[Clearly peeling quail eggs]_How to peel_How to peel

[Clearly peeling quail eggs]_How to peel_How to peel

In fact, the nutritional value of quail eggs and eggs is similar, but in the eyes of children or women, they will be more likely to like to eat quail eggs.

Because quail eggs look small and cute, they make people appetite.

However, whether it is a raw quail egg or a cooked quail egg, there is a great disadvantage that it is difficult to peel.

This is a huge problem for those who like to eat quail eggs, so what is the method of clever peeling of quail eggs?

First of all, we need to lay the foundation when we cook quail eggs.

Add salt to the water of the boiled quail eggs, because salt can promote protein shrinkage, separate from the egg shell, and it is easier to peel.

Second, after the quail eggs are cooked, they should be quickly placed in cold water. This is based on the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, which allows the protein to be further separated from the egg shell.

After the above treatment, the next step is easy to handle. Some methods can easily peel the quail eggs quickly and completely-Method 1: Put the quail eggs in the palm of your hand gently, roll on the table to make the eggsFine-grained lines are formed on the shell, and then peeled by hand, it is quick and easy, and the quail eggs are easily peeled intact.

Method 2: Put the quail eggs in the box, close the lid, and then move the box vigorously for two minutes.

: After the box, you can see that the quail eggshell is completely broken but the egg is intact.

Pick up a quail egg, peel off the egg film from the bottom of the egg, and peel off the shell.

In five minutes, you can peel about 200?
300 quail eggs.

Method 3: Put the quail eggs into the washing machine, choose to dry, and finally rinse the broken shell with water.

This method slows down, but it consumes electricity and is suitable for large-scale operations.

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