Including the wooden knife,The three forty-two powerhouses only heard this proposal,I just think it’s whimsical,Impossible requirements,But as I think deeply about it,Suddenly realized that it was extremely feasible。

and,There is another biggest reason,Is the existence of the two-headed blood demon。
no matter who,I can’t let go of the two-headed blood demon,exactly,It’s the Scarlet Moon equipment burst out by the double-headed blood demon。
So even if the wooden knife is willing to let them go,Those two might suddenly kill the carbine!After all, the four of them have already demonstrated the wooden knife,Learn something,Suddenly killed when they were fighting monsters,Even the sword demon Xiao Chulou will do it。
and so,The more people think, the more they feel,Really only that kid’s proposal is the most reliable,Let’s kill monsters together,Save strength,Under mutual vigilance,Let’s blast the two-headed blood demon first。
“can!As long as you can swear in the name of your ancestors,Only half the benefits,And don’t count on me,Then count me!”Shenli Dragon King took the lead in expressing his position,Said loudly。
He is actually a little scared,Because no matter how he pays attention,Can’t even notice,Who is the mysterious man who exploded his spiritual power?!
The supernatural dragon king can only be sure,Definitely not the little character who just upgraded,As for the other three people opposite,All possible!
So he dare not take risks,Would rather accept their proposal,Let’s talk about the double-headed blood demon first。
After the sword demon Xiao Chulou hesitated for a moment,Also nodded,Tao:“can!Everyone swears in the name of ancestors,Take only half,No trick。I am willing to join hands with you。”
He was afraid that the two sides agreed to join forces,Kill yourself together first,Let’s deal with the double-headed blood demon,Then it’s really wrong。
And for him,He has already started to retreat,Even if you don’t give yourself benefits,As long as you can retreat,Also acceptable。
Even the supernatural dragon king can cheat to death,Everyone in this Chiyue Canyon is like a ghost,This may not suit his IQ。
“no problem!Swear in the name of ancestors!”Lu Menglin answered with a smile。
Supernatural Dragon King,Squinted immediately,Loud voice:“Can’t you swear,You have to swear by the wooden knife himself.。”
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled and glanced at the handle of the wooden knife。
The wooden knife said loudly without hesitation:“can!I, Muqinghu, would swear in the name of our ancestors,Join forces with everyone present to hunt down the two-headed Gorefiend,Don’t hurt your partner,Take half of the prey。”
Listen to the wooden knife and finish the oath,The other two masters also breathed a sigh of relief。
Swear in the name of an ancestor,This is a way of alliance often used by the gods during the hunting process,Almost no one would break this oath,Because god people are hunting people,If anyone breaks this alliance oath,Will be despised by all the gods,And also lose the protection of the ancestral spirit,The gods of the dark race,The source of all evil devours the soul,Become a fallen sinner。

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