2021, Fujian Provincial Government, Second General Conference

Original title: The banner has clearly speaking that private practical practical practices always follow the directions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the first meeting of the 2021st government, emphasizing the important secretary of Xi Jinping, the important Secretary of Xi Jinping. The important instructions of the speech, strongly inherit the important concept and major practice of promoting General Secretary Xi Jinping during the Fujian Work, conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment and the requirements of the provincial party committee, and strengthen the government’s own construction, and promote high quality development Transcending, making new and greater contributions to the comprehension of comprehensively building a comprehensive construction of socialist modern national Fujian. Zhao Long pointed out that Duration of Xi Jinping has left a very valuable thought wealth, spiritual wealth and practical results during the Fujian Work, which provides fundamentally following the government work. Under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Provincial Party Committee, the seventh provincial government team once again, and the work was fruitful and laid a solid foundation.

We must translate the Yin Yin of Xi Jinping into unremitting struggle, move forward, and stick to a blueprint to the bottom, and "honestly don’t have to be in my" spirit and "Human must have me" responsibility, In-depth grasp the new development stage, complete and accurate and fully implement the new development concept, service, and integrate new development pattern, and promote the actual effectiveness of high quality development transcendence "four awareness", firm "four confidence", and "two Maintenance. Zhao Long emphasized that it is clear that politics will be clearly speaking, understand to understand the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new time, and more deeply inspect the theory of great strength, truth, great strength, and continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political execution, political execution, Further building the soul of loyalty; the "big people", the conscious station is globally, put the work in the national province’s overall situation, to plan, to promote the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping Important and Party Central Committee The State Council decision-making deployed rooted root, flowering results in the Eighth China earth.

It is necessary to have private practical things in his heart, adhere to the people-centered development thoughts, keep in mind the two words of the "people" in front of the government, the yearning for the people, the yearning for the good life, and solve the people care about the education, medical, employment, culture, culture, and culture. The problems such as housing, pensions, let the people live better.

It is necessary to help development, continue to optimize the business environment, accelerate the construction of the "Sixth Five-Year" industry, and vigorously develop digital economy, marine economy, green economy, and Text Travel Economy. It is currently striving to attack the fourth quarter, scientific planning next year. , As a result of the actual inspection of the actual inspection of officers. It is necessary to coordinate the main line of safety, and do it well in the normalized epidemic prevention and control, from strict and safe production, and maintain social stability.

It is necessary to continue to change the style, vigorously inherit the "Drop Water", "Four Grassroots" "Four Wanjia", "I will do it, I really caught the hard" and other excellent style, "Today is also too late, tomorrow is also late "The efficiency awareness, everything we must do so early, must be done early; take the initiative to act as a good, strengthen the unity and cooperation, and insist on the real thing, bureaucracy, and more grassroots to understand the actual situation, strive to create a heart , Work, wind, and fit.

To correct the integrity, we will insist on strict the party to the party, tighten the system cage, build a prison to reduce the defense thoughts, know the fear, save the fear, keep the bottom line, Shen Shen Shen Shen, continue to reflect on the renovation to improve yourself, do To German coordination, in order to die. Deputy Governor Li Dejin, Zheng Jianwei, Kang Tao, Huang Haun Kun, Provincial Government Secretary, Provincial Government Departments, Autonomous Countries and Provincial Communications Units, Provincial Assignment Enterprise Responsible Comrades, All sets of Hetan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Government Responsible comrades attending the meeting. (Reporter Lin Yuxi) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Chen Lanyan) Share let more people see client download.

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