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Turning thousands of miles, they brought an artistic "party history class" for the resident and soldiers.

The party’s glory is my heart – the Western Army Literature and Art Light Channels go to the grassroots first line to carry out the "military soul" theme performance Side, the Dian Hui Liberation Army special reporter Fan Jingxi Western Army Army literature and art light ride sent a show to the training, true feelings The soldiers are highly praised by officers and men.

The picture was taken from Fan Jing, Xu Cong, and the literary light ride at all levels learned from a hundred-year-old party history and the glorious military history, creating a batch of wonderful literary programs, and sent these programs to the grassroots The troops and tasks are the first line of the task, which has strongly cooperated with the development of the party history.

The literary light ride brings the party’s voice through the literary and art show, and the party’s hundred years of journey and great achievements will show the people’s army to listen to the party Chinese. The absolute loyalty and officers of the party go to the party to prepare for the battle, struggling to dream of the strong military style, , Boost morale, welcomed by the majority of officers and men.

In this issue, we capture several performance scenarios to readers.

– Editor’s 100th anniversary of celebrating the founding of the Communist Party of China, with the party history education, the newly discharge of the Western Army Literature and Art Light Channel, "Singing Mountain Songs to the Party", "Party Flags" More than 20 literary programs.

Since July, they went to the army first-line leaders in the army to carry out the "military soul" theme life performance, using the literary program to spread the party’s voice, the great achievements of the songs, and motivate officers and soldiers to stick to the initial mission, based on the position of the job. A Helan Mountain, the chill has been strong.

On a trip field in a trop, the flag flutters. The literary light ride is turning thousands of miles, and the servant stationed officers and soldiers sent condolences. With a melody, the table singing "There is no new China without the Communist Party", it attracted the officers and soldiers.

This is the performance of the literary light ride for the sixth consecutive year.

This year, they brought a group of new programs that talked about the party’s 100-year journey and our military fighting history. The total director of the program Guo Wada Maoji introduced that in order to make the players better sent a history, integration into the situation, before the tour, the director group specially invited experts, veterans gave everyone the party class, and speaking history. When the dance "Red Grains", they organized a team member to read the book "Red Rock" and revisit the opera "Jiang Jie". When creating a dance "Flying Lian Dingqiao", the director team leads the actor to consult historical information, record the sound of all kinds of guns in the long synthetic, using a variety of acoustic photoelectric, vividly reducing the historical scenarios of the blood!

"Although the decoration process is not easy, we are very glorious when we participate in this task on the occasion of the party for a hundred years." The player Zhao Cunnao has a common voice of the "military soul" theme performance.

The Music End "The Party Flag" The military flag "Lang Lang, the enthusiasm of the people of the people, the people of the people, the spirit of the party," the "Military Camp Competition" On the court, you chase me, dare to fight the blood of the blood; singing and dancing "Fight Declaration", praise young officials struggle, igniting the enthusiasm of the training … The tour, they surround the strong military practice and military camp life, create The soldiers have a rich and rich program, and all the programs are designed into open structures in order to interact with officers and soldiers in the performance. "We strive to let officers and men at each age, can find cognitive points and emotional points of the hundred-year-old party history, so that officers and men will have hidden education.

"Guo Wada Maoji said. II" My brigade is a colorful traveler, is the dinner team of the anti-Japanese battlefield, is the sharp team of the stable side of the solid side … "When a trip, the host Zhao Cunmin, Yu Fan The open white won the warm applause of the officers and soldiers, and quickly retracted each other.

Before the performance, the literary light ride specially visited the History History, writing the brilliant war history to the host, and give full play to the role of red cultural soul. "A red boat, Nanhu Yang, through the wind and rain, began to open …" The female voice sing "Red Boat to the future" Let the officers and soldiers feel the glory of the Chinese Communists in the wind and rain. "Sing another song to the party, the party is my Qi Mingxing …" Guo Wajia Maoji specially created song "singing the mountain song to the party", so that the Tibetan warrior from Qinghai has resonate. These years, the party’s poverty alleviation policy brought a giant change to his hometown, and the folks have lived a good day. His family is also a real beneficiary. After watching the performance, the deputy political commissar of a tour said: "This performance is a ‘party history class’, the battle spirit is cultivated, ‘cultural merits’" cultural meal "…" When a plateau station is performed, the small product "firewood swear" makes the officers and soldiers feel excited.

This program tells the officers and men to swear the battle stories of guarding the territory of the motherland. Declaring the Employment, playing the long-term power of the Yisheng: "As the revolutionary soldier in the new era, can we protect the top court like a ancestors?" The officers and soldiers under the platform shouted: "Can!! Can!" The officers and men of the scene were swearing. The powerful vow is echoating in the snow plateau.

