His father,Also dead,Died in the first wave of monster attacks on Beiping City。

He might one day,Killed by a powerful monster。。。
“But before that,Want to hurt our people in China,Just step on my Jia Yi’s body first!”
2015year10month,One million residents of Beiping City moved to Base City of Kyoto,Due to the monster’s attack,Truncation of the road,Make the migration very slow,Expected5The migration of days dragged on for half a month,During the period, Jia Yi, the head of the guard regiment, made several shots,Knock the monster back—–《Nirvana:Human rise》Compiled by the Central Great Nirvana Committee。
2015year11Day of the month dawn,On the cold and wide plains of Siberia。
A grim face,A man in a black robe is walking in this wide world,A spear in his hand is spinning。
Before his eyes,In front of me is the deep darkness and the strongest light。
Walking on all fours,Shoulder height is close to 20 meters,Strength reachedSThe brown bear of the first-class monster walks by,But in its eyes,But didn’t see this young man at all。
It’s like a very random shot,The black robe youth is not very strong,Speed is not too much,Not even the sound of breaking through the air。。
Obviously the height of the young man and the length of the gun are far from reaching the head of the brown bear monster,But the huge brown bear was pierced into the brain by this shot。
Crashed to the ground,Shake a snowflake。
“puff~”The young man in the black robe drew the spear from the head of the brown bear monster。
Blood spattered on him,But don’t care。
Or he at this moment,Devout in martial arts,Devout in one’s heart,I don’t even have the mind to analyze things about clothes being splashed with blood。

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