Since the advent,Blood River felt fatigue for the first time,Just a projection,Of course you cannot resist the will of a world,So it was very low-key from the beginning,Even if you fight with Sun Tiangang,Both sides also tried their best to suppress power,Although the mighty are unmatched,Seem omnipotent,But in any non-home world, we must suppress power,Act low-key,This is also the underlying rule,Unless they already have the strength to compete with the whole world,This possibility is,But a mere projection is absolutely impossible。

Mortal world that looks very weak,The power of rules is much stronger than imagined,Xuehe regrets the recklessness just now,Although it is not afraid,But this time projecting to the mortal world may be a loss。
Blood River as an old monster that survived two cosmic periods,Check the situation,Immediately judge that you are in a dangerous situation,Save yourself is always the first,Although it’s just a projection of consciousness,But if it’s killed by the laws of Mortal Dao,,It will cause serious damage to its body,There is no point in fighting,Since the initiation of retirement,It just walks,Extremely decisive。
of course,Designed by the delicious taste,Blood River has suffered a boring loss.,There is no way to take this little thing temporarily,It is naturally very unwilling,So I pretended to be crazy before I left,A big scarlet hand took the opportunity to poke out of the air,Directly volley down and grab into the cracks in the col,A fierce force shot the holy blood formation deep into the ground,Added a ban and took away Sinna。
This act is as swift as lightning,Li Tianzhi knew the bloody rainstorm in the sea suddenly stopped,The scary red clouds that hung in the sky quickly faded,Blood River is going to escape!
When Li Tianzhi realized,The will of all life has been used,The attack of gust of wind and rain suddenly appeared over the Qianshan Col.,Extreme storm、Meteorological disasters such as thunder and lightning followed one after another,The earth and mountains have changed color,It shows the anger of the will,But still couldn’t stop the escape of Blood River。
Don’t know how long it took,The storm has stopped,The terrifying shadow that had been pressing on the sky disappeared,Dark clouds have become very thin,There are even wisps of sunlight in some weak places,I don’t know how many mountains collapsed in the middle section of the buried hill,The col has disappeared,Several huge cracks caused by the earthquake extend into the depths of the wasteland,Everywhere,shocking。
Li Tianzhen sat cross-legged on the edge of a crack,Looking at the sky in a daze,He tried several times to communicate with the will of the mortal world law,Unsuccessful,Made him a little bit lost,Know that the other party won’t wait to see him,Still faintly hostile,But the previous cooperation was passive,But almost seamless,Successfully repelled the blood river,Prove that this will still understands his thoughts very well,But he changed his face so quickly just because he was also a foreigner?
“Or not exactly。”Dayan didn’t know when he got out of the bubble,Leaving God Store,A faint white phantom sits beside Li Tianzhi,He can’t stand the smell of blood in the small world,The blood river just faded,That’s where the real devastation,Like the end,It will take some time to fully restore the original vigorous appearance。
Li Tianchou is desperate,He was severely traumatized by opening up the gods as a battlefield,Two powerful wills are too terrible,If it weren’t for him to be a chaotic body,Was torn into pieces a long time ago。
“How to say?”Li Tianzhen watched a small white box flying up slowly in the crack,Fall leisurely by his side,Click firmly,Linglong Treasure Box finally has aura,Even the terrible battle cannot be destroyed,And always follow the master。
But it is not ruled out that Sun Tiangang moved the hands and feet,This bad old man,Li Tianzhen originally wanted to humiliate him,I’m too embarrassed to run away、Arrogant,But now he has no such thoughts,After all, this old guy has saved him several times in times of crisis,Who is Zhiyong,I can’t really tell。
“It felt threatened。”
“Threat?It’s not invisible,What I did was the opposite。”Li Tianzhen is a bit angry。
“It has nothing to do with your actions。”Dayan shook his head。
“do not understand。”
“Today’s battle,The nature of your chaotic body is undoubtedly exposed,Made it feel some kind of fear,But it’s still restrained,Didn’t let the blood river take you away,I didn’t take the opportunity to kill you,Not sure why,In short,I feel it is contradictory,or……Or because the big formation is still there。”

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