Wang Youcai is really happy,If Hu Huiru can invest in Chenzhuang,It must be his share,To get on the big ship of Dongsheng Group,Wang Youcai won’t worry about food and clothing in his life。

When returning to the room,Chen Yueqin’s rice is ready,Wang Youcai ate two bowls without saying anything,Then he wiped his mouth and said:“mom!I sleep till morning and go“
“You figure it out,Anyway, I can’t let the villagers see you“Chen Yueqin said coldly。
Wang Youcai glanced at Wang Degui,Ask without words:“dad!Aren’t the farms and vegetable greenhouses in Xiping Village destroyed by floods??What’s the situation now?“
“Xia Jianyilai,Just start these two things。The current farm is bigger than the original scale,I heard that we also used mountain wild boars。Vegetable greenhouses are also put into production,Vegetables have been out of the shed recently“Wang Degui let out a sigh of relief。
Wang Youcai sneered:“Really toss,But the higher the flight,The louder you fall。Oh!Forgot to ask,How is my elder brother?“
“Don’t open the pot or lift which pot,He broke his conscience,Haven’t been home for a long time,The people in Pingdu know about you,But he didn’t even call home,You see how I clean him this time“Chen Yueqin who walked in from outside said,He twisted his hips and sat beside Wang Youcai。
As the saying goes,No matter how old you are,But in the eyes of mother you will always be a child。Chen Yueqin looked at Wang Youcai who was a bit dark and said:“Body is the most important,Even if the business fails,The building is gone,As long as we have a good body,Everything will come back again“
Wang Youcai nodded,He looked at Chen Yueqin’s silver hair,I can’t help but feel uncomfortable。You said their three sons from the old Wang family,All of them are great,But who knows,Their parents for their three sons,But no less worry。Especially this Wang Youfa,Over 30 people,Until now, even a home has not been achieved。
The three of you talked slowly with each other,Anyway, Wang Youcai is their own son,Son has a problem,Parents don’t take care of him,Who else can take care of him。
“You have such a big deal this time,Money may be missing,When you leave tomorrow,I’ll give you some pocket money,Not much,But I can also eat a few meals outside“Chen Yueqin said,My eyes are red again。
Wang Youcai listened,So touched,He choked a little bit:“mom!I won’t be short of money,Although this accident is very big,But I didn’t owe the workers a penny,And I left a little for myself“Chen Yueqin,Smile on my face。
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