The ear is not good enough to try a three-step massage

The ear is not good enough to try a three-step massage

With the increase of life pressure, the pace of life is accelerating, and the age is growing. Too many people start to have tinnitus and hearing loss, which seriously affects life.

In addition to active drug treatment, the implementation of three-step ear massage techniques can improve blood circulation in the ear and stimulate the auditory nerve, which is good for relieving symptoms and relieving the disease.


Before and after the ear, the hands are placed separately at the roots of the ears. The index and middle fingers are inserted into the ears before and after, the middle finger is in front of the ear, and the index finger is behind the ear.

Then start from the earlobe, hold the ear up and push it, pay attention to a certain amount of force, and close to the auricle until the tip of the ear.

50 times a day.


The Hurricane Point Hurricane Point is placed in the depression behind the earlobe.

During massage, the tip of the thumb is pressed at the hurricane point, and the other four fingers are scattered over the ear, and the thumb is pressed to push the depression until it feels sore.

You can take 3 minutes a day.


Knocking on the drums of the two drums, the palms are forced to make a certain trajectory, and then the palms are pressed on the ears, the palms are aligned with the ear canal, and the fingers are attached to the posterior occiput.

Gently apply force on both palms, press slowly on both ears, and then slowly release.

Repeat several times, and add a few points of the wind pool hole with the thumb inserted at the back.

The wind pool is located in the upper rear, and the depression in the back skull is flush with the earlobe.

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