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The right way to wash hair

The right way to wash hair


Combing your hair before shampooing is the first step in removing dandruff. Combing is done with fingertips from the back of your head to the back of your head. It is like combing with a comb. The key is to apply even force to avoid hurting your scalp.

If you have dandruff, gently comb it with a comb before shampooing. This will replace the old cuticles on the surface.

  2 Use warm water at about 38 ° C to moisturize the hair for * minutes. You can test it with your palm. If the water temperature is too hot, it will hurt the scalp and stratum corneum. If the temperature is too low, the hair and hair products will not be washed away.

Make sure to wet your hair before washing your hair.

  3Apply the shampoo thinly to the hair twice before each shampoo. The amount of about 8ml is used. If the amount of shampoo is too large or too small, it can be slowly added.

The first time to gently rub the hair with foam, the purpose is to wash away the oil secreted by the hair and the surface dirt; the second time, the amount of shampoo is about half of the first, the purpose is to thoroughly clean the scalp.

  4 Nourish and remove dandruff while cooperating with the moisturizing essence. The feature of the moisturizing essence is to form a protective film on the hair to prevent the harmful environment from irritating and damaging the hair.

Experts point out that when using the moisturizing serum, first wipe it from the tip of the hair, to the middle of the hair, and finally to the root of the hair.

Do not wash too cleanly, but keep the hair smooth.

In this way, the hair can be kept moisturized and smooth all day.

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How to effectively remove acne

How to effectively remove acne

Click to buy. We know that the pressure of experiencing work and study. Many modern people cause some internal disorders of the body, so many people have acne on their shoulders. This is a big annoyance for everyone who loves beauty.How to quickly remove acne is an urgent problem for acne friends, so what should I do if I have acne?

How to effectively remove acne?

Today I will recommend three acne treatment recipes and acne treatment methods.

  In the acne diet therapy apple and carrot juice acne diet therapy, it is useful to drink more apples and carrots. The practice is not difficult. The main ingredients include apples, a lot of carrots, and proper honey.It’s over.

  The method of making is also very good. Select the apples and carrots, peel and pit them, wash and cut them into small pieces, add them to the juicer, add an appropriate amount of water and honey, turn on the mixer switch, and stir for two minutes.Just call the juice.

Apple is a real weight-loss fruit for everyone. Its weight-loss principle lies in the fact that apple contains unique fruit acids, which can accelerate the Chencheng metabolism of the human body. The use of apple-made fruit juice can reduce excess fat in the body, which can be achieved by detoxification.

  Ingredients for celery banana juice: celery, banana homemade method: Wash and cut celery into small pieces, clean the skin of the banana, put the skin with the skin and celery into the juicer, add an appropriate amount of water, and stir for two minutes directly.But the most special point of this vegetable juice is that the banana is directly added without peeling. Many people may not accept it, but the banana peel is actually more nutritious. It has been made into juice with celery and can even help the body.Eliminating toxins in the body, while also removing acne and beauty, there are many benefits.

  Watermelon Spinach Juice Ingredients: Watermelon, Spinach, Pineapple Homemade Method: Peel the pineapple, remove the core and cut into small pieces, wash the spinach, and cut into small pieces; put the watermelon with the seeds and meat into the juicer together with the previous two materials, Add an appropriate amount of water, squeeze the juice, can be called directly.

Spinach is a large amount of beauty materials for women’s beauty. This vegetable juice mixed with watermelon and pineapple has the effect of detoxifying and improving acne.

  There are many acne treatments. The above introduces several acne treatments, which are very simple and easy to operate. Therefore, in the usual diet, as long as we are more careful, we are not afraid of trouble, we can adopt the above diet method.The acne on our body is definitely helpful.

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Sleeping for 5 minutes is equivalent to 6 hours?

Sleeping for 5 minutes is equivalent to 6 hours?

Tips for sleeping According to medicine and my experience, it is observed that a person can only fall asleep for up to two hours, and the rest is a waste of time, lying on a pillow and dreaming, and no one does not dream.

When he woke up and felt like he wasn’t dreaming, it was because he forgot.

  Usually one person sleeps for two hours. Why would anyone sleep seven hours long?

That’s formed by your habit of lying on the bed and resting on a pillow. It’s not that we need that long sleep time, especially those who meditate and do kung fu know that as long as you close your eyes for three minutes at noon, you will sleep for two hours.But be good about noon time.

At night, you should fall asleep at the positron. Five minutes equals six hours.

  The knowledge at this time is great, and it has something to do with the laws of the universe, the laws of the earth, and the principles of the yin and yang of the Yijing, and you will feel that under the heart, a series of force drops down and merges with the power of Dan Tian (on the kidney)The so-called “water and fire help”, all of a sudden, then you have enough sleep and a hundred times more energy.

  So insomnia or those who really want to stay up late at night, at the moment of the positivity, they must sleep even if they are not twenty minutes, and they must train themselves to fall asleep.

After about twelve-thirty after the mascot, you won’t want to sleep anymore, which is bad.

More seriously, at dawn, at four or five o’clock, five or six o’clock, you are too sleepy to sleep, and if you sleep at this time, you will lose your head all day.

  So those who want to stay up all night and work in the army, when they are right, have to set down even if there is a big thing, sleep it for half an hour, and when they want to sleep, do not sleep, that day is enough.

