Spleen Deficiency and Weakness

Spleen Deficiency and Weakness

Spleen Deficiency Syndrome in Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to the complications caused by the weakness of the spleen as referred to by Chinese medicine. Although its condition is more complicated, it mainly includes vomiting, diarrhea, edema, bleeding, amenorrhea, down, cold in the limbs, and multiple mouths in children.

Including spleen qi deficiency, spleen yang deficiency, depression in the qi, and spleen insufficiency.

Mostly due to eating disorders.

Loss of work and rest, or chronic illness caused by physical weakness.

The spleen has the functions of transporting nutrients in food, transporting water, and controlling blood.

Deficiency of the spleen is caused by malfunction, resulting in nutritional disorders, loss of water and dispersal and wet sputum, or blood loss.

  Different syndromes often have different clinical manifestations: 1. Deficiency of the spleen and qi: less abdominal distension, bloating after eating, limb fatigue, fatigue, fatigue, languidness, weight loss, obesity, edema, and pale tongue.

  2. Deficiency of spleen and yang: loose stools, less bloating, abdomen pain, warm and dark, cold and timid, warm limbs, lack of appearance or puffiness, short urine or leucorrhea, clear white, and white tongue coating.

  3, depression in the air: such as Jiujia, prolapse of the anus, uterine prolapse and so on.

  4, the spleen is not unified blood: more common in chronic bleeding symptoms, such as excessive menstruation, bleeding, stool blood, diarrhea, subcutaneous bleeding and so on.

In addition to bleeding, some symptoms of weak temper will be seen at the same time.

  Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of spleen deficiency prescription: 1, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, do not think about diet.

  Use ginseng for one dollar, atractylodes for two dollars, Poria for one dollar, moxibustion of licorice five points, three slices of ginger, one jujube, add two cups of water, fry to one cup, warm before meals.

The name of this recipe is “Sijunzi Decoction” (press: the ingredients of this medicine are no longer discounted in this recipe).

  2, children with steaming (spleen deficiency, thin people, do not think about diet).

  Use Atractylodes, Bai Poria, Bai Pao medicine one or two, licorice half two, add ginger jujube decoction.

The name of this party is “Eligar Gamma”.

  3, spleen deficiency and fullness (displeased temperament, cold air is in the middle, and Yongsai is unreasonable).

  Use atractylodes two or two, orange peel four or two, research together as the end, add wine and paste, and shape the balls, such as Wuzi.

Thirty pills per serving, served before meals, with woody soup.

This party name is “Kanakamaru”.

  4, spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

  Five dollars of Atractylodes biloba, one or two peony medicines, and a total research of the end, add rice to make balls, such as Wuzi Da, 50 pills per serving, rice soup.

Served twice a day, winter nutmeg with nutmeg.

Another side: use half a liter of green rice, Divine Comedy together, cook porridge every day.

Another side: use a yellow hen for a guarantee, , coated with salt, vinegar, cooked and eat.

  5, spleen deficiency and cold malaria (cold more heat and less, do not think about diet).

  Use galangal (sautéed in sesame oil) and dried ginger (cannon) one or two each.

Each serving of five dollars, the pig bile into cream, just before the onset, hot wine to serve.

Another formula: add the bile and pills to the medicine powder made above. Forty pills per serving, the wine is delivered.

Another side: Galangal, Dried Ginger, Half-life, Half-gun, Half-two and Half-mountain.

For every two yuan served, pig kidney boiled wine is delivered.

  6, spleen deficiency and white (spleen and stomach are cold, stop water and gas, condense into white sputum and emerge).

  Use sulphur for one or two, fry the flour for one minute, and grind it to the end.

For every fifty pills, the rice soup is delivered.
  7, spleen deficiency, spleen, day and night.

  Use a pheasant, clean it, add orange peel, green onion, pepper and other five flavors, make a ravioli, and eat it hollow.

  8, spleen deficiency and slippery.  Take the case of black bone hen, cure it, wrap one or two cardamom and two apples (burning) in the belly of the chicken, settle, cook, and eat in the hollow.

  Spleen Deficiency Food Therapy: 1. Lotus Seed: The Qing Dynasty “Compendium of Materia Medica” said that lotus seeds “are in the field, not bad for a hundred years, people have to eat it, and not grow old.”

Song Dynasty “Taiping Shenghui Fang” contains lotus seed powder porridge, take lotus seed powder 15 each time?
20 grams, 100 grams of rice or glutinous rice, porridge, eat sooner or later, can treat the elderly and frail, chronic diarrhea, dreamy insomnia, polyuria at night, it is strong.

  2, previous rice porridge: 50 grams of previous rice, 10 grams of raisins, with the right amount of water, first boil the previous rice to nine maturity, add raisins, and cook together until it is rotten.

  3, sweet potato: commonly known as sweet potato, potato, sweet potato.

