Gu Yu’s tea drinking customs

Gu Yu’s tea drinking customs

Gu Yucha is also the tea before the rain. It is the spring tea harvested during the rainy season. It is also called the spring tea.

The spring temperature is moderate, the rainfall is abundant, and the tea tree survives for half a year in winter, resulting in the spring shoots and leaves, the color is green, the leaves are soft, and the vitamins and amino acids make the spring tea taste fresh and pleasant.

In addition to the tender buds, Gu Yucha also has a bud, a tender leaf or a bud and two young leaves; a bud and a young leaf of tea are soaked in the water like an ancient gun that unfolds the flag, known as the flag gun;The young leaves are like the tongue of a bird, known as the tongue; the same as the Qingming tea is the best of the year.

Generally, the price of tea before the rain is relatively economical, the shape of the water is good, and the taste is not inferior to that of the previous tea. Most tea drinkers usually pursue the rain tea.

  The China Tea Association and other relevant departments plan to use the annual lunar calendar “Gu Yu” as the “All People Drinking Tea Day” and carry out various tea-related activities.

The tea farmers said that the real Gu Yu tea is the dry tea made by the fresh tea leaves collected by Gu Yu. It is the real Gu Yu tea, and it should be harvested in the morning.

The folks also said that the real Gu Yu tea can be resurrected by the dead, certainly many people have heard of it, but only legends.

I can think about how high the weight of this real rain tea is in people’s minds.

The teas picked by the tea farmers on that day are left to drink or use to entertain guests. When they give you tea, they will show off to the guests with ostentation. This is the tea that Gu Yu did on that day.

The implication is that only the guests will come out and give it to you.

There are many rains and rains in the valley. Here are some recommended wet teas and five-flowered teas. The five-flowered teas are more average for the body and are suitable for people who have no obvious cold or hot body.

Different from the place of origin, the formula of Wuhua Tea is slightly different, generally including lentils, kapok, plumeria, honeysuckle and so on.

Its main function is to clear the heat, detoxify, cool off the heat, and urinate.

General supermarkets, pharmacies are available for sale, you can take some soaking water every day.

  For those who are obviously hot on the body, easy to get angry and sore, constipation, you can choose Yinchen, Prunella vulgaris, which is also the formula of most herbal tea; while the body is cold, diarrhea, chills, even summer hands and feetAlso cold people, suitable for cockroaches, cockroaches, glutinous rice, you can choose this kind of material soup porridge.

  Bamboo leaf drink modulation: bamboo leaf tea a small amount, crystal sugar amount, brew with boiling water.

  Efficacy: heat, dampness, diuretic.

Bamboo leaf tea is available on the market. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” says that it has the functions of heat-clearing, detoxification, and diuresis. The smell of tea brewed after adding rock sugar is a good smell of refreshing heat and dampness.

  Xin Liang drink modulation: glutinous rice 30g, musk 3g, Perrin 3g, white bean coix seed 3g, because glutinous rice is difficult to use the brewing method to extract the active ingredients, first use hot water to cook glutinous rice for half an hour, then use glutinous rice soup toBrew in three other teas.

  Efficacy: This is basically the plant is always considered to be the top grade of dampness, taking can help the spleen and stomach to dissolve the body’s moisture.

At the same time, glutinous rice has the effect of replenishing the spleen and stomach, which can enhance the ability of the spleen and stomach to resist moisture and prevent moisture from invading again.

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