However, people who suffer from insomnia have suffered twelve o’clock, and they can’t fall asleep over and over in bed. As a result, they fall asleep soon, and become dizzy the next afternoon, so you will feel insomnia and lack of sleep. Actually you have no experience.

  Sleep and health I. The rules of sleep. The famous doctor Wen Zhizhi split the king in the Warring States Period. “My health regime puts sleep first. Humans and animals grow only when they sleep. Sleep helps the spleen and stomach digest food, so sleepIt is the first tonic for health. If a person does not sleep one night, it is difficult to recover from a loss of one hundred days.

“Effective sleep time is from 21 pm to 5 am.

Humans are animals and belong to the same genus of plants. They generate energy during the day (5am to 21:00 pm), and begin cell division at night (21am to 5am) to convert energy into new cells, which is the rest of human cells.Introducing new time is also the time when people rotate through the earth to the side facing away from the sun.

Yinzhujing is a good time for a person to sleep, then rest, and then they will have a good physical and mental state.

This is the same reason that a baby who sleeps a lot can grow fat and grow fast, but the child who likes to be troublesome is stunted.

  Sleeping is a major function of health. Keeping up is to replace corrupt cells with a large number of healthy cells. If you cannot sleep overnight, you cannot replace new cells.

If one million cells die out during the day, and only 500,000 cells are replenished in one night, then your body will be in deficit, and after a long time, people will become bran, like bran radish.

Why are there centenarians in the world?

Because they sleep on time at 21 o’clock every night.

Plants absorb the energy of sunlight and grow at night, so the sound of joints can be heard in rural crops at night.

Humans and plants belong to the same organism, and the time period for cell division is roughly the same. If you miss the good nights when you sleep, the new cells will not catch up with death, and people will prematurely age or become sick.Wake up when I wake up, sleep when I sleep.

People are as small as a dust in front of the sun, and “opposing the sun” is a foolish choice, and sooner or later will be crushed by the sun’s huge gravity.

This is objective truth.

  In real life, many people have difficulty falling asleep and have poor sleep quality.

Poor sleep is a comprehensive problem, such as excessive liver fire, alertness to sleep; excessive stomach fire, disturbed sleep; insufficient liver yin, tired sleep.

  Second, sleep and disease Modern lifestyles and lifestyles have brought many consequences to people’s bodies and affected the formation of the “four major diseases”: fruit disease, refrigerator disease, television computer disease, stay up late.

Some characteristics of the liver: lying back to return blood, sitting excess blood supply.

  Childhood (23: 00-1: 00), in fact, 23 o’clock is the beginning of a new day, not 0 o’clock, this is a misunderstanding we made.

The liver and gallbladder look like each other, and the bile is opened at 23 o’clock. If you don’t sleep, you will have a bad gall bladder. As the eleven organs all have the same gall bladder, the gall bladder is depleted, the organs in the whole body are reduced in function, metabolic power, and immunity are reduced.The function of the human body is greatly reduced. Bile gas supports the central nervous system. Bile gas injuries are susceptible to various mental illnesses, depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, restlessness, etc.

The bile needs to be replaced when the child is born. If the bile is getting stronger, if the bile is not lying, the bile replacement is unfavorable. If it is too thick and crystallizes, it will form gallstones.It has dropped by more than 50%, so it can’t be picked. It has to be used with its huge potential.

  When the ugly, the liver meridian is the most prosperous. When the ugly (1: 00-3: 00) is not sleeping, the liver cannot release the toxic substances and produce fresh blood. Because the blood is not good, the face is blue.Not very good, especially in Europe, there are 4 big Sanyangs or 4 small Sanyangs on average for 4 people, most of which are caused by not going to sleep when the child is violated.

Hepatitis A is easier to treat, but hepatitis B is difficult to treat.

Hepatitis B virus carriers, because they often do not sleep at night, people are too weak, resulting in too much tandem, the virus has reached the cells.

That is to say, the hepatitis B virus has entered the cells, but it is not yet capable of causing hepatitis. When the human body is at its weakest, it forms hepatitis. Hepatitis B means 40% -60% of cirrhosis in the future.

Smart people should understand the relationship between heaven, earth, and people, and unwise people should be eliminated.

  How much does rubbish sleep cause to the liver?

  Liver draining, not sleeping during childbirth, can lead to adverse liver draining, liver qi stagnation, irritability, headache, dizziness, redness, eye pain, tinnitus, deafness, thoracic rib pain, irregular menstruation, constipation, alsoCan cause insufficient liver gas, hair loss, dizziness, insomnia, consternation, nervousness, paralysis fainted on the street, unconscious.  The liver has blood storage and regulates the blood’s function. If you don’t sleep when you are asleep, it will cause insufficient blood in the liver, which will cause bleeding symptoms such as vomiting, nosebleeds, subcutaneous bleeding, bleeding gums, bleeding from the fundus, and ear bleeding.

  The liver is open to the eye, and it is easy to cause liver deficiency if you do not sleep when you pass the child’s eye, and symptoms such as blurred vision, presbyopia, night blindness, photophobia, tears in the wind, and other symptoms gradually develop glaucoma, cataracts, fundus arteriosclerosis, and retinopathy.
  The main tendon of the liver is in the claws. If you do not sleep when you are asleep, it will cause insufficient blood in the liver, which will cause muscle pain, numbness, difficulty in flexion and extension, smoking during fracture healing, easy to cause onychomycosis, calcium deficiency, patellar softening, epilepsy, and bone quality.Loose embolism.

