Autumn 奕熹 推出 launches grilled Shangri-La Matsutake and other health foods

Autumn 奕熹 推出 launches grilled Shangri-La Matsutake and other health foods

进入初秋以来,以经营养生美食遭受消费者青睐的奕熹苑人文艺术养生餐厅推出了烤香格里拉松茸等养生美食,替代来自香格里拉的优质野生松茸,清洗切片用精致,环保的小炉边烤蘸 着The restaurant’s secret water is delicious, and its fresh and fragrant taste is particularly good.

Matsutake mushroom, scientific name Matsutake mushroom, alias Matsutake mushroom, zygomycete, Taiwan fungus, belonging to Basidiomycotina, Tricholoma, is a mycorrhizal genus of pine trees and other trees, has a unique rich flavor, is a rare and precious natural medicine in the world.Use bacteria, chronic secondary endangered species.

Matsutake is naturally born in a few dry and relatively dry woodlands, usually produced in the fall, usually parasitic on the roots of red pine, pine, hemlock, and Japanese hemlock.

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, such as Sichuan, Tibet, and Yunnan, is the main producing area of the upper pine mushroom. The output is Sichuan, the quality is good in Tibet, and the famous Shangri-La is the largest.

Studies have shown that Matsutake toxic protein, there are 18 kinds of amino acids, 14 kinds of essential trace elements, 49 active nutrients, 5 kinds of unsaturated molecular weight, nucleic acid derivatives, peptides and other rare elements.

The other contains three precious active substances, namely double-stranded pine mushroom polysaccharide, pine mushroom and the world’s only anti-cancer substance – pine mellow alcohol, which is the world’s most precious natural medicinal fungus.

The Matsutake is collected from early August to mid-October in the fall and eaten.

It has a special aroma and tastes like abalone. It is extremely smooth and refreshing.

The food has the functions of strengthening the kidney, strengthening the brain and fighting cancer.

It is served with truffle stewed chicken, drunk aloe vera, roasted mountain wild boar, small fried mountain wild boar, local chicken soup boiled with mountain, papaya fish, sarcophagus, wild squid, melon, kelp, carrot health soup andThe cooking and soup of the pollution-free vegetables in the base of the Yuyuan base.

In the autumn, I invite family members, friends, colleagues, comrades-in-arms, and classmates to come to the school to enjoy the autumn health food, which is a good choice.

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