Psychological Analysis of Sister and Brother

Psychological Analysis of “Sister and Brother”

In addition to the physical advantages, the feeling of “sister-to-sister love” is stronger than ordinary emotions, and it is also inseparable from the unique psychological factors of the sibling-lover.

  First, the love of sisters and siblings must have the courage to counter-traditional, break old habits, and the happiness in exchange for withstanding the pressure of tradition and custom is itself the happiest and worthy of cherishment.

It is often said that lovers eventually become dependents for this reason.

  Second, the sibling relationship arises because both men and women are attracted to the unique charm of each other, which is found in lovers of traditional age.

Most of the men who have suffered a sibling affair are more mature in age and have more views on girls than their peers. Such feelings can only be found in mature women, which is irreplaceable by other little girls.

And the woman can find the same mature temperament in the boy as the adult man, and the boy has more pure love and passion than the adult man, it is more likely to arouse the love of the woman, which is also difficult for his peers to replace.

These irreplaceable characteristics make their feelings more stable.

  Third, sibling love often shows that women’s self-confidence and men’s maturity.

A confident woman and a mature man (man’s maturity is not defined by age), their behavior is often clear.

They don’t joke on serious topics, and they don’t play tricks on life.

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