Liu Manli saw Liu Shiwen’s face flushed,Then look at Qin Feng’s back,I look thoughtful on my face。

Liu Manli talks a turn,against
Liu Shiwen urged。“Give your father a call,He must be worried now。”
Liu Shiwen remembered Liu Tiancheng,Look at Qin Feng’s back,Thought of“Your medical skills are so good,Surely nothing will happen?”
Take out the phone from the bag and call Liu Tiancheng。
“What about Li’s second??”Liu Tiancheng is furious in the office at this time,Since the death of his wife, this daughter has been his negative scale,Will be kidnapped,And he was kidnapped by his own men,This makes him very angry。
“Brother Liu,Li Lao Er has been unable to contact。”Xiao San respectfully said to Liu Tiancheng。
Xiao San has followed Liu Tiancheng when he first debuted on the bank,It’s been more than ten years now,Is his most confidant。
“Dig the ground three feet and dig him out for me,Live to meet people,Die to see the corpse。”Liu Tiancheng’s words are equivalent to giving Li Er an order to be executed under the shore。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter six hundred and six Sour feeling
Xiao San left the office after hearing it,Liu Tiancheng still looks anxious,Very worried,But I can’t figure out why Li Er kidnapped his daughter。
at this time,Liu Tiancheng’s phone vibrated on the desk,Liu Tiancheng took a look,It was actually from Liu Shiwen,Answer the phone in a hurry。
“Wenwen, are you okay??”The voice is full of worries。
Liu Shiwen was moved when she heard it,Since my mother died,Liu Tiancheng never married again,Although I am in the arena,But I still spend a lot of time with her,I’m really a mom and dad again。
“dad,I’m fine,I’m here with aunt。”
“It’s fine,Take a good rest with your aunt,Dad will visit you tomorrow。”

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