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Soy milk is a very popular drink in modern life, because the taste of soy milk is strong and delicious. Drinking a bowl of soy milk for breakfast can make the body feel instant satisfaction, and the mouth has a fragrance. Soy milk is generally usedSoymilk is made from soybeans, and through the improvement of living standards, many other ingredients can also be made from soybean milk. For example, can fresh edamame be used for soymilk?

Edamame can be used for soy milk: Method 1: 1.

Fresh edamame peeled 2.

Rinse it 3.

Put edamame and 1.

Pour 2L of water into the soymilk machine together, and press the wet bean Jian 4.

After a few minutes, the edamame soy milk is ready for nutritional effects: edamame is rich in vitamin C and soy milk does not contain vitamin C. The same amount of edamame milk contains less energy and traces than soy milk, and the edamame yield is higher.In soy beans, it has the fragrance not found in soy milk, soy beans do not need to be soaked, which is more convenient and quicker than soy beans.

Cooking skills: The amount of edamame and the water you need to add are based on your own soy milk.

Method 2: Specific methods: 1. Remove the edamame shells and peel the edamame rice. When packing the beans, fold the halves in half and move the squeezed beans out. 2. Wash the edamame rice into a blender, soybean milk machine or smallPut a bowl of water into the mill to make a thin paste; if you use a soymilk machine, put the water in one foot at a time; 3, put the thinned paste into a pot, add water to replace the soy milk, and then boil on high heat,Add rock sugar or white sugar and simmer for 3 minutes, then filter.

The filtered bean dregs can be used for pancakes and steamed buns.

The efficacy and role of edamame1. The content of trace elements in edamame is higher than other types of vegetables, but mostly unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid, which are necessary for the human body, can improve trace metabolism and reduceCholesterol triester and cholesterol content.

2. Lecithin in edamame is one of the indispensable nutrients for brain development, which can improve the memory and intelligence of the brain.

3, edamame is rich in dietary fiber, which can improve constipation, lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

4, the potassium content of edamame is very high, summer consumption can help make up for the loss of potassium caused by excessive sweating, resulting in fatigue and loss of appetite caused by the loss of potassium.

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