NS110chapter Diagnosis is still not clear

Zhao Xiaohong is like a grievable child,Suddenly silent。
But she can no longer do less children.,The eyes are clear and red,But by a light smile,Hard to make the red eye angle and pretend to be calm。
“Do you have anything??”Zhou Ye suddenly looked at Zhao Xiaohong.。
Obvious,She is a heart!
In Zen Ye, I’m trying to serve and comfort it.,Zhao Xiaohong finally said the truth,It turned out that she quarreled with her husband.,It’s too powerful that day.,Then she pretended the belly pain,called120Ambulance。
But people have never thought of,His husband has regarded it,Instead, it is broken.……
Zhao Xiaohong,Suddenly I don’t know what to comfort.。
The world of adults really is more difficult than one,Especially as a woman,If you don’t even rely on the family,Married daughter splashing water,If you are abandoned by your husband,Then it’s more sad and desperate?
Zhou Ye:“It’s fine,Be in the past,Stinky man,Don’t stop。”
When he said stinky man,Suddenly swallowed,I always feel that this is exported from my mouth.,It seems not very good!
Zhao Xiaolhang saw Zhou Yixiang has been comforting yourself.,It is also a strong and say thank you.,She said, thank you.,Zhou Ye can even hear the sigh of her heart.。
Take a short while,Li Qifeng opened his doctor,Just come to the rescue room again。
Zhou Ye went to the side,Zhou Ye Zhao Xiaohong once again explained the current condition,Let her first stay in room observation,Experience the pain first,AbdominalCTAfter coming out,How to deal with the decision after the surgical consultation will be made tomorrow。
Li Qifeng greeted Zhou Ye to go out,At this time, Zhao Xiahong took the corner of Zhou Yewu.,White coat is pulled by the bed。
Zhou Ye is falling on Zhao Xiaohong’s face:“Is there something??”
Zhao Xiaohong pointedBSuper single:“Do I need surgery??”
Li Qifeng did not speak,So Zhou Ye:“Generally, abdominal pain caused by urinary tract stones,Drug therapy can be alleviated,No problem。”
But this is really urinary stone stones??Zhou Ye We speak,I feel that I have regretted it.。
It seems still to wait for the results of the examination and the surgeon.,Just make judgment?!
He turned his head to Li Qifeng:“Q,Do you have any supplements??”
Li Qifeng smiled slightly,He looks to Zhao Xiaohong,Ambient:“Add a ghost,Doctors we have added it.,You are lie in love.。”
Zhao Xiaohong 躺 躺,Close your eyes,Didn’t ask any questions。
Li Qifeng took the Zhou Ye went out。
On the way, Zhou Ye is thinking,The reason for the expansion of the urete tube is the type of tumor.,He is still very hoped to wait for the lower abdomenCTClearly ureteral stones,Such diseases are generally not fierce,I will not be fatal in the short term.,Can have enough time to handle。Unless the stones completely block the ureter、Bacterial blood sepsis sepsis、fever,That is to be highly vigilant.,It is obvious that this is not a case。
Didn’t take a few steps,Zhou Ye suddenly called Li Qifeng。
Li Qifeng looked at Zhou Ye,I feel a little inexplicable:“Why?”
Zhou Ye reminded:“Q,You didn’t check the kidney hurt when you inspect!”
“Your uncle,Be no early!”Li Qifeng is also forced,Suddenly remembered that I made a very low mistake。
“I don’t say it early.,You are indispensable……”Zhou Ye watched Li Qifeng。
Li Qifeng’s face is thick:“Indirect,Indications can’t put such a low-level mistake?”
Your cattle……
Zhou Ye, I don’t know what to talk.。
Generally speaking, if it is kidney stones、Kidney cramps caused by urinary tract stones,Patients have abdominal pain,Waist pain should also be,And these patients’ waist is not touched,Once slammed,Will definitely hop up。
At this point, he was ignored by Li Qifeng.。
In order to let the patient do it earlier,When he criticized, he took a little bit of the lower abdomen.!
This is a big mistake.!
When the two folded back to the rescue room,
Zhou Ye, I saw Zhao Xiaohong, I was holding the right lower abdomen.。

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