The three training venues from the dust to the smoke, where is the most hard, where is the most remote, and the literary light ride will send the performance. Every time, the players rack the audio, wear the headset, and enter the middle of the officers and soldiers. There is no beautiful lights and gorgeous stations, but the players can still make the officers warm.

Night black, big wind blows, the light is bright, danced. A temporary repertoire makes the night warmth. In order to achieve a person who does not fall as a soldier, the players often use the timing of the installation stage, unloading station, regardless of the plateau reaction and performance fatigue, form three or five performance groups, deep into the cocktail class, etc. Reviewed by officers and men. "Literary light ride to the grassroots, not only people want, but more importantly, the heart is, but to truly go deep into officers and men, serve officers and men.

"This is the mobilization of the leadership of the Army Political Work Department of theater, and is also a consensus.

During the tour, under the premise of confidentiality, the literary light ride also uses the WeChat public number, short video platform, etc., and let the strong military cultural construction will radiate into the military camp.

When the literary light ride arrived in a tour of a tour, it coincided with the tourist history of the tourist history of the topic of the topic of "carrying forward ‘two not afraid".

They dispatched with the creation of crossings, small products, dance and other creative backbone research together with the brothers and art backbone, guiding them to arrange the program.

A certain performance gap, a literary light cavalment team, a tourist hygiene, Huang Xin, who made a psychological game with officers and soldiers, let the officers and soldiers open their hearts, release the pressure, and are praised by officers and men.

Thereafter, the psychological game has become a must-have interaction in the tour.

In this literary light ride, many players are like Huang Xin, bear a variety of responsibilities such as fighting spirit publicity, battlefield and art creators, literary backbone counselors, psychological issues. It is a distinctive feature. Adhere to "only send joy, do not add trouble", pay attention to stage, stage the appearance of the tree. In the tour, the literary light rogue team members insisted on eating in the cafeteria, living in the tent, not only bringing the wonderful programs to the grassroots, but also left a good style in the heart of the officers and soldiers. At the end of the performance, the officers and men have taken a group photo with the respect for people, and I don’t want to leave for a long time … (picture production: Jia Guoliang).

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Party flag pronunciation

A party member is a banner. The municipal directly organized the practice activities of "I have to do practical things for the masses", with "Party members to the community" as the starting point, continue to promote the normalization of party members, leading the leading cadres, leading to the lead, party member comrades actively respond, active participation, bright Identity, when the pioneer, the tree flag, making the form, conscious, and invested in this epidemic prevention and control. More than 7,000 party members and cadres, practicing the actual actions to pursue the party vows, let the party emblem sparkle in the haze that dispersed the epidemic.

They are my father.

"As a party member, you can’t just look at the visit in front of the epidemic, you should contribute yourself, you can make a little contribution to the community, and I feel very proud." Zhao Xiaomin, a city agricultural rural bureau. Its lover is fighting in the anti-vlorative line overnight. She took the child to her parents and took the initiative to sign up for the community volunteer service. They are couples. "It can contribute a meager force to the red Zunyi anti-corona epidemic, our heart is happy!" Yuan Xiaolei, the city tobacco monopoly, said that the two of the husband and wife said that they were separated from home to try to purchase 100 sets of isolation service and 100 Set of spaced masks to the hands of the volunteers where the community is located. They are ordinary employees. "How is this, this weather, I have to eat hot." Dong Ji Rui, the three companies in China, in the end of the inspection personnel due to the shortage of protective clothing, before the end of the test, immediately eat, immediately The family was stirring with a big pot of mushrooms and burned meat, and a bowl of hot noodles were sent to the staff in the night. They are silver hair pioneers. "Party members and cadres are the ‘primary bones’, no matter when, as long as the people need, I will go." Li Xiaohua, who left the retirement, said that the red armor, the silver is not afraid, the party spirit is forever, the retirement does not fade, and the party is not left Play experience advantage, not afraid of suffering, not afraid, the first time responded to the call, the first time string, to win the epidemic prevention and control and attack war silently dedication.

They are young cadres.

Lu Shi Yi, the young party member cadres of the group municipal party committee, saw the community released the recruitment of volunteers, the first time registered, and gave full play to the organization’s coordination, and the role of the total scheduling in the community party volunteer service, collect information, and division of labor, Say coordination, ensure that there are people, everyone has live.