  Liver and heart, not sleeping when passing through, can cause liver blood deficiency. Due to the blood of the heart, the liver has the function of storing and regulating blood, which can cause insufficient blood supply to the heart, causing symptoms such as palpitation and tremor, and severely forming the heart.Disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Liver and spleen, do not sleep when passing through, can cause liver and stomach discomfort, because the liver helps the spleen and stomach digestion, because the liver is too weak to help the spleen and stomach digestion, making people with poor spleen and stomach digestive function, manifested by thick tongue coating, which will cause long-termQi collapses.

  Liver and lung, do not sleep during childbirth, cannot nourish yin and yang, twist the liver and yin, cause liver fire to overburn the lungs, dry cough, or cough, sputum and other wood fire punishment, easily lead to psoriasis and otherskin disease.

  Liver and kidney, do not sleep during childbirth, kidney deficiency caused by liver deficiency, liver and kidney cancer, easily cause diseases of reproductive system, infertility, bone disease, dental disease, hair loss, diabetes, kidney failure and other diseases.

  Third, the method of sleep traffic rules-you do not understand it is prone to accidents.

For example, from 23 to 3 am, when the bile and liver meridians are most active, the liver and gallbladder will return blood, “lie down and return to blood, stand up and supply blood.”

If you lie down at around 22 o’clock every night, you are so quiet that you don’t talk. By 23 o’clock, you fall asleep.

The liver and gallbladder began to return blood, and the toxic blood was filtered out to produce fresh blood. By the age of one hundred, there were no gallstones, hepatitis, and cysts.

If you stay up late every day until 1 o’clock, the liver can’t return blood, the toxic blood can’t be drained, the fresh blood can’t be produced, and the bile can’t change bile, so these people are prone to gallstones, cysts, big Sanyang, and small Sanyang.Kinds of reasons.

  In Europe, an average of four people have one carrier of hepatitis virus, which is called ruleless.

It is best not to speak for half an hour before going to bed, and not to talk when sleeping. For example, the lungs move, and then the heart moves again (because the heart and lungs are on the top of the focus), people will easily enter the state of excitement, so it is difficult to fall asleep.

  21: 00-23: 00 is Hai.

At this time, San Jiao Jing Wang, San Jiao through a hundred pulses.

Sleeping at Hai Shi, all the pulses have to be supported, so the common characteristic of centenarians is to fall asleep before 21:00 (Hishi).

If women want to keep their good looks for a long time, they should go to bed early and early.

  You have to close the window to sleep, you ca n’t turn on the fan, you ca n’t turn on the air conditioner. Many of your illnesses are here, because during sleep, the blood and blood flow slowly, and the temperature drops. The body will form a layer of yang on the surface.It makes people call “ghost charm not to invade.” What does it mean, a person who is full of yang and does not have nightmares is the yang that prevails.

If you turn on the air conditioner and the fan, the situation will be different. If you open the window, the window will be windy, and the wind will be tendons. If you turn on the air conditioner, there will also be wind, wind and tendons, and cold bones.Yellow, the tendon at the back of the neck is hard, and the joints are sore. Some people even start to have a fever. This is why the wind and cold penetrated into the tendons and bones. This is also the gas injury.

If you do not open the window at night, do not turn on the air conditioner, do not turn on the fan, and even close the door, the effect is the best. If it is hot, open the door and close the window, the effect is worse, but he is not the secondI woke up every morning with a stiff back.

  Someone turned on the air conditioner in the living room, and opened the bedroom door, which is similar to directly turning on the air conditioner to sleep. After turning on the air conditioner, the air conditioner got cold, so my heart became cold, where was my heart, and my heart was in my brain.The brain is a sea of cones, and there is cold in the bone marrow. It must be cold in my heart. What should I do to replenish the kidney yang and fill the qi? When the heart is not cold, the fever will retreat and the cold will go out.

Try to sleep early and sleep late, hurting the energy of Shaoyang. The next day is bound to be tired and weak. You must close the windows without turning on the air conditioners and fans to protect the yang.

  Liver and gallbladder are under focus. If there is a stomach problem, he will feel restless. One is cold. If this person has insufficient stomach yang, if he drinks too much green tea, he will have cold stomach.I ca n’t sleep well, or I ‘m eating too much stuff with sand, and my stomach is cold, so I ‘m sure that I ‘m not sleeping well; Another is stomach heat, which means that the hot air goes up, and the mouth is full of hot air, like thisIn this case, I can’t sleep well; the other is dry stomach, dry mouth, and dryness in the stomach; the other is thick stomach, smell of smell, thick stomach.Taste, some people eat seafood, fish, stewed chicken, delicious and delicious, eat too much, not delicious, these things have to restore it in it, do not replace it, it tastes too thick in it, so this can not sleepGood sleep; I have another belly that is bulging, and I ca n’t sleep, and I ca n’t sleep over and over again; another is that my stomach is too weak, and I have cold sweats, and I ca n’t sleep well. These reasons may cause upset stomach., The stomach is restless and sleep well.

  Keep your limbs warm while you sleep, because your limbs are the source of the sun. Everyone knows that if your limbs are not warm, you must have insufficient kidney yang. You should warm your hands and feet before going to bed.They must be covered.