The sex is flat, sweet, and has the effect of nourishing the spleen and blood, and improving qi and defecation.

“Sui Xi Ju Dietary Spectrum” said: “Cooking and nourishing the spleen and stomach, replenishing strength, protecting from wind and cold, and benefiting color.

“The Compendium of Outlines” believes that sweet potatoes can “make up the middle, warm the stomach, and fatten the internal organs.”

People with a weak spleen can use sweet potatoes as their staple food and eat them often.

  4, two corn, ribs 200 grams.

  System usage: ribs and corn are placed in a pot for soup. After cooking, eat corn and ribs for soup.

  5, 2 carrots, the right amount of green peppers.

  System usage: put in the pot, add the seasoning and stir fry, eat after cooking.

  6, pumpkin, millet.

  System usage: Pumpkin and millet are cooked in a pot and eaten.

  7, jujube: warm nature, sweet taste, has the role of spleen and stomach, qi and blood.

As early as 2000 years ago in the “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, there is a record of “raising the spleen in jujubes.”

Ming Li Shizhen said that “jujube is the fruit of the spleen, and spleen disease should be eaten.

“For those with spleen deficiency, loose stools, weak stomachs, and insufficient blood, it is best to take jujube regularly.

  8, spleen: You can use yam, atractylodes, coix seed, potatoes, white lentils, sweet potatoes, etc., as long as it is deep in the ground can be spleen.

Use them to make porridge, stew meat, and cook it alone. If you put a little lotus leaf, the effect of refreshing the spleen will be better.

  9. Use 30 grams of lean beef and 10 grams of shiitake mushrooms.

  Wrap the beef in flour.

After the soup is boiled, add the mushrooms, and then dial the beef slices. At the same time, add the appropriate amount of MSG, salt, sesame oil, and boil.

  10. Sishen ginseng pork belly soup: half of pork belly, 100 grams of coix seed, appropriate amount of salt, 25 grams of ginseng, 200 grams of lotus seeds, 100 grams of Poria, 200 grams of fresh yam, and 100 grams of cilantro.

Method: Wash the pig’s belly with hot water and cut into large pieces; Zhishi, Coix Seed Wash, soak in water for 1 hour, drain; yam peeled, washed, cut into pieces; lotus seeds, ginseng rinse.

Then put the ingredients other than lotus seeds and yam into the pot, boil, and then simmer for 30 minutes, adding lotus seeds and yam.

Continue to simmer for another 30 minutes. After cooking, add salt to season.

  11. Three-meter longan porridge: 30 grams of barley kernels, 80 grams of purple rice and glutinous rice, 9 red dates, 25 grams of longan meat and brown sugar.

Wash the coix seed, purple rice, and glutinous rice, wash and cut the red dates into four petals. Add three kinds of rice and boil until the rice is cooked. Add red dates, Guiyuan meat, and brown sugar to make porridge.

Take it daily morning and evening, and have a weak constitution. People with malnutrition can take it for a long time.

Spleen appetizer can nourish qi and blood.

For spleen and stomach deficiency, malnutrition, weak constitution, thirst and polyuria, spontaneous sweating and other symptoms.

  Precautions: Foods to avoid: 1. Natural cold and easily tempered foods, such as bitter gourd, cucumber, winter melon, eggplant, water spinach, celery, amaranth, coriander, lettuce, broccoli, persimmon, banana, coriander, pear, watermelonMung beans, tofu, oatmeal, etc.

  2. Foods that are thick and greasy and easy to cause temperament, such as duck meat, pork, turtle meat, oyster meat, milk, sesame and so on.

  3. Foods that dissipate the energy and dissipate the temper easily, such as buckwheat; hawthorn, radish, coriander, etc.

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Sweet and sour flower and fruit tea for weight loss and health

Sweet and sour flower and fruit tea for weight loss and health

Sweet and sour fruits, coupled with soft and passionate flowers and herbs, are dried together to become a warm and sweet flower and fruit tea.

Flower and fruit tea, like herbal tea, also has medicinal effects. It is not only natural, but also refreshing and thin.

In your free time, make a cup of flower and fruit tea for yourself, health, weight loss, kill two birds with one stone.

  Organic Lemon Ginger Tea: Lemon and Zinger Granules are added to the organic tea.

  Opinion: The color is light and elegant, and the natural refreshing taste of lemon is balanced in the gentle surrounding of the ginger.

The most important child ginger is also a slimming product, which is a natural weight loss product.

  Organic wild prune fruit tea production: Dried prune fruit granules are heated to form water.

  Opinion: Mixed fruit grows in the bushes and has a deep red appearance, with an unforgettable aroma and a delicious sweet and sour fruit.

  Organic Orange Coconut Tea Making: Add the cut orange and coconut into the organic tea to make it.

  Opinion: Fresh tasting oranges and silky creamy coconut, a surprising combination.

It has the effect of refreshing air and refreshing, suitable for replacement at work.