They are "red vest" "red sleeves" that is busy in nucleic acid testing, information registration, card point, road traffic, community propaganda, etc., they have a common name: Communist Party members! .

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Promote the use of list system in rural governance

This newspaper Beijing November 29 (Reporter Yu Jing, Li Xiaofeo) In recent years, in order to solve the burden of grassroots organizations, the village power is not standardized, and the people are not in place, and some places will introduce "list system" into rural governance. Explore the list of small and micro power lists, undertake list, public service list, etc., have achieved better results.

In order to further summarize a typical examples and innovative means, improve the effectiveness of rural governance, agricultural rural areas, and the National Rural Revitalization Bureau issued the "Notice on Promoting the Work in Rural Governance" (hereinafter referred to as notice). Notice indicates that in the country governance, the list of list is to be used under the leadership of the party organization, and the grassroots management service matters and the farmers are concerned into list, prepare the operation process, clearly handle the requirements, and establish supervision evaluation mechanisms. Standardized rural governance.

The application of the list is conducive to alleviating the burden of the village-level organization, protects the rights and interests of farmers, improves the efficiency of rural governance, and enhances the relationship between the ability of the people, close grassroots party group. The notice requires that all localities must be based on the burden of the village-level organization, improve the effectiveness of rural governance, and adhere to the party building leadership, according to law, the problem-oriented, the principle of the law, and promote the application of the list in rural governance.

To promote the use of list system, scientifically prepare the list of village-level organizational autonomous matters, the village-level organization assisted the government work list, the village-level small power list, the list of public service matters, etc., clearly implemented the subject, content, process, and give full play to the higher party committee government , The village supervision committee, the supervision role of the masses and society, regularly carry out the assessment review, let the people in the hearts, according to the picture, there is a ring in the hearts of the cadres.

The notice also released 10 definition systems such as Ninghai County, Fujian Province, Ninghai County, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, and used typical cases to facilitate reference for reference. "People’s Daily" (10th edition, November 30, 202) (Editor: Chen Luo, Zhou Yu) Share let more people see.

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Town Interview 3 丨 Sichuan Chuanji Town Party Committee Secretary Meng Chengpeng: Sichuan Temple Town, Sichuan Town

  Your town, the world’s Sichuan.

Xinhuanet launched "small town interview", conveyed thinking with the lens, and the small towns were in depth. Our interview target is the leader of the town, surrounding the problems of everyone, and the historical and cultural, humanistic, characteristic attraction, blueprint planning, etc. of the host chatting in the town. In this issue, the guests are the party secretary of the Chuanqi Temple Town, Songpan County, Aba Prefecture. He has shown a scenery, beautiful scenery, convenient transportation, and convenient transportation. . The Temple Town, Chuanji is a must-have to Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Scenic Area, and Joirka Prairie, tourism resources enrichment, with perfect three-dimensional traffic network, based on this, the whole town strives to create a 4A-level scenic spot to carry out the domain scenic spot Construction.

Chuanji Town has built 5,000 mu of plateau lavender flower sea, and actively develops numerous participatory tourism projects, such as ski resorts, skating rink, plateau Huanle Valley, etc., the future towards the direction of "big nine-Zhai" tourism destination.

  If you yearn from the boundless flower sea, blue sky and white clouds, humanistic style, "Plateau Pearl" Sichuan Temple Town welcomes you to explore. Click to enjoy the video and feel the beautiful Sichuan Temple Town in advance.

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University of Fujian: extends "two students" classroom to the field

Original title: "Two Learning One" Classroom Extension to the Field Land "served as the village assistant, let me have a deeper understanding of the life of rural people.

There is still a lot of things we have to do to change the poor! "This is a paragraph of Liao Wenxu, a computer system of Ningde Teachers College, written in social practice notes.

This summer, he was assigned by the school to Mashan Village, Jiacheng District, Ningde City, Fujian Province, served as a village assistant to carry out the resident. Fujian college students actively carry out the social practice activities of "Sanxiang Township", implementing "getting rid of poverty", helping to take off the poverty, extend the "two learning one" classroom to the field. In the summer social practice activities, Fujian colleges and universities fully exert the combat fortress of the Temporary Party Branch.

The Xiamen University has established a Temporary Party Branch.

After the establishment of the Temporary Party Branch, the school math academy is quickly convened the Branch Committee, the Party Membership General, and the establishment of the branch "two studies" learning education programs before departure, and then enter the village Households, to the first line of the grassroots, poverty alleviation action. Ningde Normal University uses "learning ‘to get rid of poverty", the Ningde Normal University is the theme of "getting rid of poverty", and selects 49 college students’ backbone, forming a vivo assistant volunteer service group, deepens to 25 poor villages, assistants, actively engaged in the local gap .