  Sleeping methods vary from person to person. Here are three ways: 1.

Simply press your legs before going to bed, then sit on the bed naturally, cross your hands on your legs, breathe naturally, and feel that the pores of your whole body are combined with your breath. If you can yawn with tears, it will work best.


Lie on your back and breathe naturally, feeling like a spring breeze, melting the big toes first, then the other toes, then the feet, calves, and thighs gradually melting.

If you never wake up, do it from scratch.


Those who fall asleep fast can lie on their right side with their right palms resting on their right ears.

The heart of the right palm is fire, and the ears are water.

Over time, nourishing the heart and nourishing the kidneys.

  Sleep must get up early, even in winter, you can’t get up at 6 o’clock, try to get up before 5 o’clock in spring, summer, and autumn, because people get up during Yin Shi (3-5 o’clock) when their lungs are strong, which can make the lungs stretch.In order to fulfill the metabolism of yang, complete metabolism, reduce turbid qi, and clear lung qi. This helps to raise lungs and raise the body’s yang in accordance with the sun’s celestial power, so that one day has sufficient yang, otherwise,Just like the engine, after this good time, it is difficult to start the human body yang. The human body yang is deposited in the lower part of the human body and cannot be lifted up by the life gate.

  From 5 to 7 in the morning, when the human large intestine is at its peak, the human body needs to transfer the metabolized turbid material to the body. At this time, if the patient does not get up, the large intestine cannot fully move, and the turbidity function cannot be completed well.It stays and forms toxins, which endangers human blood and internal organs.

From 7 to 9 in the morning, the human stomach is most prosperous, and from 9 to 11 am, the human spleen is the most prosperous. At this time, the human’s ability to digest, absorb, and transport is the best. If you ca n’t get up at this time, human gastric acid will seriously corrode the gastric mucosa.The human body can’t get nutrition at the optimal absorption time, and will suffer from spleen and stomach diseases for a long time, causing malnutrition and collapse of gas.

So do n’t go to bed. Laying on the bed can cause dizziness, tiredness, and lack of sleep. Instead, you should get up on time. Many great people in history have the habit of getting up at three or four o’clock, causing Washington, Napoleon, and Emperor Kangxi.Zeng Guofan and others.

In addition, getting up early can increase work efficiency, as the saying goes: “Get up early in three days and work one day.”

  Modern medicine proves that people who go to bed early and get up early have less mental stress and are less susceptible to mental illness.Don’t go out for exercise early in the morning, because in the morning before the sun comes out, the Zhangqi and turbid gas in the underground tunnel are going up (especially in the city). These gases are very harmful to the human body.

  Three main things to keep in mind, one sleep, two conveniences, three diets, the rest of life, clothing and so on are all auxiliary.

  Sleep first among three things.

However, those who are dissatisfied with the stomach are disturbed at night, so the convenience of communication is the second.

Those who have an unhealthy diet and are overly hungry will suffer gastrointestinal injuries and diminish their nutrition.

Sleeping is based on soothing spirit, and God is based on peace of mind. It should be compatible with age. You can reach the maximum age of seven to eight hours when you are asleep.It is enough to be old or sick for up to six hours.

  Warnings for diseases that cannot be ignored in sleep should be noted: (1) It is recommended to go to bed early and not past ten o’clock. The elderly take eight o’clock as positive, and never go past nine o’clock.

At 11 o’clock, when the sun is born, it belongs to the kidney. At this time, insomnia, the kidney water will be deficient, the heart and kidneys will be connected, and the water deficiencies will be prosperous.

Don’t help with sleep rehabilitation.

  (2) Don’t think about calculating the future on the pillow. When you sleep, don’t think about everything. Mix your nose and breathe. Listen to the breath by yourself, from thick and thin to fine and fine.

Think of this body as nothing, or as sugar in the water, and vanish into nothingness, and naturally fall asleep.

  (3) If you can’t keep your mind in mind, don’t turn your side on your pillow. This is the most consuming, you can sit up and sleep for a while.

  (4) If at noon, that is, from 11 am to 1 am, it is a time when it is overcast, and if you ca n’t sleep at this time, you can sit still for a quarter of an hour and close your eyes and keep your spirits strong.

Those who have heart disease should pay attention, and pay attention every day at this time, then the vitality will be stronger, no heartbeat, diarrhea or frequent urination.

  (5) It should be early in summer and late in winter.

If you live in the north, you should prevent colds. For example, in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, you should get up early to prevent mountain sickness.

Don’t sleep on your back after eating, get up early from 3 to 5 o’clock in Yinyin, at this time do not be depressed, anger will damage the lungs and liver, look forward to it.

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Yoga 5 type empty stomach fat oil_1

Yoga 5 type empty stomach fat oil

After completing a set of actions, you should immediately drink another 500 ml of warm water and repeat the exercise.

First of all, you can feel defecation when you do it consistently.

At this time, you can go to the bathroom to try, but do not force yourself to relieve yourself.

“You have to be natural and relieve yourself easily.

“After one bowel movement, you still need to drink 500 ml of warm water, and continue to practice until the water is discharged.


Skyscraper: Stand upright with feet on shoulders.

When inhaling, slowly raise your blood pressure over your head, straighten your hands, and turn your wrists with your palms up.

