This trick seems dangerous,If you are not sure, you will be swept by the stick,Broken bones,Very hard to pay。But Li Tianchou is very confident,Because the two big guys are infinitely powerful,But the loss is slower,Although only half a beat,But with Li Tianchou’s ability to react,Easy to find the gap。

As soon as the big man on the left swung the stick out, he noticed a black shadow rushing towards his face.,It’s impossible to take back the stick,It’s too late to respond hastily,“boom”The sound of,I got hit on my chest,To be precise, Li Tianchou’s two knees were pushed upright。
The big man was hit,The stick flies out,The huge body staggered back after several steps,Still not grasping the center of gravity,Crashed to the ground。
One hit,Li Tianchou was about to catch his breath,But suddenly discovered that a greater danger is coming。The big guy on the right turned and swung again,This time it was swept diagonally from bottom to top,Like playing golf,Seems weird,Sinister intentions。He wants to seal the space of Li Tianchou’s bottom plate,Cooperate with one person in a sneak attack。At the same time Li Tianchou also felt the strong wind behind his head,With a weird cry,Sound harsh,Like a night owl。
The attacker was the clown like a hanged ghost,After this person was hit hard,Can actually be alive and kicking again in such a short time,Launch an attack,Really fierce。
Li Tianchou gets the enemy,Feel the pressure。The other party is determined to win,It looks like it’s not easy to roll around,The other party has sealed all the space he has made,It’s totally a way of hurting both sides。
He knew that the latter one was more dangerous and deadly all of a sudden,But the stick in front doesn’t feel good,In this situation,On-site response is essential,If you are not careful, you may bend your braids on the spot。
Li Tianchou bit his teeth,Don’t turn around or look back,Jumped up obliquely in the direction that the big man smashed over,Suddenly reached out in the air and grabbed the stick,Under the Great Earthquake,Has been relieved of most of his power,But it still doesn’t block the inertia of the stick,After being swept in the waist,His body took advantage of the momentum to fly out,Can dodge the attack of the clown behind。
Body just hit the ground,Li Tianchou jumped up quickly,Stand firm,This is an extremely reluctant approach,The purpose is to suppress the opponent in aura。In fact, half of his body is numb,One rib was swept off,Hands cracked,Blood flow,If you don’t get up right away,I’m afraid I can’t get up for a while。
This incredible change has also brought unexpected gains,Although the clown’s knife didn’t hit Li Tianchou,But the other hand is confiscated,Also swept by the big man’s stick,Suddenly discounted。The clown snorted,Forcibly resisted the pain,But the big guy was surprised,I was dumbfounded on the spot for a while。
“How many people will die as soon as they come up,Do i have any grudges against you?”Li Tianchou panted,Want to delay for a while by questioning,To buy some breathing time for the body。
“Your last name is Li?Li Tianchou?”The clown spoke,The sound is as bad as metal rubbing,
interesting,Li Tianchou is happy,It seems that Sun Kuaizi has done enough homework for himself,Do all his people hold their own photos??“Yes,I am Li Tianchou。Your boss Sun is really willing to spend your money。”
“Ha ha,Then accept your fate。”The clown finished,Raised the knife in his hand and shouted at the dazed big man,“Together。”People rushed over again like a gust of wind。
Suddenly there was a cracking sound on the street wall,An unknown object hits the clown’s door,The clown who was just walking was taken aback,Hurriedly shrank his neck and bowed his head,The unknown object flew past his head and hit the ground,“咣咣,Crash……”Smashed to pieces,Turned out to be an empty wine bottle。
“My horse,Which one dare to attack Lao Tzu?”The clown pauses,Yelling。
Li Tianchou was not only puzzled but also surprised,There is another expert hiding in the dark,I didn’t notice it at all during the fight just now,This character is not simple。Thinking about,There was also a cracking sound on the wall across the street,And the voice is sharp,Surprisingly strong,This time I am aiming at the back of the clown’s head。
Clown stop scolding,You can’t make your mouth when you roll on the spot,But just stood up,There are two more wine bottles whizzing from left to right。Clown in a hurry,Suddenly there is no such arrogance as before,But don’t forget to turn around and give,“Stupid,Flashing。”Talk about it,He threw his leg and ran deep into the alley。

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