Even with altar support,It is also extremely difficult for him to directly remember that claw print。

that,After all, it is the manifestation of one of the Supreme Claws,
“All together,But the other way around,This ten thousand dao is also the support of the claw。”
Li Ming first began to comprehend the ten thousand ways derived from the one way of claws,It took a full 200,000 years,Analyzed 18 ways of dominance related to one’s own ultimate formation from the study,Including chaos、Liangyi、Effort、Four aspects of everything,And integrate these road directions into their own array。
Thereafter,It took another 1.8 million years,Analysis of Li Ming’s Claws。
Although it is the supreme way,But even the supreme comes from the weaker practice。His Supreme Way,It is also the strongest way of fusion,Four steps through life and death,Eternal reunion,The ultimate achievement of the Supreme Dao Fruit。
Li Ming used his own message to realize one of the strongest claws in the past,Combined with the insights of the way of claws。
He paid attention to the sharpness of the five fingers of the claw mark,Distribution of five fingers,Analyze the angle of the change of the claw position separately。
Split one of the claws of this supreme level into‘The claw’s edge tears apart’‘Seal of Claw Suppression’with‘The transformation of the claw’。
Mr. Li Ming spent more than 60 million years,First, the one that is closer to the formation‘Seal of Claw Suppression’Remember,Then it took another 300 million years,memory‘The transformation of the claw’,Even according to its mysticism,Combining some of the secrets of the Sith complex disc,Create a formation《Five Aggregates Forbidden Array》。
This formation,From the perspective of mystery alone, it is the master of the holy city.,It is the ultimate combination of external force and one’s own realm。Even if Li Ming doesn’t care,Are expected to use this method to limit the masters of the master of the sealed city。
of course,The Lord of the Holy City will not be sealed in foolishly,The battle changes rapidly,Close combat is also very important。
If it is to write down‘Seal of Claw Suppression’with‘The transformation of the claw’,For Li Ming, it is the foundation to increase the array,That memory‘The claw’s edge tears apart’Is to make up for his shortcomings。
Li Ming in close combat,I was better at using guns,《Heart Array Spear》Is his method of melee combat。

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