The setting sun stretches the shadow of the building long,Can block the entire event promotion venue,With shade,With a little coolness。

Darkening,Citizens who visited and consulted gradually dispersed。Tian Lu and the people from the travel agency began to clean up by themselves“stall”。
Busy all day of activities,A person who is both a leader and a soldier,No one to share,Makes her a little melancholy。
Fortunately, the event went smoothly on that day,Including return of leased promotional door panels,She personally called the coachman,Dozens of iron plates,Ship it back piece by piece……
later,Old Liu from Qinghui Travel Agency told Tian Lu,Promotion day,I took dozens of orders for a traveling team,Mr. Zhou is very happy。
Isn’t this just praising Tian Lu?,Make Tian Lu happy from the bottom of her heart。Just her contribution,WhereXtInternet companies don’t know,Suddenly a little regret。
Activities in cooperation with Qinghui Travel Agency,Held successfully。
For Tian Lu,There is a sense of accomplishment and frustration,Is a sense of frustration with one’s own leadership。
This frustration comes from being a studio“Second in command”’S little leader,Looks like a leader,No one in the studio can make arrangements。
Activities in cooperation with Qinghui Travel Agency,Arrange staff from the writing department to help,The writing department under her direct leadership is busy with filming and production.,Refused Tian Lu’s transfer。
“Dispatch troops”All have reasons to refuse,She reported to Xuchang on the day of the event“Untouchable”After the event,Xuchang arranged for her,Ask Huang Leng from the Security Department to help,As a result, Huang Leng, an ordinary employee of the Security Department, also refused with too much trouble.。
Maybe not much experience,Let Tian Lu suffer。Let Tian Lu be frustrated to doubt life。
Reflect on yourself,Whether to fail,No one wants to listen to her,Besides, it’s all about work。
She didn’t dare to report to Xu Chang that Huang froze and didn’t help,She doesn’t want to fight“Small report”、“Complain”,I was worried that Xu Chang would say,You can’t even move a few people,That is your problem。
The reason for thinking so,Tian Lu once had this kind of lesson,When Tian Lu reported the problem to Xuchang,Xuchang said that。
So she dare not go unlovable。
Tian Lu kept reflecting on this incident on the way home,It’s also a hurdle in my heart:Why she acted“Second in command”,Call people from the security department to participate in specific work,And is“Head head”The person appointed by Xuchang,Tian Lu just can’t move?
Tian Lu is sorrowful,Sulking,Vent:Although the Security Department is not directly under his direct control,,Speak as second in command,No matter which employee you are, you have to listen。
What is your position,In her eyes, the second-in-command is in the unit except for the first-in-command.“One”,But it’s not the case。
Even an ordinary employee can’t make arrangements,She is also a failure。She is a little angry,But I don’t know the staff who will not listen to the arrangement,I’m still angry that I can’t stop my subordinates。

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