  Organic mint vanilla tea making: brewed by adding mint and vanilla to organic tea.

  Opinion: Vanilla can help digestion, the flavor of mint is unique, and the fragrance is clear.

Contradictions in drowsiness have the effect of eliminating fatigue and clear thinking.

Adding ice in the summer is a great way to eliminate the heat.

  Tip: How to make the nutrients in tea more fully absorbed?


Only absolute boiling water can make all the essence in tea leaves brew out.


Drinking tea does not get more nutrients, and the lignin and cellulose it contains can help digestion and defecation.


First, brew a cup of tea 4 times to brew almost all the effective substances in the tea.

  Drinking tea can also help you lose weight. Drinking organic herbal tea will allow you to have an enviable slender body while maintaining your health!

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Don’t step on these 5 skincare minefields

Don’t step on these 5 skincare “minefields”

As the saying goes, “details determine everything”, skin care and beauty are the same. If these small details are not good, they will become skincare “minefields”, which will greatly reduce the effect of skin care!
  护肤雷区1、脸洗得越久越干净  洗脸越久越干净是个错误的观念,因为洁面产品在脸上停留时间过久,细胞间脂质流失就越多,肌肤会变得干燥较无弹性,所以Don’t wash your face too long, it is recommended to control the time to about one and a half to two minutes.
  护肤雷区2、洁面产品清洁力越强洗得越干净  如果选择强效洁面产品,会刺激肌肤,且过度清洁会造成皮肤干燥敏感,甚至可能出现红肿、脱皮等现象,所以应该选择适当且适合Cleansing products, after washing the face should feel refreshing, not tight, a little moisturizing but not sticky is best.
  护肤雷区3、洗完脸用毛巾擦干  都知道洗完之后水分留在脸上,如果等其蒸发的话,会带走肌肤的水分,让皮肤变干,所以很多妹子一洗完脸就赶紧Drying with a towel is not completely wrong. It is OK to use a towel. Try not to wipe, gently press on the face, and just absorb the excess water on the skin surface.
If rubbed vigorously, it will hurt the skin.
  护肤雷区4、面膜没有变干可以多敷一会  敷面膜的时候不能聊天跟做表情大家都知道,但敷的时间很多妹子都不知道,总觉得上面的精华还没干,多敷一会It will not be wasted. In fact, this is wrong, because not only will not absorb more nutrients for too long, but it will become dry and produce fine lines, and may even cause allergies.
Therefore, the time to apply the mask is about 15 minutes, and it is best not to exceed 20 minutes.
  护肤雷区5、一直使用同一套保养流程  现在使用的流程觉得皮肤挺好的,所以就一直用同一套保养方式与流程,这是不对的,因为不同的季节或者身体变化会让肌肤的状况有It ‘s different, so you should make some adjustments according to the current skin condition. The best is for the skin. If you do not adjust the process for a long time, it may cause a burden on the skin. Be sure to distinguish the situation.

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Tonic guide for women of different constitutions in winter

Tonic guide for women of different constitutions in winter

Women’s tonic in winter should start with adjustments, reconcile the internal and external balance of the body, keep the body in a state of qi and blood flow, and then determine whether tonic is needed based on the situation.

Physiological characteristics of women In some men, women take blood as their most important factor. The key to winter supplements is blood regulation, but different tonic schemes should be formulated according to different situations.

  How can a woman with qi deficiency make up?

  Qi deficiency is mainly manifested by fatigue, shortness of breath, and burnout, that is, the whole body is not good, and the energy is weak.

  Tonic principle: The representative supplements of Qi deficiency are ginseng, including American ginseng, white ginseng (raw ginseng), wild ginseng, red ginseng (Korean ginseng, Korean ginseng), etc.

About qi deficiency and mild fever, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, chronic hepatitis, and menopausal syndrome are suitable for American ginseng.

Those with simple qi deficiency can take white ginseng (raw sun ginseng), and those with more severe qi deficiency can take wild ginseng, because wild ginseng has a significant effect on replenishing qi.

Those with qi deficiency and coldness should use red ginseng (Korean ginseng) as tonic. Red ginseng has the effect of warming Yang.

Qi deficiency women should eat more radish, jujube, pork rib soup and other Qi-enriching foods in the autumn and winter seasons; on the medicine supplement, you can drink the “Four Gentleman Soup” made of Astragalus, Ginseng, Atractylodes and Licorice.

  Diet plan: Chinese yam barley tea, Huai yam, 9 grams each of barley kernels, decoction for tea.

Drinking yam barley tea often can make you full of qi, good spirit and good complexion.

But be aware that good yam is white. If it is purple or red, the effect is only equivalent to eating sweet potatoes.

  The four god soup lotus seeds, Italian barley kernels, Huai yam, and Zhishi boiled soup is a health diet suitable for people with qi deficiency.

