Seeing that the woman is not as good for one day.,People also seem to become depressed、indifferent、Depressed,Sleep is not good,Boyfriend is preparing to change a hospital to see,Already in contacting various relatives and friends。
Gynecologists are also big,When I look at the house, I see Ms. Ms. Fang is weak.,Well sleep,Don’t make a bad spirit.,After all, such a big disease,Normal people can’t stand。
This day ladies boyfriend find a doctor,Said that the patient’s palm will be trembled,Is it something wrong?。
I saw him very nervous。So many days,It is estimated that he didn’t have a good rest.,The eye nest is faded in。
Gynecologist,I am vigilant,It will not be a hepatic brain disease.!
Hepatic encephalopathy is repeatedly mentioned before digestive medical doctor consultation,Be sure to avoid relevant aggravation factors,Avoiding a sharp loss of liver function or even hepatic encephalopathy。So-called hepatic brain disease,That is, the liver function is seriously reduced,various reasons(Mainly blood ammonia)Brain dysfunction,Patients will have a character change、Abnormal spirit,There will be a double upper limb foil,Severe soon will let sleep、Behavioral exception(Necklace、Equivalent to size, etc.),Even coma,die。
Now the patient has tremor,And recently is not good,Is it really hepatic encephalopathy??
But it is wrong.,Yesterday I checked blood ammonia or normal.,How can he have a hepatic brain?,no,I have to give a digestive medical doctor again.,Even if they have treated them。Gynecologists rushed to the ward,Think while thinking。
Gastroenterology has come again,View the patient。
Ms. Fang at this time is tired.,Face。The palm is indeed slightly slightly。
In addition to palm tremors,Gastroenterology also found a strange phenomenon。
When the doctor talks to Ms. Tong,Found her face expression weird,Like laugh,Sometimes there are some action that seems to be dancing.。This should not be,She is sick.,Where is I have a heart practice dance action?。
doctor,She is not a problem。Patient boyfriend asked indigestion in the hospital。He always thought,Patient is suffering from serious illness、Spiritual pressure is large to collapse。Be too pitiful。
Sudden,Gastroenterologists think of a less illness,Mood,Excited and scared。
Patients seem to have changed,From the patient’s current liver function,Not very might is hepatic brain disease,And blood ammonia is not high,This is not supported。How can ordinary cirrhosis is abnormal??
Unless a disease。
This disease will lead to mental symptoms、Neurological symptom,More can cause cirrhosis,No wonder the cause of the patient’s cirrhosis before I can’t find the patient。It turns out that it is hidden so deep。I also blame myself.。Digestive medicine doctors are not annoyed。
In order not to weigh patients and family psychological burden,Gastroenterologists said with gynecologists,May be liver-type nuclear transformation,This disease can cause cirrhosis,It will also lead to abnormal mental nerve。
Hepatic bean nucleus?Gynecologist。She didn’t hear this disease.。
Yes,Let’s ask the neurology doctor to see it.。Hepatic beat-type degeneration is a rare hereditary disease,Due to the lack of a gene,Leading patients with copper metabolism disorders in vivo(Be right,In addition to iron in the human blood,Copper),Some copper deposited in the liver can cause cirrhosis,Deposited in the brain bean core to cause brain dysfunction,Deposition in the kidney causes abnormal renal function,in addition,There is also a typical change,When copper is deposited near the cornea,It will lead to abnormal eye,When you make a crack lamp, you will find a green brown ring at the junction of the cornea and the sclera.,Be calledk-fring,This is the most typical syllable of liver beat.,Other diseases will not have,This is only one。The more and more excited, the more excited。
I invited the neurology doctor on the same day.,Comprehensive assessment of patient illness,Agree to consider liver beans。Take blood test and blood test、Copper blue protein, etc.,I invited the ophthalmology to do a crack lamp for patients.。
Sprand,The patient has this typicalk-fring。
Since then,Patient diagnosis is almost clear。
Also do head skullri,Neurologist。I have been about a early morning.rian examination,But because there are too many queues,No delay,So I didn’t do it.。Director of this call directly to the image department,Let help insert a team to do advance。
SkullriThe result has also come out,See the bilateral foundation festival、Brain bridge、Medium brain has a symmetrical spot lengtht1longt2Abnormal signal shadow。
Serum copper results also come out,Obvious reduction。Later, I did the liver determination.,Ms. Fang’s liver has a bronze, which is far more than normal.。
Patient cirrhosis,This is caused by this liver,This name sounds weird,In fact, liver denaturation、Currently agreed by brain soybean,Hepatic bean nucleus。It is because the gene lack leads to copper metabolism.,Abnormally leading to copper stacked these places。
Go back to analyze,Patient’s amenorrhea,Estimation is also caused by liver,Maybe it affects the pituitary,It may also be that cirrhosis causes a decrease in hormone inactivation.。Not just the original gynecology、Internal secretion problem。these questions,How can I cure a few months of traditional Chinese medicine?。But do not exclude some Chinese medicine, such as rhubarb、Tang、Houttuynia and other effects can have a diuretic or active。
(Red dot is the pituitary of the brain)

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