse and future generations.

  Types of sexual intercourse strains include ecstasy, spermatophoresis, and seizures.

  Causes of Sexual Injury Injury Sexual injury is excessive sexual life. The reasons include: excessive repetition of sexual intercourse; forced sexual intercourse when physical strength is unavailable; too much desire and masturbation loss.

Chinese medicine believes that Jing, Qi, and God are the three treasures of the human body, of which Jing is the foundation, Qi is the power, and God is the intervention. The three can be transformed into each other.

If the lust is excessive, the kidney essence will be damaged, the severe injury will be discouraged, and the discouraged will be scattered.

The essence is severely damaged, and God and Qi will have no attachment, resulting in both Qi and God being injured and causing serious illness.

  Sexual injury and tonic adjustment method for newlywed honeymoon, sexual intercourse changes, proper service of kidney tonic essence is necessary, here are a few models for reference.

  Braised trotters with shallots: The main ingredients are trotters and shallots.

Wash 2 trotters and 150g of shallots, and reserve. Put the trotters and shallots in a pot together, add the right amount of salt, add water, first boil with high heat, add cooking wine, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, and simmer with low heat.
  Chinese wolfberry and red date porridge: The main ingredients are wolfberry, red dates, and previous rice.

Pick up 15g of wolfberry, 9 red dates, 75g of previous rice.

After boiling, add the previous rice, medlar, red dates, and simmer until the red dates are ripe.

Eat supper before going to bed at night.

Because it has the effect of calming the nerves and relieving the heart and kidneys, it is suitable for room labor injury caused by palpitation, insomnia, dizziness and kidney qi degeneration.

  Qiangjing Bushen Food Recipe: 30g of wolfberry and pig kidney are stewed together; 30g of sea cucumber and 60g of black sesame are stewed together; 1 catfish, 30g of peach kernel and 250g of rice porridge.

  The above dietary treatments can all strengthen the kidney, prevent impotence, premature ejaculation, and replace the honeymoon life in the newly-married sex life.

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