Some people are accustomed to adding ribs and chicken to Sishen soup. To prevent excess nutrition and gain weight, you can remove the attached fat and cook again.

  Mushroom loach porridge Mushroom loach porridge is very effective for people with qi deficiency and poor perfusion function.

The loach, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, rice and spring onions are boiled into porridge, which not only tastes good, but also has high nutritional value.

  How can women who are afraid of cold make up?

  Some women, especially menopausal women, are especially afraid of cold in winter, which is medically called cold sensation.

Medical research believes that women are particularly afraid of cold in winter due to their reduced body resistance and poor cold resistance due to menstrual periods, pregnancy, puerperium or complications of anemia, metabolic disease and chronic illness.

In addition, nutritional deficiencies, hypotension or hypothyroidism can also cause local or systemic blood circulation disorders, resulting in cold hands and feet.

  Tonic principle: Medical doctors of all ages believe that eating more lamb, beef, dog meat, chicken, quail, garlic, pepper, ginger, parsley, onion, longan, chestnuts and other warm foods can help protect against the cold.

In order to prevent or reduce the feeling of cold, you should actively participate in appropriate physical exercise, especially women in the military who are sedentary or standing, should pay attention to work activities, and do more hands, feet and waist movements.

  Diet plan: Ginger and mutton lamb cut into thin slices, ginger and shreds.

Add a small amount of oil to the pot, add peppercorns, star anise, fry the flavor, stir-fry ginger, add lamb slices and stir-fry, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and sprinkle sesame oil when it comes out of the pot.

  Jujube Chinese wolfberry mutton soup mutton is cut into eight large pieces, and the bleeding water is simmered in a boiling water pot for later use.

Wash 5 jujubes and 15 grams of wolfberry.

Add water to the pot, add mutton, spring onion, ginger, and season the ingredients.

When it is half-cooked, add jujube, wolfberry, salt, and cook.

Add 1 when zooming in on dates?
2 slices of orange peel can reduce odor.

  How can women with anemia or blood deficiency make up?

  Blood deficiency is similar to anemia in modern medicine. Patients often experience symptoms such as dizziness, dazzling, chlorosis, insomnia, dreaminess, and irregular menstruation.

  Tonic principle: The representative supplement for blood deficiency is Ejiao, Angelica sinensis.

Ejiao is known as the “holy blood remedy”, which has the functions of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding, nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs.

The incidence of iron deficiency anemia in young and middle-aged women is relatively high, accounting for about 20.


Because the milk and eggs that are often consumed contain less iron, the blood supply is insufficient, and menstruation causes women to lose blood every month, so anemia is more likely to occur.

  For women with anemia or blood deficiency, iron supplementation is the most important. You can eat more iron-rich foods such as animal liver, lean meat, jujube, wolfberry, royal jelly, and protein containing fungus, kelp, and walnut kernels.Foods rich in hematopoietic materials such as iron and iron, those with conditions can eat more sea cucumber and abalone.
  For women with irregular menstruation and excessive menstrual flow, ginseng, angelica, chuanxiong, astragalus and other traditional Chinese medicines are optional, and traditional Chinese medicines such as Wuji Baifeng Pill and Ejiao tonic plasma are also available.
Eat sea cucumber, fish and shrimp, red dates, kiwi, grapes, longan, sesame, spinach and other foods in daily life.

  Diet plan: Longan red date porridge, 15g longan meat, red dates 3?
5 pieces, 100 grams of rice, cooked into porridge, served warm.

Longan red date porridge nourishes the spleen and nourishes and nourishes and strengthens.

  100 grams of coarse glutinous rice with red rice porridge, 50 grams of barley kernels, 15 red dates, boil the same porridge, add appropriate sugar when eating.

Drinking barley red dates porridge often can nourish yin and blood.

Egg yolks and 2 eggs.

Add water, boil a little salt, cook into the egg yolk, and drink 2 times a day.

Egg yolk has a good iron supplementation effect, suitable for women with iron deficiency anemia.

  How to make up for thin women?

  The spleen is the source of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood biochemistry.

The spleen and stomach are healthy, the qi and blood are abundant, the muscles are strong, and the limbs are strong.

Conversely, the body is thin and the limbs are weak.

Onset of weight loss must first rule out a variety of chronic diseases such as hyperthyroidism, liver disease, kidney disease and tumors.

  Tonic principle: Many thin women have picky eaters and partial eclipses.

Therefore, first of all, the bad habits should be changed, and the expected supplementary amount should be increased. The expectations should be rich and diverse, and eat a small amount.

In addition, high-protein foods, vegetables and fruits are not indispensable.

On weekdays, eat more healthy snacks, such as peanuts and toffee.

Slim women with weak gastrointestinal function, substitute for chicken, duck, fish and animal liver.

Those who are thin have more yin deficiency and less blood loss, so they should eat more Gan Run Sheng Jin, such as milk, honey, eggs, turtle (turtle), sea cucumber, white fungus and so on.

