Fruit weight loss justified 6 kinds of low-calorie fruit is very thin

Fruit weight loss justified 6 kinds of low-calorie fruit is very thin

Fruity taste, pleasant taste buds, and the effect of weight loss, I believe that Amy MM will not miss the season’s weight loss fruit.

Below, I will introduce you to 6 kinds of ultra-low calorie weight loss fruits to help you maintain your body.

  6 kinds of fruit is a good helper to lose weight banana conversion: 91 kcal / 100 g effect: Shengjinzhike, lungs and smoothness.

Any warm fever, mouth irritability, constipation, hemorrhoids may be eaten often.

  Bananas are quite effective for weight loss because they are low in calories and rich in dietary fiber.

Bananas are very sweet, so people think that calories must be very high. Actually, a banana (about 100 grams net weight) has only 87 calories, compared with the amount of white rice (150 grams and 220 cards)., about half of the low calories.

  Function: The precipitated fiber contained in banana can stimulate the peristalsis of the intestines and stomach.

And it has the benefit of improving immunity.

  The Japan Cancer Society has published a report on the prevention of cancer: eating 2 bananas a day can effectively improve the body.

In addition, bananas are cheap, easy to eat, and easy to carry, and are one of the nutrients for maintaining health.

  Grapefruit performance: 33 kcal / 100 g Efficacy: grapefruit is sweet, sour, cool, has appetite, diuretic, whitening, strengthen liver function, lose weight, enhance memory and other effects: for migraine, deafness, gallstones, anti-cellulitis, irregular menstruation and other symptoms.

  Role: Grapefruit is the best fruit for weight loss and thin back, because the increase of repeated excess meat is mainly because the blood sugar in the body is absorbed and converted into adults. Therefore, if you want to lose them, you should start with “sugar”.

At this time, the choice of grapefruit is no more suitable, it is not only very low speed, but sometimes special enzymes can affect the body’s absorption of sugar, so that it is no longer easily converted into sputum.

  Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, and the sugar is not too high. If you eat a grapefruit instead of some meals, it is certainly low.

If the moments of other meals are also controlled properly, it will naturally become thinner when shortened, just because the fasting may not be able to withstand acidity, causing stomach pain.

Grapefruit is fragile. Compared with some small fruits of strawberry and strawberry, the conversion is not necessarily low. If you eat a lot, it is not good for health.

  Watermelon content: 25 kcal / 100 g Efficacy: watermelon cold, sweet, heart, stomach, bladder meridian; with heat and heat, thirst, diuretic and analgesic effect.

  Role: Watermelon can diuretic, help digestion, eliminate edema.

The moisture content of watermelon is not comparable to that of ordinary fruits. More than 94% of it is water, which can help remove excess water from the body, maintain normal renal function and eliminate edema.

  The amine acid in watermelon, the function of diuretic, but not frequent urination, increased urine output, the body’s toxins can be smoothly discharged, the metabolism will naturally be good, for the dizziness and fatigue caused by drinking, it will get drunkAlso pretty good.

  Apple content: 52 kcal / 100 g Efficacy: Buxin Yiqi, thirst-quenching Shengjin, Runfei Huayu.

Indications: Insufficient gas in the coke, indigestion, dry mouth and throat, but secret, high blood pressure, chronic diarrhea.

  Function: Apple can promote gastrointestinal motility, assist the body to discharge waste, and reduce the harmful effects of harmful substances on the skin.

Apple is an alkaline food. Eating apples can quickly neutralize excess acid in the body (including acid produced by sports (sports food) and acidic metabolites produced by acidic foods such as fish, meat and eggs), enhancing physical strength and resistance.Sick ability.

Apple will increase satiety, eating before meals can reduce the amount of food intake, to achieve weight loss goals.

  Tomato content: 19 kcal / 100 g Efficacy: tomato is sweet, sour, cool, slightly cold.

Can heat away thirst, nourish yin, cool blood, return to the liver, stomach, lung.

It has the effect of thirst, stomach and digestion, clearing away heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and calming the liver.

  Role: Tomato is almost entirely made of water, full of food, low calorie (30 calories per 200 grams), suitable for weight loss.

However, tomatoes have no other nutrients except vitamin C. Eating tomatoes before meals helps to reduce the accumulation of small abdominal feces. When too much waste is accumulated inside, it is easy to form small intestines.

Tomato red vegetarian fiber can absorb excess traces in the body and excrete oil and toxins.

Eating a tomato before meals can also prevent your uncle from being absorbed.

If you persist for a long time, you will stay away from the troubles of a small belly.

  So the best tomato diet is: breakfast with lunch and normal diet and pay attention to nutrition, the average intake of about 600 calories per meal; dinner with tomato instead.

This makes it easy to keep your daily calories at around 1400.

  Strawberry content: 30 kcal / 100 g Efficacy: Strawberry is sweet, sour, cool, return to the lungs, spleen.

It has the functions of moistening the lungs and promoting fluid, strengthening the spleen, cooling off the heat, relieving heat, diuresis and quenching thirst; attending wind-heat cough, tongue smashing, sore throat, constipation, high blood pressure and other symptoms.

  Role: Lose the waist of the “lifebuoy” strawberry is the most powerful, thanks to a magical substance called “aspartic acid” in the strawberry, which can naturally remove excess moisture from the waist, slowly dissolve the waist accumulationAunt, help the body to eliminate fat and detoxification, help you easily and thin waist.

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