"Even if I think thousands of Baidu, it is better to personally under the way." Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University organized 171 key practice teams, went to Fujian’s 23 provincial poverty alleviation and development work, in-depth development of agricultural varieties, new technologies, new fertilizers, new pesticides, new machines "Five new" scientific and technological achievements promotion and help farmers increase production. In the pomolor orchard of Pinghe County, the Plant Protection Institute practitioners team visiting farmers to help identify honeypades pests and to provide prevention and treatment. Two months, the practical team of the school has carried out more than 60 agricultural science and technology knowledge, more than 40 practical technology training, one-on-one precision helping more than 200 households.

(Reporter Gao Jianjin) (Editor: Yang Lina, Chang Xuemei).

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The pain of the war behind the democratic scorpion Serbia Cucers: War memory can’t be sealed

In the survey, please wait.

If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page from March and June 1999, the NATO headed in the United States, the banner of "preventing the Kosovo Humanitarian Crisis", and bombing the South Economic League without the authorization of the United Nations Security Council. Before that, the US State Council claimed that Kosovo had a so-called "ethnic cleaning", and manipulated public opinion, looking for excuses for the war.

This war that endangered the safety situation of the entire Balkan has passed for 22 years, and the conflict is still constantly conflict on the Land that is manipulated by a large country in Kosovo.

Referring with the land that gradually been forgot, people listened to the worship of the Western Huzu in order to gave them the war.

  Serbia Cucetant: War memory can’t be sealed on March 24, 1999, a national contradiction was crossed in the human rights crisis, and the NATO’s NATO has implemented a 78-day air strike on the NATO.

  A Chemical Plant of Pancyvo, on April 17, 1999, was evacuated, causing a carcinogenic material content over the city than 10500 times in the normal period.

  The Serbian National Radio TV Station, was blown up in the early morning of April 23, 1999, resulting in the three programs that were being broadcast, 16 staff members were injured, 19 were injured.

In Serbia, most of the fried buildings stand hard, those scars that are visible, as if remind people, the memory of the last war in the 20th century will not be sealed. The family of Joiwiqi is originally within 200 meters from the Chinese Community Embassy.

He said that the night of the Chinese embassy was blown away, he was a memory that he and his family was difficult to abuse. In a ruins of the defending Department of Defense, he built a special museum in 6 months, named "Resistance 78 days".

  Serbia Artist Justuki: It can be said that this is one of the most difficult projects I have handed, not the technical level, but because each of us has a story of more than 20 years.

The pictures shown here, the items showing it from our memory, the impression memory of the Chinese Embassy, ??people killed in the Gorge Canyon during the work of Serbia Radio TV Station These elements are integrated into this space we are.

  NATO-led NATO, 38,000 combat missions, 25,000 households, 14 airports, 39 healthcare facilities, 18 kindergartens, 69 schools, 176 cultural monuments, 470 Kilitary roads and 595 kilometers of railways are blown up. The Chinese Embassy in the South of China was attacked, causing three reporters to die, more than 20 diplomats were injured, and the museum is seriously destroyed, and the United States has created rare atrocities in the history of world. According to the incomplete statistics of the Serbian Ministry of National Defense, NATO’s 78-day brutal bombards in the Nanxian League, causing 1008 soldiers in Serbia to die, more than 2,500 ordinary people are innocent, more than 6,000 people are injured, nearly 1 million people become refugees.

  Mother who did not find a post-death son: I can’t bury my son. I received a pendant with different names. I told him that their father is an unknown hero. He fights for his country to the last moment. After the end of the War War in 1999, Kosovo was hosted by the United Nations, in the same year, the United States established Europe’s largest military base in Kosovo. In February 2008, Kosovo unilaterally announced independence, immediately got recognition of the United States and Western countries, but Serbia has always adhered to the sovereignty of Kosovo.

The Kosovo war has been over 22 years. The harmony brought by the war also slowly entered the vision of Westerners.

  Since the "78-day" museum, 60% of tourists have been from other countries, and is based on Western Europe.

Cecreach is about Wansiqi, saying that he harvested the most message is: This is a history I don’t know.

  Serbia Artists Justu WWQ: The war has happened, and people suffer from suffering, and the consequences still exist. But we can’t forget, we have a nation, what happened. Because if we let the memory are erased, we will be erased as a nation.

  A masterpiece said about Wansawi, I hope this furnish is permanent. Because if you take it away, just like it again. NATO’s long arm Jurisdiction to Kosovo has so far, in addition to 78 days of madness, the United States-headed NATO’s long arm for Kosovo, Serbia is still continuing.