  Diet plan: walnut milk, honey drink, sea cucumber cream, turtle lily date jujube soup, turtle turtle kidney soup, white fungus pigeon eggs, lily chicken yellow soup, etc. are all good food for women who are thin.

Yin deficiency often has internal heat, and those who are thin often see irritability, irritability, dry mouth and sore throat, hypersexuality and other endogenous phenomena. Therefore, while nourishing, you should also pay attention to clearing fire.Meat slices and so on.

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Yoga practice should be different for each person to avoid sports injuries

Yoga practice should be different for each person to avoid sports injuries

Yoga, with its unique charm, attracts more and more followers, especially women who like to be fit and slender, and practice yoga in order to lose weight.

However, due to improper training methods or quick success, some practitioners suffered sports injuries.

  According to experts, yoga is a fitness exercise that is very suitable for women. It can strengthen the tenacity of muscles, and also has the effect of losing weight.

There are many patients aged between 40 and 50 who have muscle and ligament strains, and some have sprains in the waist or joints. Most of them have problems after practicing yoga for a month or two.

The first reason is that some yoga practitioners have chronic diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, arthritis, etc., the increase in the amount of transformational exercise and the increase in the range of movement, coupled with improper methods in the exercise, resulting in the recurrence of the old disease.Eager to achieve success, in order to achieve the effect of weight loss, often strive to achieve the rate of compliance, excessive training, resulting in muscle, ligament strain or lumbar spine, joint sprains.

  Experts reminded that yoga is a kind of peaceful and coordinated exercise. The emphasis is on regulating physiology, taboos, impatience, and quick success. Attention should be paid to the following three points: First: Women who understand their physical conditions and want to practice yoga are participating in trainingBefore class, it is better to do a physical examination to determine the exercise plan and training program according to your physical condition.

People with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, heart disease and poor brain blood supply are advised not to practice yoga.

Because the posture of yoga movements changes greatly, the inverted and bow movements cause the blood to flow backward, which may cause accidents due to insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain.

Women with distal lumbar disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, knee arthritis or osteoporosis are not suitable for high-intensity yoga training.

These people can choose some sports that are more suitable for their physical conditions.

  Second: The training method should be scientific, moderate in intensity and gradual.

The purpose of practicing yoga is to cultivate self-cultivation, cultivate deep inner comfort and physical harmony, so it cannot have too strong a utilitarian color.

Many people mistakenly believe that every movement that a teacher can do is the standard movement of yoga, and for this reason, they are forced to reach the target in order to ignore their own conditions.

In fact, each person’s physical conditions are different, and the length of the practice is different. In the practice, it should be appropriate to the person, easy to difficult, step by step, and unity cannot be forced.

Especially for some serious and higher movements, if the scale is not well grasped, it will easily cause sports injuries, and the first thing is the tissues with poor range stability and poor stability, such as the lumbar spine, knee joints, and ligaments.

  Third: In the early stages of yoga practice, it is normal for you to feel soreness and pain. If you have longer hidden pain, especially the lumbar spine and joints, you should promptly consult a professional coach or go to the hospital for examination, under the guidance of a doctor.Regulate through proper rest or necessary treatment. Do not carry on or practice with pain, so as not to cause irreparable injury.

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Recommend-Counter Hot Moisturizing Cream for October

Recommendation: counters selling moisturizing creams throughout October

Which MM has not used a moisturizing cream in the past 10 months?