When exhaling, the magnetic field drives the upper body to slowly bend down until the body is parallel to the ground.

Inhale again and slowly raise your hands. When exhaling, your hands are separated and fall on your side.


Wind blowing tree type: stand upright, feet close together, arms above and below the body.

When inhaling, slowly raise your hands over your head, close your palms on the top of your head, and raise your heels at the same time.

When exhaling, the upper body is bent from the waist, and the height is to the right.

Hold it for a few seconds and close it when you inhale.

Exhale to the left and inhale to the right.


Waist rotation: stand upright with feet separated, slightly smaller than shoulder width.

Inhale, raise your arms over your head, and cross your hands; turn your wrists, palms up.

Exhaling, someone slowly bent down with his upper body until his body was parallel to the ground; his eyes were fixed on his hands.

When inhaling, both hands will lead the body to try to turn to the right, and when exhaling, they will try to turn to the left.


Snake twisted: lying on the ground, palms on the floor, flat on the floor above and below the chest.

Inhale and lift your body with both hands until your arms are fully extended.

Exhale for a while.

Inhale, your head moves your body to the right, and when you exhale, your eyes look at your left heel.

Hold for a few seconds.

Inhale, turn your head to the left, and look at your right heel when exhaling.

People with better physical conditions can try to look behind themselves.


Abdominal massage: Squat down with your hands on your knees.

Bending your left knee will help place it on the ground.

Turn your body to the right as you inhale, exhale, place your chin on your shoulders, and keep your eyes behind you.

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Women who are deficient in vitamin D are prone to overdose

Women who are deficient in vitamin D are prone to overdose

Women who are deficient in vitamin D are susceptible to excess disease.

Vitamin D is necessary for the body to make leptin.

Leptin is a hormone that controls appetite.

It causes people to feel full after eating, and thus stop eating.

If the content of leptin in the body continues to decrease, the appetite will become larger and larger, and it will be more likely to suffer from hyperactivity.

  The main physiological functions of vitamin D improve the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus, so that the levels of plasma calcium and plasma phosphorus reach saturation.

Promote growth and bone calcification, promote healthy teeth; increase phosphorus absorption through the intestinal wall, and increase phosphorus reabsorption through renal tubules; maintain normal levels of citrate in the blood; prevent amino acids from passing through hypertension.

  Source of Vitamin D: A few animal foods contain Vitamin D, such as saltwater fish and eggs.

Vitamin D is also found in milk and dairy products.

Vitamin D is also abundant in butter, cod liver oil, and vegetable oils.

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A new position to subvert the traditional whitening!


A new position to subvert the traditional whitening!

I have to say that this year’s whitening has become more complicated. Some new positioning that has been shocking. It has overturned the traditional and moisturizing habit. Whitening has begun to cross the boundaries of anti-aging and make-up. What collagen, DNA, genes, light and shadow have beenWriting in a whitening dictionary is rich and varied but also dazzling us.
Are these skin-familiar terms more familiar, are they “whitening”, or are they perfect marriages?
  当美白邂逅 胶原蛋白  收获新惊喜 不做黄脸婆  2010年,一批“80后”首先跨入了“三张儿”,值得庆贺的是我们的阅历添加新华章,但令人失落的现实是Inevitably, it is difficult to maintain fair skin.
Yellowish skin is more sad than wrinkles. At this time, whitening is highly expected, but how beautiful, how white, and what kind of whitening can keep you from yellowing?
The most you should know is collagen whitening!
  The latest discovery of collagen has given women the confidence and capital of the second spring like salvation . If collagen does not turn yellow, I will always have “youth white”!
  Once the skin started to turn yellow instead of fair, the woman immediately sent a signal that she could only buy food and cook with children.
Collagen, which has been closely related to anti-aging, has recently been found to have a decisive effect on improving the complexion of Huanglianpo.
Ultraviolet radiation directly affects the quality of collagen fibers in the dermis layer, which accumulates over time, making it harder to saccharify. This phenomenon may suddenly erupt when a woman is 30 years old.
Lancome found that after saccharification of collagen fibers, collagen will gradually change from protein to egg yolk, which makes women unable to escape the fate of Huanglianpo.
  ”Whitening” collagen and maintaining youthful complexion. What should you do most?
I used to think that protection and whitening are equal. I did not expect that the current climate and environment will make protection higher than whitening itself and directly determine the success of whitening.
Protection can not be simply understood as sun protection. It should be a comprehensive protection against ultraviolet rays, pollution, and collagen damage, so that it can assume the difficult task of unchanged Huanglianpo!
  Whitening “collagen” hotspot Q & A asks: Can the collagen that has already been yellowed back again?
  Answer: Of course, you must first protect the existing collagen from yellowing, and then cooperate with whitening products to promote collagen renewal. After a period of time, you can return to fair skin.
  Q: Is it useful for me to use collagen stimulating products?
  Answer: Of course it works. This is a multiplication effect on whitening.
We can choose oral collagen products. At the same time, many skin care products also have effects on collagen. Although they are usually anti-aging, they are equally effective.
  Q: I am still young. Can “Collagen Egg Yolk” repair itself?
  Answer: If you have good skin elasticity and hydration, and you can quickly restore your skin after staying up late, it means that your skin is still young and the slight yellowing can be repaired slowly by yourself, but you must do itGood protection!
  If you do n’t want to be a “Huanglian Po,” you have to take a shot-They make whitening blew collagen, completely satisfy your desire not to be a Huanglian Po. Come and see what surprises they bring to the maintenance.

