Home buyers like to replace old with old

Home buyers like to “replace old with old”

Because the family is small, whenever the children come to visit themselves with their grandchildren who have grown up, Zhang Laohan, who lives in Nanjing, remembers to change the house.
He and his wife have been pondering for a long time, and finally selected a second-hand house near the Red Mountain Zoo. Although it is a little far from the city center, the air is good and quiet. It is twice as large as its original house, and the price is moderate.Starting from some new communities, the supporting equipment is also relatively complete.
The two sold old houses in the city center, added some savings, and moved happily.
  According to the monitoring data of a real estate brokerage institution in Nanjing, the proportion of elderly people buying houses in Nanjing has risen rapidly in recent years, and a large number of them are “old for old”. They are not interested in new houses with remote distribution and inadequate supporting facilities.However, it is quite popular for second-hand houses with great advantages in terms of geographical location and community support.
According to the staff of this institution, when the elderly choose a house, they are most concerned about whether the community’s natural environment, surrounding medical care, shopping and other supporting facilities are complete and the ion female family is far and near.
  According to reports, some elderly people yearn for a natural, relaxed and peaceful living environment, so they are very concerned about the second-hand housing around the major parks.
For example, the second-hand houses around the Zhongshan Mausoleum, Mochou Lake, Xuanwu Lake and Arctic Pavilion Park in the city, due to the geographical location, comprehensive environment and related facilities, the green vegetation coverage rate is high, and its beautiful and clean natural environment.It is very popular because it can meet the needs of the elderly for physical exercise and emotional support.
However, due to the high price, most of the elderly still choose ordinary second-hand houses near the park farther from the city center.
  If the housing is far away from the hospital, it is very inconvenient for the elderly. Therefore, the elderly who are re-employed are also very concerned about the medical facilities and shopping facilities around the community.
The Gulou District of Nanjing has gathered near the Guangzhou Road, which is a large hospital such as the People’s Hospital, the Thoracic Hospital and the Brain Hospital, and the nearby community near the Zhongshan East Road, which has a military district general hospital. The surrounding shopping facilities are very complete, so it is veryFavored by the elderly.
There are also many elderly people who choose to live close to their children’s living areas or have smooth traffic in order to facilitate their children’s visits and care at any time, and to facilitate the elderly to care for the third generation.
  Experts suggest that the majority of elderly home buyers should choose low-rise floor houses when buying houses. These types of houses are highly transparent, with good lighting and convenient travel.
In terms of apartment type, in general, the large and medium-sized apartment of 60-120 square meters, the spacious living room and the large-area form can maintain the pleasure of the elderly; the single-chamber type below 60 square meters is easy to clean and organize.

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