The market may gradually shift its focus to the return to work economy

The market may gradually shift its focus to the return to work economy

Securities Times Network Haitong Securities released early comments from investors. After the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index filled the gap this week, the GEM Index finally showed adjustment indicators. The two types of indexes have explained the structural differentiation to the fullest, so that the capital of Northbound has continued to flow into blue chips.Sector, contraction is the continuous issuance of new funds, which promotes the rapid advancement of the technology sector. Generally speaking, under the conditions of abundant liquidity in the first quarter, the market will continue to be active.

In terms of the Shanghai Stock Index, there is limited space for reduction due to the support of a dense moving average below it. In terms of the GEM Index, if it is difficult to further enlarge the trading volume, it is necessary to appropriately avoid part of the high-level sector in the near future.

In addition, from the perspective of market attractions, the recent resumption of labor has accelerated. If the focus of the previous market was on the “home economy”, then the mitigation of the epidemic situation and the recovery of people may gradually shift the focus to the “return economy””Up, the tourism, consumption and other sectors affected by the epidemic may be repaired in the early stages. Due to the limited production, the Apple company may delay the release in the spring and continue to be under pressure. 北京夜生活网 The related consumer electronics mobile phone industry chainA stock has also undergone many adjustments. It is believed that the fundamentals will also improve significantly as the market advances to replace and resume work.

At the end of the operation, it is still recommended that investors balance the style, combine positions, and focus on stock selection rather than timing.

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