There is a saying that the eyes are not seen and the heart is not upset,Of course I have to take care of him,But how can he be ashamed to take care of this kind of thing?。Hesitate,Wang Youcai still parked the car at the door of Huafeng Electric Factory。

The old man at the door knows Wang Youcai,When I saw him coming,Hurriedly opened the door。Wang Youcai smiled at the old man and asked:“Is Song Factory in??“
“Oh!she is at,It seems that Mayor Xia is here“The old man replied to him。
Wang Youcai heard the three words of Mayor Xia,I couldn’t help but tremble。Isn’t this mayor Xia Jian??Why is he here now??Wang Youcai suddenly remembered,Song Fang used to haunt Xia Jian,But Xia Jian seemed to ignore her。At this time Xia Jian ran to her residence,It’s hard that they really hooked up together。
Wang Youcai doesn’t dare to think anymore,He rushed towards Song Fang’s place。Halfway, he saw Xia Jian stopping at the door of Song Fang’s house.。Facts proved,Xia Jian is really in Song Fang’s room。
At the door,I saw the door closed tightly,There was Song Fang’s voice of keeping Xia Jian。Wang Youcai was in anger,He wanted to step on the door,But what he didn’t expect was that he twisted easily,The door is not locked。
Although some scenes are not what he thought,But when I saw Song Fang,His anger came out。He wanted to attack Xia Jian,Let him fall and report the crime,But he is not Xia Jian’s opponent。
But now I want to come,This matter should have little to do with Xia Jian。The problem is with Song Fang, this woman,When she was at the Xiping Village Committee,Seduce Xia Jian many times,Turned Chen Erniu in。Thinking about it,Wang Youcai shook his head with anger。
What cold catch.evil,If it’s really Xia Jian,Does he still have Mayor Xia??
Through the glass window,Watching the workers ran back to the dormitory under the heavy rain。Wang Youcai couldn’t help but cursed secretly,This long day’s work has been delayed again。
Which He Shigui is still a bit conscientious,For free, he happily spent one night at Li Yao International,He placed an order for 500 ginkgo trees for Hu Huiru the next day,And it’s still two days delivery。
The unit price of this tree is high,Hands-on corner,Wang Youcai will spend all his consumption that night。So some investment is still necessary。
“Wang Ge!Five hundred ginkgo trees are packed and packed“Tian Wa ran in, covered in water。
Wang Youcai takes a look,Busy talking:“Hurry up and change clothes,Don’t catch a cold“Wang Youcai said,Waved to Tian Baby。This young man got to work,Really unambiguous。It’s a lot harder than Liu Changgui。
Is it yesterday?!He just came back,Liu Changgui took a few days off and returned home,Said he was calling from home,Old woman is sick。Before leaving, Wang Youcai paid him a sum of money。Of course,Wang Youcai is very smart now,The total amount of money he gave to Liu Changgui will not exceed his payable salary。
Liu Changgui left,The life in the field counts on Tianwa。Tian Wa saw that Wang Youcai cared about him so much,He scratched his scalp with embarrassment,Turned around and wanted to go back to the room。
“Hey!Just five hundred trees??“Wang Youcai was when Tian Wa was leaving,Suddenly asked such a sentence。
Tian baby stopped,Whisper:“Packed 20 more trees,Put aside“
“it is good!Fill in and ship 500 trees when you make the report in a while,Give ten trees,Ten of them were found dead。Do you understand what i said?“Wang Youcai lowered his voice and arranged for Tian Baby。

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