“retreat,”I don’t need Qin Hao to say more,Everyone has received the evacuation instruction on the bracelet terminal。

“All high explosives,Threw it all out,Quick evacuation。”
Five minutes,Still very tight。
When throwing down a lot of high explosive hands,mine,after that,They evacuated from behind。
Just now,The battleship in the harbor received the highest order。
The safety of the diaspora is seriously threatened,To further end the battle,The muzzles on the battleship are all aimed at Black Green City,Full range bombing。
Qin Hao and his party just evacuated,guide,bomb,The sound of breaking through the sky。
Guides visible to the naked eye,bomb,It fell directly in the Black Green City in front of me。
Suddenly,The whole Heiglin City was plunged into a sea of fire。
Too late to continue to enjoy this scene before me,The helicopter that came to meet them has landed in the open space ahead。
“Congratulations,Successfully completed this difficult task,”The people who came to meet them said。
After boarding,Originally, they were 13 people here,Now there are only eight。
All eight people suffered injuries of varying severity,At this time they only have the joy of being left behind。
“Congratulations to the host for successfully completingSTask,The task rewards are as follows,Blood Slaughter Title,Three destructive bombs,Merit worth 100,000。”
“100 skill points,SA set of bloodthirsty swords。”
The system’s prompt sounded from my mind。
The helicopter arrived directly at the port。

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