Seven whitening and slimming teas you should drink regularly in summer

Seven whitening and slimming teas you should drink regularly in summer

The first type: flavored green tea materials: 1 packet of green tea, 10 grapes, 2 pineapples, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 2 lemons.

  Practice: 1.

Take the green tea bag into the cup, add boiling water and soak for 7-8 minutes; 2.

2. Press the pineapple slices and grapes into juice; 3.

Pour the juice, honey, lemon and green tea into the glass at the same time and block it.

  Efficacy: It can gently and safely promote skin metabolism, blood circulation, renew the aging cuticle, and break down the melanin of the epidermal layer, making the skin more uniform, smooth and fair.

  The second section: Rose honey tea material: 6 roses, 1 tea bag, a spoonful of honey, a small slice of lemon, 550 ml of white water.

  Practice: 1.

Pour the water into the pot and boil, add black tea bag, brew for about 6 minutes; 2.

Put the roses into the black tea liquid and mix, and continue to boil over low heat; 3.

Pour in the honey and turn off the heat and add the lemon slices.

  Efficacy: mild in nature, lowering fire qi, regulating blood gas, promoting blood circulation, beauty, and has the functions of eliminating fatigue, healing wounds, and protecting the healing of the liver. Long-term replacement can also help promote metabolism and reduce body fat.

  The third paragraph: mung bean chrysanthemum tea material: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 30 grams of mung bean paste, 10 grams of lemon, a small amount of honey.

  Method: Put the chrysanthemum into the water and boil it. Put the juice of the squeezed lemon and mung bean paste into the chrysanthemum water and stir. Add a small amount of honey instead.

  Efficacy: Detoxifying and nourishing, smoothing the rough pores of the whole body to make the skin smooth and clean.

  The fourth paragraph: aloe black tea material: aloe 20cm long section, a chrysanthemum, a black tea bag, 1 spoon of honey.

  Method: Peel aloe and take only the inner layer of white meat. Put aloe and chrysanthemum in water and cook slowly over low heat. After boiling, add black tea bag and honey.

  Efficacy: It improves cell vitality, accelerates adult digestion, regulates the physiological functions of the human body, improves skin radiance, and slows skin aging. It is a good recipe for whitening and beauty.

  Fifth paragraph: tomato rose drink material: tomatoes, cucumbers, roses, lemon juice, honey each amount.

  Method: Peel the tomatoes, wash the seeds and cucumbers, crush them with fresh roses and filter, add lemon juice and honey.

  Efficacy: Promote skin metabolism and hypopigmentation, making the skin delicate and tender.

  The sixth paragraph: Runbaixue milk black tea material: 100 grams of fresh milk, 1 grams of salt content of black tea.

  Method: Fry the black tea until the juice is thick, then mix the boiled milk into it, add some small salt and stir well.

  Efficacy: Nourishing, nourishing, filling and replenishing Qi.

Consistent taking can enhance the physique and make the skin white and elastic.

  Section 7: Coix Seed Tea Take Coix Seed Tea daily and you can see the effect for one month.

  Function: Lightens dark spots and whitens skin

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