Deputy Secretary of the District Committee, Chang Zhangyu, Chang Zhang, Zhang Yusheng, to the key place to conduct an epidemic prevention and control inspection

On the morning of December 11th, the district committee deputy secretary, Zhu Zhan, from the district, and the community, pharmacies, farmer’s markets and other key places to conduct epidemic prevention and control inspection work. She emphasized that she must be in hand, strict words, precision intelligence control , Closed-loop control, all-round action, responsibility linkage, and effectively protect the lives and health of the people. Zhang Wei first came to the Meishan community, in detail the implementation of the community entrance and exit management measures, returning to the lotion, the middle and high-risk areas, the situation of the residents, information registration, resident vaccination, etc. Zhang Wei emphasized that community antidepartments should be strictly controlled by the grassroots prevention and control line.

Subsequently, Zhang Yanyi also came to the urban area Kang Pharmacy, the West Yinyuan Cow, High-speed Railway Station, Jiangnan Lishe Hotel and other places to check.

In the visiting, Zhang Wei emphasized that supervision and inspection should be strengthened against key venues and key links such as communities, farmer’s markets, cold chains, and strictly follow the exhibition of exhibition. How to prevent and control in the sympathy, in the symposium, Zhang Wei emphasizes these three aspects: to be in the hands, strict words.

Thoughts must be strict, resolutely prevent the thoughts, luck, compaction of the epidemic prevention and control work, uncomfortable, do not launch the "external prevention input, internal defense rebound" work. The initiative must be strict, to target the level important initiative, combined with the actual situation, and scientifically formulate the epidemic prevention measures in our district, timely master adjustment dynamics.

We must strictly implement, strictly implement the temperature safety work related to the temperature, bright code, registration, etc.

To be precisely intelligent, closed loop control.

The epidemic prevention and control of all processes are combed, and precise intelligence control is achieved, and closed loop is formed.

Through big data + gridization, the initiative is responsible for the initiative, and resolutely block the epidemic disseminated chain.

Adhere to standard orientation and problem-oriented, strengthen emergency preparation, to achieve rapid emergency response, fast demand control, fast nucleic acid detection, fast concentrated isolation, etc. To act, responsibility is liable. All units should strictly cooperate, responsible, highly efficient and collaborative, form a powerful work together, and resolutely hold the "epidemic prevention" position. Actively launch the self-esophageal and active cooperation capacity of the township street community village, pay attention to playing the people’s self-responsibility awareness, and improve the mass report mechanism.

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