Many Serbs were driven away from the hometown, and the northern approval allowed to make there still conflict. Please click on the picture to watch the video war, Kosovo only remains less than 50,000 Seri resident residents, mainly from the northern part of Kosovo Tirot, and lives with the southern Agong.

  Serbia President Wu Chi: After the NATO bombard, many Serbian were expelled.

After NATO, 65% were originally resident in Kosovo, which was evilted, which was another brutal atrocities in my country and the country. The miner monument was established in 1973, Mmitro, is also an extremely important logo in the Kosovo area. It is to commemorate the miners who will be killed during the Sepa-two groups during World War II. The peaceful coexistence of the two people. Since the Kosovo war, this monument lost its original significance, and now it has become a corner that is completely forgotten by people.

The nearby small town ancestors Potok is the conflict of storm, with 20,000 group residents, air defense alarms that have emerged from time to time, all armed policemen, let people live there are no vigilance.

  Kosovo Zu Pingpo City Student: A early morning, the police reported, what happened, and the villagers let me fight the Kosovo police, prove to them that they have no power to come to our land. On September 20 this year, a Kosovo police force called "Rosso", along with 10 armored vehicles, occupying the entry point of the central part of Serbia and Kosovo, requiring all of the departure of Kosovo, must withdraw the Serbian license plate, replace The temporary license plate issued by Kosovo, the incident once again triggered the Nensive situation in Kosovo.

  "Rosso" refers to the Kosovo police special forces, originated in 1999, is built by Americans, predecessors are the department of dealing with street crimes, and will be changed to regional operational support forces. Kossov officials said they have permission to operate in Kosovo.

Over the years, the special forces have repeatedly conflicted with Serbs for many years. Mitrovich, a professor of the University of Belgrade University: They just changed a uniform to become a so-called regular army. They accept the training of NATO or NATO members to get the weapon equipment of NATO.

  (Total reporter Jiang Qiuyi Zhang Ying).

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The first 9 months in the city, the city, the industry, the electronics industry realizes two digits growth

  Industrial Economics in the two places of Sichuan and the United States has been more fruitful. Chongqing Daily, July 14th, from the Chongqing Municipal Economic News Committee, in January-September this year, the total number of automobile production in Sichuan and Yun reached 2.6 million yuan, achieved by 26% year-on-year, 14%, respectively; The electronic information industry realizes billion yuan for the collection of battalion, of which the Chongqing electronics industry has achieved 70.94 billion yuan, an increase of 19% year-on-year, and the Sichuan electronics industry has achieved a total of trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth.

  In the first half of this year, the two places in Sichuan and Yun, issued the implementation plan of the "High Quality Collaborative Development of Automobile Industry" and the Implementation Plan of the High Quality Collaborative Development of Electronic Information Industry. "Synchronous collaboration around ‘seven chains’ is the common efforts to promote the development of automobile industry since this year.

The person in charge of the Automobile Department of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, this "seven chains" include "building an ecological chain, improve the supply chain, collaborative innovation chain, breaking through the industry chain, enhances value chain, integration service chain, and strengthening the industry chain."

  Among them, in the construction of an ecological chain, including the Chengyuan Hydro-Corridor, Electricity Corridor, the Wisdom Expressway, the construction of the high-speed corridor; in the improvement of the supply chain, "Double City Economic Circuit Automobile Industry Chain Supply and Demand Information Docking Platform in Chengdu" "Continuous improvement of functional optimization, as of 2000 auto and parts enterprises in two places, it is expected that more than 300 newly supported automotive parts enterprises will be added all year round; in collaborative innovation chains, Changan The automobile company and the Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology have solved key technical issues such as "multi-source interference grading control of electricity and electromagnetic compatibility design", and the two-way auto industry collaborative innovation achieves "multi-point blossom", and so on.

  In terms of collaborative development of electronic information industry, Sichuan is the same movement.

For example, in April this year, Tianfu New District of Sichuan, Chongqing two rivers and new districts jointly established an electronic information industry alliance; Meishan City won the field of electronic information, industrial Internet, large data, etc. In the new district, the Yubei District surrounds the electronic information industry. It is also known that the current Sichuan-Chongqing is in promoting new infrastructure collaborative deployment to jointly build a national network security industrial park.

At present, there are more than 300 products and service supply and demand for products and services in the two places, and more than 170 electronic information industry companies have settled in two places. Source: Chongqing Daily (Reporter Xia Yuan).

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