As the organizer and participant of the campaign,Xiao Yanda was naturally very upset,A conclusion,The instructor just grabbed his pigtail,Obviously embarrassing him on purpose,If it wasn’t for the bureau leaders to come forward and press down,The two have already torn their faces。

After a while,But with the same name and surname Li Tianzhen appeared,Things have changed like a fantasy,Unbelievable coincidence caused the public case to make waves again,The instructor also publicly proposed to restart the investigation of the overseas operation 20 years ago。
The guy with the same name and surname as Li Tianchou is right in front of you,He was first included in the vision of Old Man Hua by chance,Very incredible entered‘Ranger’,Students who subsequently become instructors,And then,With several important tasks executed,‘Walker’’S reputation is unknown in the entire system,But was suddenly suppressed,Suspended。
Suspended from work,‘Walker’Actually went to the Taoist temple to practice,Then he turned into a cultivator with supernatural powers,This series of changes,A lot of things happened in between,There is not only the shadow of the instructor,There is also no trace of Xiao Yanda,Sheng Guang can’t get the details,I didn’t believe in these fairy tales,But with the deep contact with alien creatures,He knew that these coincidences and not impossible。
Chapter nine hundred and fifty one View of Flowing Clouds on Rainy Night
Gu Changfeng naturally did not notice Sheng Guangda’s abnormality,But Li Tianzhen didn’t ask any more questions,The two chatted again,Old Gu yawned,Come to Li Tianzhi as soon as you arrive at the camp,Already exhausted,I had to shake my head and say goodbye to Sheng Guangda。
Li Tianzhen sat quietly for a while,Finally took out the phone,Dialed the instructor’s number,He actually doesn’t know how to say this,It’s obviously inappropriate to rush to find Old Man Dong,I can only find an instructor,After the other party was inexplicable for a long time,He slowly said,“Twenty years ago,What are the identities of the two elderly people rescued from overseas missions??”
Instructor stunned,Don’t understand at this point,Why did Li Tianzhen suddenly bring up this thing that he has been unable to let go of?,And also asked so directly,What irritated him?
“confidential,I do not know either。”The instructor really didn’t know,He had a game with Li Tianzhu teachers and students,There was not so much scrupulousness when two people talked,But then a lot of things happened,Li Tianzhen’s incredible changes,So that the distance between the two of them quickly widened,Seems to be a person of two worlds,So the instructor was unconsciously cautious,Tentatively asked,“what happened?”
“Xiao Yanda came to me,When i was in a coma。”
“You are hurt?When did it happen?”
“Last week,No problem anymore。”
“No problem?”
“no problem。”The instructor’s concern comes from the heart,There was a warmth in Li Tianzhi’s heart,Think about his fate with the instructor,Decide what you don’t need to avoid,“And before i wake up,Xiao Yanda left without saying goodbye。”

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