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Check your lover’s phone the most emotional

Check your lover’s phone the most emotional

Career success is not equal to marriage happiness. Ms. Julie, a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at Peking University and an international MBA from Beijing University.

  Prior to the establishment of Absolute 100 Marriage Network, Julie held a senior management position in CCTV.

Julie said, “When I went to Peking University to study for an MBA in 2001, I had a deeper understanding and understanding of how to achieve a happy marriage.

At that time, a total of 102 people in our class were basically executives and founders of various enterprises.

It should be said that all belong to people with more successful careers.

Maybe it’s professional sensitivity. Soon I discovered an amazing fact that a large proportion of them are unhappy in marriage!

Some have broken up, some are in conflict, and some are not satisfied with their other half, especially women, who are still single.

Why is this so?

I thought it was a special case of CCTV’s unique media environment.

This is the beginning of my research on marriage in the surrounding environment. At that time, I was serious about this already common phenomenon.

“Differences in key dimensions lead to emotional breakdown.” Julie said, “Hundreds of pairs of cases have been visited abnormally, and my evidence has changed again.

In addition to the huge difference in values of life as the biggest killer of marriage, I also found that several other important dimensions of life also have a great impact on marriage.

People with increased sense of responsibility will be very depressed and even indignant when they are with weaker people.

They don’t understand why each other is so irresponsible?

Don’t you love me?

He must not care about me!

This is the origin of the contradiction.

Also, a sense of trust. Some people have a higher degree of trust in others, while others substitute.

When two people with this dimension difference are together, it ‘s easy to mistrust each other. Ask questions, check your phone, etc. Such small things happen frequently around us. Except for the reason that someone is not confident, trustSense is also some outstanding preliminary.

“There are other dimensions that you may not have imagined, but they are also one of the main killers that cause emotional breakdown!

Ms. Julie said, “Of course, the way of communication and tolerance have an important impact on the intimate relationship between the two. I will not explain them one by one. Let me talk about romance. I didn’t expect this dimension to be so important at first.

It is often heard in life that XX is romantic, and XX does not have a romantic cell. If the two people differ greatly in this dimension, both parties will feel very bad.

One party will argue: no fun!

It even says it’s like wood!

Delayed and so on.

The other side was wronged and confused, and I didn’t understand that I was so good to her. Why was she always dissatisfied?

So picky!

and many more.
“Ms. Julie said:” Huge demand and professional responsibility are the basis for my sprout to create the absolute 100 dating network.

After careful research on the dating market, I found that most dating websites only provide a simple platform for understanding and exchange, and cannot give some basic guidance to both men and women on how to build a harmonious and happy marriage relationship.

The result of simple understanding will cause a new round of emotional breakdown and the couple break up.

Even if I know a little about common sense to achieve a harmonious relationship when starting a relationship, I can avoid a lot of misfortunes. This is what I can do.

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Which option is better for your baby

Which option is better for your baby

The baby opened his eyes for the first time, smiled for the first time, learned the language for the first time, and danced the little hands and feet for the first time, all of which made father and mother excited.

I believe that all parents in the world want their babies to grow up healthy and happy.

The nutritional supplement for the first half of the child’s life is very important.

Well, new dads and moms have to start immediately and master relevant nutrition knowledge.

  1. Breast milk pregnancy is mainly breast milk pregnancy.

Breast milk (especially colostrum) is the best natural nutrition for infants.

Feeding time is not fixed, usually every three and a half hours, about 15 minutes each time; colostrum is very precious, should let newborns suck as many times as possible.

  Breast milk is the ideal natural food for babies.

The benefits of breastfeeding are: 1.

Balanced nutrition: Breast milk has almost all the nutrients that children need for growth and development within 6 months, including protein, trace amounts, sugar, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, zinc, etc.


Easy to be digested and absorbed by children: Various nutrients in breast milk are easily absorbed by children and can reduce the occurrence of food allergies; however, the nutritional components of breast milk are different at different periods, which can well meet children at different periods of growthNutritional needs.


Can prevent children’s infection: breast milk (especially colostrum secreted 5 times postpartum) is rich in immune substances, which can increase the baby’s anti-infective power.


Can promote parent-child relationship and development: Breast milk replacement is the best way to establish a good parent-child relationship.


The most economical and convenient.


Encourage complete breast milk to 4 months after birth.


Note: It is recommended that children be appropriately supplemented with vitamins A and D from 15 days after birth.

  2. In case artificial breastfeeding is not available, fresh milk or milk powder sold with the permission of the health department and formula milk powder should be used instead.

Feed 6 every day?
7 times, every 4 hours or so.

  For artificial feeding, use infant formula, not milk.

Because milk contains too much sodium, potassium and other minerals, it will increase the baby’s kidney load; milk protein is mainly cheese protein, which is not conducive to the baby’s digestion and absorption.

  Infant formula is also called mother-emulsified milk powder. It is an artificial food made from cow milk or other animal milk or other animal and plant ingredients, supplemented with nutrients, which can supplement the nutrients needed for infant growth and development.

  3, mixed feeding generally after breastfeeding, you can then feed milk or formula (rice noodles), or at the interval between breastfeeding.

Insist on breastfeeding three times a day.

