The voice just fell,A boo in the ship。Love999

Only Hu Lin’s face is as sinking as water,Loudly:“Shut up!Listen to the captain’s arrangement,Who will disturb the captain’s driving?,Military disposal!”
She yelled,There was no sound in the cabin,No one suffocated。
Hu Lin’s thoughts are the same as the old captain,Something abnormal is a demon,A group of wild bee monsters inexplicably chase the Tarzan ship,This kind of thing itself is abnormal。
And shoot down those swarms,For the Qinshan ship,Has no value,Instead, I think deeper,If those bee colonies were deliberately released against the Taishan ship,It’s hard to tell if the opponent will have a back hand,If you don’t have much confidence,Who would take the initiative to provoke this behemoth in the sky。
quickly,Twenty drones were ejected from the lower belly of the Taishan ship,These combat drones,Not only flying fast,Flexible,And the airborne firepower is not weak,Each drone is equipped with an electromagnetic machine gun,The kind with semi-intelligent automatic aiming,Used to slaughter ground targets,It’s a magic weapon,Even if it’s used for air combat,Also more than enough。
Twenty combat drones lined up in two long snakes,Rushed down like an arrow,Face the swarm。
In an instant,Twenty combat drones fired at the same time,Electromagnetic plasma jet,Converge in the sky to form a grid,Shrouded the swarm downwards fiercely。
Xie Ba!Noisy!
This huge power grid falls,Immediately split the bee colony and burn it through,A large number of bees and insects fell to the ground。
See this scene,Cheers immediately rang from the cabin。
A bug is a bug!Even a flying bug,It’s also not the power of an electromagnetic gun!Everyone is happily watching the battle below。
Twenty drones continue to dive down,They are divided into two columns,Sometimes cross,Sometimes separate,Strictly follow the flight path calculated by the computer,Cause maximum damage to the swarm below。

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