Moisturizing can’t be interrupted.
Moisturizing can be regarded as the most basic work of daily maintenance. Seemingly simple work, there are many complaints from people around me. After using so many moisturizing products, my skin still feels dry.
The question is, are you choosing the right moisturizer?
Below is a counter moisturizing cream for October.
.hzh {display: none; }  含水量充足的肌肤,皮肤看起来水当当,不但柔软光滑,摸起来更是充满弹性,散发年轻的光彩.
So be sure to choose a good moisturizing cream. Here are 6 moisturizing creams that are on sale in the counter throughout October.
  1. Helena Smart Moisturizing Cream Reference Price: ¥ 780.
0 / 50ml Hot reason: HR Helena’s cream, known as the “Pioneer of Beauty”, is famous.
The power of this cream is powerful: a three-in-one combination of hydration, exfoliation and cell regeneration.
In addition, the taste is also good, and the moisturizing is suitable for the four seasons. The return rate is high.
  Product introduction: The first cream that promotes skin’s own moisture mechanism.
For skin problems: The skin faces rough skin feel caused by internal dehydration and external dehydration and slowing of cell renewal. It loses smooth and delicate intelligent moisturizing and regenerating system, promotes cell renewal and the formation of its own moisturizing mechanism, making the skin look like new.
  Special note: Very thin, non-greasy, easy to apply.
  2. Clinique Hydrating Moisturizing Cream Reference Price: ¥ 480.
0 Selling reason: Clinique’s big selling point is to pass a special allergy test, 100% fragrance-free. I believe many buyers will buy this point.
Use after 3 steps of daily Clinique skin care, it can be seen that the moisturizing effect is very good and lasting.
And a multi-use bottle can be used for post-sun repair, can moisturize the lips, can also be used as a mask, it is worth buying.
  Product introduction: So suitable for any skin, use after 3 steps of daily Clinique skin care, give skin instant moisture and nourish health.
Aloe active water ingredients are more easily accepted and effectively used by the skin, making the moisturizing function deeper and longer lasting.
  Special note: Suitable for any skin; no odor.
  3. Keyan’s High Moisturizing Cream Reference Price: ¥ 290.
0 / 50ml Hot reason: Ke Yan’s from the New York pharmaceutical professional brand has always been known around the world for the most gentle but effective skin care formula. The “High Moisturizing Series” has been launched since 1970, which is applicable to all men and women.A classic hot item for skin.
  Product introduction: It is a refreshing 24-hour daily moisturizing cream. After use, the skin feels comfortable and obviously hydrated. When it absorbs and absorbs water vapor in the air, it helps the skin reduce water loss.
  Special note: high cost performance, good moisturizing effect, but single function.
  4, Neutrogena water hydrating gel moisturizing gel reference price: ¥ 129.
0 / 50g Hot reason: Neutrogena has another star-stunning work that is amazing after whitening mask and sunscreen.
Due to the high cost of hyaluronic acid, which contains 95% high-purity hyaluronic acid in the market, it is basically lacking in affordable products. This product can be used as a moisturizing mask and a moisturizing cream.Use, it will not let you down.
  Product introduction: Hyaluronic acid: Carry 1000 times its own weight of water to provide cells with a rich and moist environment.
Olivem 1000: Similar to the interstitial structure of the cells, helps moisturizing essence penetrate deep into the skin.
Sepitonic M3: Contains three trace elements of copper / zinc / magnesium, which enhances cell energy and retains water for longer.
After continuous use, it is refreshing and non-greasy, leaving skin hydrated and transparent from the inside out.
  Special note: gel texture, refreshing and moisturizing, suitable for oily skin.
  5. Estee Lauder Multi-level Instant Moisturizing Cream Reference Price: ¥ 550.
0 / 50ml Hot selling reason: very good product, very moisturizing, moisturizing effect is very good, there are many repeat customers, and it has been hot for a full 10 months.
In addition to the common causes of dehydration, your skin is under fatigue, mental burden, and the stress caused by a fast-paced lifestyle. It becomes increasingly dry and loses its luster. The multi-level instant moisturizing series brings life to dry skin。  Product introduction: Bio-water, a unique multi-mineral mineral essence, injects vitality into dry and dehydrated skin for the first time, helping the skin to flexibly overcome the daily loss of water in and on the body; not only that, Estée Lauder’s outstanding Hydra Insulation? Moisturizing and isolating technology, which simulates the super strong water storage function of desert plants, makes the skin instantly absorb and lock moisture, and quickly rebuilds the balance of “ecological simulation water universe & women”.  Special note: Quick absorption and long-lasting moisturizing effect.

  6, Clarins balance moisturizing cream Reference price: ¥ 460.

0 / 50ml reason to sell: The smell is very elegant, not much used each time, quickly absorbed, the skin immediately becomes very delicate and smooth, good moisturizing and moisturizing effect.

Clarins has always believed that the use of plant ingredients on the skin, the MM used must be very assured, the most suitable for autumn and winter, summer night cream.

  Product introduction: It can make the skin lasting and maintain perfect moisturization in any climate.

Makes skin moist, comfortable, energetic, and smoothes fine lines caused by lack of water.

Keeps skin ideally moisturized and balanced.

Provide protection against pollution.

Makes makeup lasting and bright.

Exudes youthful radiance.

Apply morning or night to thoroughly cleansed cheeks.

  Special note: plump, refreshing cream thickness and good moisturizing effect.

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Psychological Analysis of Sister and Brother

Psychological Analysis of “Sister and Brother”

In addition to the physical advantages, the feeling of “sister-to-sister love” is stronger than ordinary emotions, and it is also inseparable from the unique psychological factors of the sibling-lover.

  First, the love of sisters and siblings must have the courage to counter-traditional, break old habits, and the happiness in exchange for withstanding the pressure of tradition and custom is itself the happiest and worthy of cherishment.

It is often said that lovers eventually become dependents for this reason.

  Second, the sibling relationship arises because both men and women are attracted to the unique charm of each other, which is found in lovers of traditional age.

Most of the men who have suffered a sibling affair are more mature in age and have more views on girls than their peers. Such feelings can only be found in mature women, which is irreplaceable by other little girls.

And the woman can find the same mature temperament in the boy as the adult man, and the boy has more pure love and passion than the adult man, it is more likely to arouse the love of the woman, which is also difficult for his peers to replace.