  4, feeding water Under normal circumstances, breast milk is acceptable without feeding water.

Artificial and mixed additives can be fed warm water between the two feedings, which can be fed 2 to 3 times a day, about 40 ml each time (can be gradually increased).

  5, complementary food 4?
At 6 months, babies have the ability to swallow non-liquid foods and begin to have teeth.

At this stage, single milk cannot meet the needs of infant growth, so in addition to insisting on milk replacement, supplementary food should be gradually added.

The principle of increasing complementary food is: from little to more, step by step.

It should be noted that children may be allergic to certain food ingredients, especially certain proteins, and parents should be extra careful.

Carry your baby outdoors as soon as possible or get adequate vitamin D supplementation.

Regardless of whether infants eat all or part of a formula, it is important to choose the right brand. Parents should consult their medical or nursing staff.

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The ultimate beauty surgery hides your age_1

The ultimate neck surgery hides your age

Don’t be confused about the famous phrase “the age of your neck is easy to leak,” because this is an indisputable fact.
Many people think that skin aging starts from the face, but the fact is that the neck, which is often overlooked, is the place where the signs of aging are most likely to leak.
Of course, beauty cannot be only half!
In order to be 100% beautiful, don’t neglect the care of your neck while maintaining your face!
  The most beautiful neck formation technique. Hide the age, know the skin of the neck, and the neck is the major contributor to the weight of the head. It shoulders the rotation of the head up and down, left and right, and the burden can be very large.
Daily maintenance is indispensable. Let’s get to know your neck before maintenance!
  Know the skin of the neck before skin skin ← The skin of the neck is thin compared to the skin on the face, and there is less subcutaneous fat, which is prone to wrinkles and sagging.
  Muscle ← Muscles are thin and prone to form longitudinal wrinkles.
  Understand the tissue structure of the neck bones → The cervical spine consisting of seven bones supports the weight of the head and maintains balance.
  Blood, lymph ← thick arteries pass, there are many lymph nodes, and it has metabolic functions.
  Vertical wrinkles & horizontal wrinkles (longitudinal wrinkles) appear along with age and develop along muscle lines.
When the neck stretches upward, wrinkles like neck muscles appear.
The muscles of the bonnet muscle cover the chin to the neck. As the age increases, the subcutaneous fat decreases, and the skin becomes more slack. It gives a feeling of age, and people who are thinner are more likely to have such problems.
  Transverse wrinkles are associated with UV damage and drying problems.
The posture of lowering your head forward or sleeping too high on the pillow can easily make the neck skin fold. Maintaining this posture for a long time will make the neck wrinkles deeper and deeper, and the influence of ultraviolet rays and dry climate will cause the skin to reduce elasticity, Thus forming lateral wrinkles.
  Who is prone to wrinkles?
  1、忽胖忽瘦的人  经常减肥或身材始终在胖瘦之间徘徊的人,肌肤容易变得没有弹性,并且多数人胖的时候是身体胖,瘦的时候是脸瘦,肌肤更容易显old.
  2. People with thinner and thinner skin: People who are prone to dry and loose skin should pay more attention to the maintenance of neck skin.
  Moisturizing and sun protection for the neck is the most important. The daily maintenance of the neck is as important as the face. Of course, moisturizing and anti-ultraviolet can not be ignored.
  Neck skin is prone to fine lines due to lack of water. The most basic thing in skin maintenance is moisturizing, and the skin on the neck is thinner than the face. Of course, moisturizing is more important!
Because the skin of the neck is often exposed to the outdoor air, the skin is prone to dryness, causing relaxation, dullness, etc. This is also the source of neck wrinkles.
When UV light causes your skin to lose a large amount of collagen, gaps will appear in the skin elastic net that locks moisture.
In the dry winter, the skin’s moisture is easier to evaporate and lose, making you feel that your neck has increased wrinkles, the skin becomes dry, and even rough and dull, and aging symptoms appear instantly.
  In order to make the neck beautiful and not lose to the face, you can use the special care products for the neck during the maintenance, or use the body milk after bathing every day to help the neck lock the moisture, especially in the abnormally dry winter, this step is even more impossible.ignore.
In addition to the neck-specific products, the lotion or maintenance products used on the face can also be used on the neck, so don’t forget to give your neck a “cup” after finishing the face.
  颈部保养产品大推荐  1、La Mer海蓝之谜身体精华液1800元/125ml  满足身体肌肤的各种需求,如丝绸般的质地能立刻融入肌肤,持续使用,能减轻肤色不均与色素沉淀等Phenomenon, significantly brightens the complexion, and restores the body’s skin to a bright, flawless, smooth and tender young state.
  2. La Mer Sea Blue Mystery Body Lotion 1600 Yuan / 200ml Interacts with La Mer Sea Blue Mystery Body Essence to help skin resist water loss, and with the continuous moisturization it gives to the skin, it relieves dryness and itching.
  3. Mentholatum Hydra Moisturizing and Moisturizing Lotion 90 Yuan / 170ml Simulates the skin’s water-locking function, enhances the epidermal water-locking ability, and double moisturizing strength, such as turning on the water-storage capacity of the ocean, which essentially improves the skin and continuously replenishes the skinMoisture for an unprecedented moisturizing experience.
  4. Biotherm Olive Youth 2nd Source Day Cream 580 Yuan / 50ml A day cream containing activation, repair and protection of collagen maintenance.
Contains anti-oxidant olive extract and PTPTM (mineral living cytokines) to make skin moist and smooth.
  Fight against ultraviolet rays and prevent skin sagging. Ultraviolet rays can be said to be the natural enemies of the skin, and the chance of the neck being exposed to ultraviolet rays is quite high. It is also very dangerous if you do not do sun protection.
Ultraviolet rays not only cause spots on the skin, but are also the source of the skin’s inelasticity and wrinkles. The neck is the first “victim”.
  In order to prevent ultraviolet rays and dryness, it is best to add a layer of protection to the neck. When you go out in winter, you may wear a comfortable texture scarf to keep warm and add a layer of “protective film” to the neck.
  ← When wearing a turtleneck sweater, it is best to put a close-fitting cotton turtleneck underwear on the inside to avoid friction between the neck skin and the woolen fabric.
  ↓ The back neck is often overlooked by us, especially when applying sunscreen products. It is more likely to be forgotten when applying short hair or ponytails, and the back neck is more vulnerable to injury without knowing it. After a long time, the front neck is white and the back neck is blackDisharmony, so do n’t forget your neck when applying sunscreen!
  Sunlight and ultraviolet rays are the real “primitives” that cause neck lines, so you can’t neglect to guard against them even in winter. You must develop a good habit of applying sunscreen and isolation products on the neck.
  Neck sunscreen products are highly recommended. 1. Clinique daily light sunscreen cream SPF25 250 yuan / 40ml. A new light texture, seaweed extract can absorb excess oil on the skin surface, and has unique strong anti-oxidant and anti-irritant functions.
  2. Biotherm Soft Skin Rejuvenation Cream 395 yuan / 20ml The first rejuvenation cream with skin rejuvenation effect, creating a flawless and beautiful face, while SPF15 protects the skin from UV rays.  3, Sisley plant sunscreen cream 980 yuan / 40ml strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, reduces UV damage, delays the skin’s premature aging phenomenon, provides excessive moisture, and leaves the skin without water dehydration and peeling under the sun.

