Seems to be really no better than my son……

can,Fang Deyun is still very happy。
Explain that these three years in the hospital,The son was not in vain……
“All right,You can wait for the medicine!”
It’s almost eleven o’clock,Fang Yu finally finished。
In order to fix these,Fang Yu already feels tired。
A little bit of luck,Suddenly feel refreshed!
“son,This ancient doctor……Where did you learn it?Why didn’t you hear it before?”
Fang Deyun curiously said。
“I met an old man before,Have to take me to learn……Only recently!”
Fang Yu explained。
“No wonder……With us ordinary ancient doctors,Too much difference!”Fang Deyun finally understood,What exactly is going on。
“Doctor Fang……You have worked hard,Come,This is the soup I made myself。Good for the body!”
The two are chatting。
The family member of the previous patient brought a thermos pot over。
“This……How embarrassed?”
Fang Yu probably understands what’s going on。It is estimated that they promoted,They come together。

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