[Encyclopedia of Northeast irrigation meat sausage]_how to do_method

[Encyclopedia of Northeast irrigation meat sausage]_how to do_method

Tohoku meat sausage can be said to be a very famous food.

In fact, in the Northeast, many families make their own sausages.

It is not that difficult to eat the authentic Northeast sausage.

If you are not in the Northeast and have no channels to buy authentic Northeast sausages, then we will share the methods of making Northeast sausages so that you can eat delicious Northeast sausages at home.

Tools / raw pig small intestine, pig hind leg meat bamboo tube next to an old lady enema at home each year, the pig small intestine is asked by the boss who sells meat, no money.

Wash the pig’s small intestine and wash the pig’s casing with warm water!

Pork hind leg meat, about 5kg fat and thin, peeled and washed to control the moisture, cut the leg meat into pieces, not too thick, the meat will be poured through the intestines through bamboo tube, so as to master the size of 5kgMeat ingredients: 150 grams of salt, 200 grams of glutinous rice juice, 50 grams of white wine, 4 grams of five spice powder, 5 grams of pepper powder, 40 grams of pepper powder, 6 grams of pepper powder, 10 grams of monosodium glutamate, 10 grams of sugar, proper amount of pork casings, bamboo tubeOne.

Add salt, white wine and mix well, marinate for about 10 minutes, and then mix marinade juice, five spice powder, paprika powder, pepper powder, pepper powder, monosodium glutamate, white sugar and marinate with pork.

Tie one end of the casing with a cotton thread, and wrap the other end in a bamboo tube. Fill the salted meat pieces into the casing from the mouth of the casing until it is full.

While irrigating, use a needle to pierce a few holes in the inflated casing to stop the exhaust to prevent the casing from bursting. Use a piece of cotton to tie the sausage for a period of time.

Hang the filled sausages in a ventilated place and blow them dry. You can also dry the sausages with grass, cypress, and other raw materials to smoke the sausages. Note: Sausages are usually made two months before the Spring Festival.Friends and family!

If you do n’t have a bamboo tube in your house, you can choose to fill the meat with a bit of mineral water.

While irrigating, pierce a few holes in the inflated casing with a needle to brake the exhaust to prevent the casing from bulging.

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