Dai Jiaoqian crazy fattening only for the mother

Dai Jiaoqian crazy fattening only for the mother

The drama “Diamond Giants” was broadcasted on the provincial TV channel, and the starring Dai Jiaoqian was quite popular in Longjiang.

On the 24th, Dai Jiaoqian appeared at the opening ceremony of the “People and Way” of Harbin Diyi Avenue in the Garden Street section, and the bustling shopping crowd gathered at once.

It is reported that on the same day, Dai Jiaoqian followed the CCTV six sets of “Study for Action” column to record the program.

  Speaking of the most difficult thing in the process of filming “Diamond Giants”, Dai Jiaoqian said: “The daughter is not too difficult for me, but it is very difficult to play the mother.

I try to use all kinds of methods to fatten and make myself look like a middle-aged woman, especially to show her old side.

From the effect of the broadcast, the audience is very good.

“People red is not much. After Zhang Jingchu, Jin Qiaoqiao surrounded “to accompany the wine door”, there was news that Dai Jiaoqian won the “Diamond Giants” female No.1 by accompanying the wine.

So, Dai Jiaoqian said: “I was particularly surprised when I first heard about it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have never attended various entertainment activities. How can I get a ‘with the wine door’?

A few days ago, my brokerage company had responded positively on behalf of me, and gradually the creators reserved the right to pursue further legal liability.

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