Recommend-Counter Hot Moisturizing Cream for October

Recommendation: counters selling moisturizing creams throughout October

Which MM has not used a moisturizing cream in the past 10 months?

Moisturizing can’t be interrupted.
Moisturizing can be regarded as the most basic work of daily maintenance. Seemingly simple work, there are many complaints from people around me. After using so many moisturizing products, my skin still feels dry.
The question is, are you choosing the right moisturizer?
Below is a counter moisturizing cream for October.
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So be sure to choose a good moisturizing cream. Here are 6 moisturizing creams that are on sale in the counter throughout October.
  1. Helena Smart Moisturizing Cream Reference Price: ¥ 780.
0 / 50ml Hot reason: HR Helena’s cream, known as the “Pioneer of Beauty”, is famous.
The power of this cream is powerful: a three-in-one combination of hydration, exfoliation and cell regeneration.
In addition, the taste is also good, and the moisturizing is suitable for the four seasons. The return rate is high.
  Product introduction: The first cream that promotes skin’s own moisture mechanism.
For skin problems: The skin faces rough skin feel caused by internal dehydration and external dehydration and slowing of cell renewal. It loses smooth and delicate intelligent moisturizing and regenerating system, promotes cell renewal and the formation of its own moisturizing mechanism, making the skin look like new.
  Special note: Very thin, non-greasy, easy to apply.
  2. Clinique Hydrating Moisturizing Cream Reference Price: ¥ 480.
0 Selling reason: Clinique’s big selling point is to pass a special allergy test, 100% fragrance-free. I believe many buyers will buy this point.
Use after 3 steps of daily Clinique skin care, it can be seen that the moisturizing effect is very good and lasting.
And a multi-use bottle can be used for post-sun repair, can moisturize the lips, can also be used as a mask, it is worth buying.
  Product introduction: So suitable for any skin, use after 3 steps of daily Clinique skin care, give skin instant moisture and nourish health.
Aloe active water ingredients are more easily accepted and effectively used by the skin, making the moisturizing function deeper and longer lasting.
  Special note: Suitable for any skin; no odor.
  3. Keyan’s High Moisturizing Cream Reference Price: ¥ 290.
0 / 50ml Hot reason: Ke Yan’s from the New York pharmaceutical professional brand has always been known around the world for the most gentle but effective skin care formula. The “High Moisturizing Series” has been launched since 1970, which is applicable to all men and women.A classic hot item for skin.
  Product introduction: It is a refreshing 24-hour daily moisturizing cream. After use, the skin feels comfortable and obviously hydrated. When it absorbs and absorbs water vapor in the air, it helps the skin reduce water loss.
  Special note: high cost performance, good moisturizing effect, but single function.
  4, Neutrogena water hydrating gel moisturizing gel reference price: ¥ 129.
0 / 50g Hot reason: Neutrogena has another star-stunning work that is amazing after whitening mask and sunscreen.
Due to the high cost of hyaluronic acid, which contains 95% high-purity hyaluronic acid in the market, it is basically lacking in affordable products. This product can be used as a moisturizing mask and a moisturizing cream.Use, it will not let you down.
  Product introduction: Hyaluronic acid: Carry 1000 times its own weight of water to provide cells with a rich and moist environment.
Olivem 1000: Similar to the interstitial structure of the cells, helps moisturizing essence penetrate deep into the skin.
Sepitonic M3: Contains three trace elements of copper / zinc / magnesium, which enhances cell energy and retains water for longer.
After continuous use, it is refreshing and non-greasy, leaving skin hydrated and transparent from the inside out.
  Special note: gel texture, refreshing and moisturizing, suitable for oily skin.
  5. Estee Lauder Multi-level Instant Moisturizing Cream Reference Price: ¥ 550.
0 / 50ml Hot selling reason: very good product, very moisturizing, moisturizing effect is very good, there are many repeat customers, and it has been hot for a full 10 months.
In addition to the common causes of dehydration, your skin is under fatigue, mental burden, and the stress caused by a fast-paced lifestyle. It becomes increasingly dry and loses its luster. The multi-level instant moisturizing series brings life to dry skin。  Product introduction: Bio-water, a unique multi-mineral mineral essence, injects vitality into dry and dehydrated skin for the first time, helping the skin to flexibly overcome the daily loss of water in and on the body; not only that, Estée Lauder’s outstanding Hydra Insulation? Moisturizing and isolating technology, which simulates the super strong water storage function of desert plants, makes the skin instantly absorb and lock moisture, and quickly rebuilds the balance of “ecological simulation water universe & women”.  Special note: Quick absorption and long-lasting moisturizing effect.

  6, Clarins balance moisturizing cream Reference price: ¥ 460.

0 / 50ml reason to sell: The smell is very elegant, not much used each time, quickly absorbed, the skin immediately becomes very delicate and smooth, good moisturizing and moisturizing effect.

Clarins has always believed that the use of plant ingredients on the skin, the MM used must be very assured, the most suitable for autumn and winter, summer night cream.

  Product introduction: It can make the skin lasting and maintain perfect moisturization in any climate.

Makes skin moist, comfortable, energetic, and smoothes fine lines caused by lack of water.

Keeps skin ideally moisturized and balanced.

Provide protection against pollution.

Makes makeup lasting and bright.

Exudes youthful radiance.

Apply morning or night to thoroughly cleansed cheeks.

  Special note: plump, refreshing cream thickness and good moisturizing effect.

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