These irreplaceable characteristics make their feelings more stable.

  Third, sibling love often shows that women’s self-confidence and men’s maturity.

A confident woman and a mature man (man’s maturity is not defined by age), their behavior is often clear.

They don’t joke on serious topics, and they don’t play tricks on life.

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9 whitening magics tofu tofu


9 whitening magics tofu tofu

Whitening magic one: a bag of milk a day.

hzh {display: none; }  牛奶可是个好东西,里面含有丰富的矿物质,坚持每天临睡前一杯牛奶,这样可以美容,还可以助眠哦,而且拿牛奶坚持做面膜,也是不错的选择,I usually mix milk + pearl powder + VE to make a mask, which is cheap and effective. Sisters who want to whiten quickly, but try it.

  Whitening magic two: eat more soy products like tofu, drink soy milk, soy products are called natural plant hormones, generally middle-aged women eat more soy products, but also can regulate estrogen in the body and extend menopause.

Haha, pull away, come back and continue to say, like I do n’t really like tofu, my husband changed the way to use delicious tofu, and he could n’t taste the tofu at all. Wahaha, I am looking forward to it every dayMy husband cooks tofu, and his skin is smooth, white and tender.

  Whitening magic three: one tomato a day here is to add a sufficient amount of vc, vc is a good whitening Oh, it can also freckle, Nana now does not even eat tomatoes, will also add a sufficient amount of vitamin c,Hey, white or not, you can see it, but when it comes to tomatoes, it is best to eat them raw, with the highest nutritional value. Nana’s favorite is tomato sugar, sour and sweet, very delicious.

  Whitening magic four: a multi-vitamin tablet every day with this is a lot more convenient, he is a collection of various vitamins and minerals, one tablet a day, it is not troublesome, simple, all aspects of nutrition is fully replenished,Like Nana, I do n’t particularly like to eat vegetables. After eating this, I can also promote gastrointestinal motility and promote bowel movements. The body is free of toxins and the skin is naturally pale.

  Whitening magic five: rice haha, wash your face with rice water every day, this, everyone has this convenience?

Unless, your house has no rice.

Note that only the first and second pass of rice washing water is best. Collect rice washing water into this bottle. You can find a bigger bottle. This is for demonstration purposes.If you have to, use the third and fourth passes.

Khan, you are too frugal.

  Whitening magic six: Tremella tremella, 555, known as the bird’s nest of the poor, ha ha, using white fungus as a mask, boiled sugar can be, it is delicious, can also whiten, ha.

  Tremella syrup: 5 tremella funguses, boiled with water + red dates + lilies until softened and rotten before, you can eat a little whitening magic after adding sugar to the potNow I insist on taking one capsule a day. Hey, shells have a smooth and whitening magic. Eight: salt, insisting on washing your face with salt every day, not only can whiten, exfoliate, and most importantly, most of them are no longer oily.You get a dirty face, right?

Hehe, believe me, keep extending, you will definitely see the effect.

  Whitening Magic Nine: A glass of lemon + honey water every day can also pass through the whitening effect, the taste is very good, if you are afraid of acid, you can add some rock candy.

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Ways to relieve baby’s brain fatigue

Ways to relieve baby’s brain fatigue

A good rest will lead to healthy development. Sufficient rest time is very important for children who are in the critical period of development. As a parent, do you know how to make your baby have a good development environment?

  Helps you understand the signs of your baby’s brain fatigue: Some people will show restlessness after studying. Usually, he will look away and be restless. He will touch the toy for a while, and make a grimace again.Things that I forget before and after school are often about to be suddenly attracted by something and leave the position.

  Crying and crying Some babies will cry and cry as soon as they are tired, or they may lie on the ground and do nothing to persuade them.

Although some babies don’t cry, they will show a natural expression, and keep their faces flat, no one will care.

Some babies will be depressed, lose their temper, and throw things around.

  Some babies will yawn for a long time while they are studying, just yawning to sleep, some babies simply fall asleep.

  A good rest will lead to healthy development. Sufficient rest time is very important for children who are in the critical period of development. As a parent, do you know how to make your baby have a good development environment?
  Method 1: Lighten the burden, learn more easily, let your baby learn too many subjects, and take too many classes, the baby’s brain will always be in a state of fatigue. For a long time, it will often cause the baby to feel dizzy and bloated., Memory decline, slow response, distracted concentration, reduced learning efficiency, will seriously affect the baby’s intellectual development or physical health.

  Therefore, parents should adjust their swift and quick growth mentality, and gradually improve the baby’s learning burden. When enrolling for various training classes for the baby, consider the baby’s interests and hobbies, use the “less and fine” principle to specifically train the babySomeone’s enhanced ability not only allows the baby’s brain to have a certain rest, but also allows the baby to gain expertise in some aspects.