  Make good use of the sensitive complications of the skin care products. Careful care is required for special skin care products. In addition to the external factors of the skin surface, changes in the body are also the source of neck wrinkles. As a result, the age and metabolism of the body gradually changeSlow, the cells are getting slower and slower.

Of course, the earlier the maintenance work, the better. If you do not perform maintenance before the age of 30, the time and money will be higher in the future.

With the increase of age, of course, the care products will also increase.

  Lancaster Tightening Preventive Repair Cream 1, Lancaster Tightening Preventive Repair Cream 710 yuan / 50ml strengthens and tightens acne skin, performs skin reconstruction, and repairs skin to prevent skin relaxation, prevention and eliminationwrinkle.

Continuous use makes the skin elastic and silky again.

  Sisley neck cream 2, Sisley neck cream 1080 yuan / 50ml promotes cell regeneration, calms the neck lines, tightens the skin, restores skin firmness and elasticity, moisturizes and smoothes the skin, and prevents skin aging.

  Professional products, of course, must be matched with professional massage techniques to achieve the effect of “doing more with less”!

  Professional-grade massage STEP1 1 ↑ Dip the neck cream for finger massage, and draw a small circle massage from top to bottom. The range of the neck cream should be replaced throughout.

  Professional-grade massage STEP2 2 ↑ makes the lymph more unobstructed.

With your palms open and your thumbs under your jaw.

Fracture the lower jaw as a starting point, and gently massage it towards the ear bones.

  Professional-grade massage STEP3 3 ↑ Place the index finger and middle finger of both hands on the lymphatic position under the cheekbones, offset about 1 minute, help to clear the lymphatic nucleus, and can detoxify.

  Professional-grade massage STEP4 4 ↑ In order to make skin care products better absorbed by replacement, you can use intensive massage to stimulate the skin of complications, gently replace with your hands and massage gently.

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Yinbei Sydney Soup for Emphysema

Yinbei Sydney Soup for Emphysema

Process: Water-proof Stewed Silver Shell Sydney Soup Ingredients: Main Ingredients: 20 grams of Tremella (dry), 200 grams of pears Ingredients: 5 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiong Seasoning: 30 grams of rock sugar syrup soup method: 1.

Remove the root pedicle and impurities from the water fungus, wash, and tear into small pieces.


Wash and peel the Sydney, remove the core and seeds, and cut into small cubes.


Wash Fritillaria chuanxiong.


Put the processed Tremella, Sydney and Fritillaria into the stew pot, add 1 cup of sugar and water, steam in the basket for about 1 hour, and take it out to serve.

Health Tips 1.

Tremella function nourishes yin and replenishes lungs, moisturizes and hydrates Shengjin; Sydney functions clears heat and regenerates hydration, moisturizes lungs, and reduces phlegm; Fritillaria chuanxiensis functions replenishes lungs, clears lungs, and relieves phlegm and cough.


Sanpin has a good function of clearing heat and nourishing lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm; 3.

It is especially suitable for the elderly with lung deficiency, emphysema, shortness of breath due to chest tightness caused by poor lung function, dry cough without sputum or hemoptysis and hemoptysis.

Food Photo: Fritillaria chuanchuanensis: Fritillaria chuanxiong, aconite, staff stone, mang grass, and evil peach blossom.

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