  Method 2: Change education methods and stimulate interest in learning. For babies, “games” are their favorite way of learning.

Therefore, parents can incorporate learning content into some special games. When the baby is interested in this game, he is willing to participate and continue to do so, so that he can gradually learn the necessary knowledge.

  For example, parents can use water games to teach their babies the nature and use of water, and they can also exercise their abilities.

In addition, parents should give their babies more autonomy when playing games with their babies. Do not intervene or do any work for you. Let the babies decide how to play.

This will make your baby have fun, and it will also stimulate your baby’s thinking ability.

  Method 3: High efficiency of combining work and rest For the baby, the time for each study should not be too long, it should be 35-?
About 0 minutes, depending on the condition of each baby, and then rest for 10?
15 minutes.

There are various ways to rest, but the most active way is the best choice, play “hide and seek” with your baby, or let your baby play outdoors and sing with your baby.

  In this way, the baby’s brain can be fully relaxed and rested. When the baby enters learning again, the spirit will be better and the mind will be more concentrated.

In addition, parents can also allow their babies to alternate learning, which can also keep the brain active and reduce fatigue.

  Method 4: A well-nourished head is more agile in the development of brain cells and normal brain activity, which cannot be achieved without adequate and balanced nutrition intake.

And early childhood is a critical period of brain development. At this stage, more attention should be paid to nutrition, which will greatly benefit the baby’s future intellectual development.

  First of all, parents should help their baby develop good eating habits, try to get the baby to take in a variety of nutrients in a balanced manner, and timely add sugars, proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

Because the amount of glucose consumed by the brain is large, accounting for almost two-thirds of the glucose content in human blood, you should give your baby more foods that contain sugar. In addition, since protein is an important component of brain cells, protein supplementsIt is also very important that milk is the best protein supplement.

  Method 5: Sleep well and get plenty of sleep. An important means to eliminate brain fatigue and improve learning efficiency.

Brain weight is about 2% of body weight?
About 3%.

While sleeping, the body temperature and brain temperature of the body will naturally drop, especially in a deep sleep state, which is particularly beneficial for eliminating brain fatigue and repairing brain cells.

Normally, newborns need to sleep 22 hours a day, 3-year-old babies need to sleep 14 hours a day, while 7-year-old babies need 11 hours of sleep, and 10-year-old babies 10 hours.

  Method 6: Fresh air allows the brain to take a deep breath. Studies have shown that in a turbid room, the baby is very prone to brain fatigue due to lack of oxygen.

Because the brain consumes a lot of oxygen, a fresh air environment is good for brain health.

Therefore, parents can often take their babies to parks or outings while their babies are learning, so that their babies’ brains can get sufficient oxygen in nature, so that the brain cells remain active and vigorous.

In addition, green plants also help to relieve fatigue and purify the air. Therefore, parents can also plant some at home, even improve the indoor air, and can also relax the baby’s brain nerves.

  Method 7: There are many benefits of massaging the brain. When the baby feels tired, the mother can do some simple massages for this. There are three methods: First, comb the hair with the comb on the back of the baby’s head (it can also be replaced by hand).Knead the temples on both sides, or press the lower depression protruding from the bones of the upper and lower ears; third, use your hands to gently pinch the baby’s head 10 times.

Frequent massages nourish the brain and reduce fatigue.

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Three types of sports get fatter

Three types of sports get fatter

It is said that exercise can lose weight, this is not absolute!

Recently, the United States “Plastics” magazine wrote that the three types of sports will make people more fat.


Massive exercise.

If the amount of exercise is too large, the body’s required oxygen, nutrients and metabolites will increase accordingly. At this time, the heart must increase the output of blood for transportation.

  When the amount of exercise is large, the blood output of the heart cannot meet the body’s need for oxygen, leaving the body in an anaerobic metabolic state.

Anaerobic metabolism does not use adults as the main energy release, but mainly breaks down the glycogen stored in the human body as energy release.

  Because in a hypoxic environment, a few can not be used at all, and some incompletely oxidized acid substances, such as ketone bodies, can reduce human endurance.

After a short period of high-intensity exercise, the blood sugar level will decrease, causing serious problems. At this time, people will have an appetite, which is extremely unfavorable to weight loss.


Short-time exercise.

When performing aerobic exercise, the glycogen stored in the human body is first used to release energy; after 30 minutes of exercise, the energy conversion from glycogen release to trace release energy begins.

After about an hour of exercise, the energy required for exercise is mainly accidental energy supply. Then, just when it started to break down, people stopped exercising, and the weight loss effect was naturally not good.


Rapid explosive sports, such as sprinting, ball sports, etc.

Human muscles are composed of many muscle fibers, mainly divided into white muscle fibers and red muscle fibers.

Such as rapid explosive power exercise, the main muscles are white muscle fibers, and the cross section of white muscle fibers is thick, so the muscle group is easy to develop and thick.

With this method, you will become more and more fat.

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