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Women drinking flower tea are particular about

Women drinking flower tea are particular about

In the daily life of many white-collar women, “replacing tea with flowers” is more prevalent, so what kind of tea is most suitable for women to drink?

  At present, in the daily life of many white-collar women, “replacing tea with flowers” is more prevalent.

Some people even think that peach blossoms, apricot blossoms, etc. also have beauty effects, so they use boiling water to substitute tea, resulting in abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

In fact, not all beautiful flowers can be used as a substitute for “tea”. Some flowers even contain toxic substances (such as yellow rhododendron, oleander, etc.), and even poisonous reactions occur in the latter, and the severe ones can be life-threatening, soDo not believe rumors.

  Chrysanthemum genus Xinliang antipyretics.

Sweet and bitter cold, with the functions of evacuating wind and heat, calming the eyes and clearing heat and detoxifying.

Modern medical research confirms that chrysanthemum has the effects of lowering blood pressure, expanding coronary arteries and inhibiting bacteria. It is mainly suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and when preventing epidemic conjunctivitis, young women should not be replaced.

  Roses are for qi and blood circulation.

The sweet taste is slightly bitter and warm, and has the effects of relieving qi and stagnation, and blood stasis.

The scent of roses is gentle and medicinal. It can both relieve stagnation of the liver and relieve stagnation, and regulate menstruation with blood stasis. It has the functions of softening the liver and refreshing the spleen, activating qi and activating blood, and is mainly suitable for dysfunction caused by liver and stomach discordTightness, epigastric pain, irregular menstruation, or premenstrual breast tenderness.

The sweetness of the rose is warm, and the qi and blood have a certain effect on the treatment of facial chloasma, so it is suitable for young and female implantation.

  Honeysuckle is a heat-clearing and detoxifying agent.

Sweet and cold, it has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, and evacuating wind-heat.

Honeysuckle is a good medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification.

Honeysuckle is cold in nature and is not suitable for long-term stay. It is only suitable to temporarily stop in the hot summer to prevent diabetes.

In particular, it should be reminded that this cannot be done during the debilitating constitution and during menstruation.

Otherwise, adverse reactions may occur.

  Trollius is a heat-clearing and detoxifying agent.

It has a bitter cold and has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. It is mainly used for sore throat, carbuncle sore, aphthous ulcer, and red eyes.

Like honeysuckle, honeysuckle is not suitable for long-term retention. It is only suitable for people with less sore throat. It is contraindicated with honeysuckle.

  This shows that the “flower” most suitable for young and middle-aged women to recognize is roses.

When the mood is depressed, the stomach is full of pain or irregular menstruation, and the breasts are sore, use 5-10 grams of roses and boiling water for 20-30 minutes to cure and have the effect of improving symptoms.

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Does TA really like you?

Read it and know

Does TA really like you?
Read it and know

Whether it is a boy or a girl, there will always be so much embarrassment when facing a person they like, and they dare not tell their love directly, and can only show it by some quiet gestures.

Does TA like you anyway?

  1. He likes to call you and send text messages. At any time of the day, he is very happy to call and text you.

Ask him if there is anything, he will definitely say that nothing is happening, and then diverge from other “topics” to other topics, chat and chat about trivia, just to listen to your voice and feel with you through radio waves.

  2. Pay attention to your actions. He will pay attention to your every move on Weibo and also care about the status of your signature on everyone.

The information about food, travel, and fun stuff you reposted on Weibo is more important than you. He will quietly Baidu when he encounters unfamiliar information or network terms, and tries to have another common topic with you.
  3, to show you that he rarely sees the side in front of you, he has become a talkative and lively person, not only proactively introduce his family situation to you, even his quirks also share with you boldly.

Even the secrets of growing up that few friends know are happy to let you know.

Because you are special to him.

  4, always on time to make appointments on time, he reached the meeting place earlier than you on each date, never let you wait for him, and dressed well, the whole person’s image is brighter than usual.

You can tell from his hairstyle and dress that he must have been carefully designed.

Even the nails are neatly removed.

  Prepare well when dating, the atmosphere is harmonious and there is absolutely no cold field.

And he will be excited to set the date for the next appointment each time.

Being with him will never be cold, and your time together will always pass quickly, giving you the feeling of not being addicted.

  5. Think of your preferences. When you happily express your hobbies in front of him, he will listen with a smile and patience. He will join the discussion enthusiastically when encountering well-known places.

  Even if your hobby is to dress your pet, he will not laugh at you.

Because he thinks that all the time spent talking with you is so precious.

  6. Can’t help but talk to your buddies. If you have friends in common with him, especially good buddies, you will inadvertently hear his buddies say, “He always mentions you with me.”

Because he really likes you so much that he wants to let his friends know that you are good.

This is the show of love.

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Special skin care rules


Special skin care rules

Didn’t you find it?

My skin has changed a lot in one month. Some days are “human face peach blossoms”, while others are “acne-prone.” This is not because of climate or mood, but because of the “special period”.

  The menstrual cycle is a physiological process that accompanies most of a woman’s life, and along with its ebb and flow, women’s physical and psychological changes are uncertain, and the skin texture also shows different good and bad states.

If you want your skin to be safe in this “special period”, then you need to understand some special changes in your menstrual skin.

  Before menstruation: The darkness before dawn is about 10 days before the menstrual period is the stage of the worst skin. The term is called “luteal phase”.

During this period, the levels of progesterone and estrogen in the blood began to decline, and the secretion of sebum and melanin pigments became vigorous. With this, acne, acne and dull skin began to appear. This period should be the skinAn important period of care.

  DO: ● Carefully remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse. During this period, the skin’s oil secretion is particularly strong, which can easily cause pores to become clogged. Therefore, makeup removal and cleaning are the focus of skin care.

Wash your face carefully every morning and evening. If conditions permit, it is best to increase it again at noon. You should clean the secreted oil every time to prevent the oil from blocking the pores and forming annoying “acne”.

It is recommended to use a cleansing foam or cleanser, and a small amount of moisturizing cleansing cream is suspended.

BODYWAVE Orange Blossom Foaming Cleanser is recommended. It contains a variety of natural plant extracts to gently and thoroughly remove impurities from the skin.

  ● When adjusting skin care products, try to use lotions and gel-like products that will not increase the burden on the skin. If the oil is serious, you can adjust it to oil suppression and oil control products.

It is recommended to use L’oreal PureZone Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing Three Steps, which can effectively suppress oil secretion and keep pores open.

If you have small acne, you should use anti-acne products to repair it in time.

  ● Skin care products should be lightly applied to the skin with a small amount of emulsion to ensure that the skin’s respiratory tract is unblocked, and skin care products that are too sticky and heavy should not be used.

It is recommended to use Laneige Moisturizing Milk Refreshing Type, which is light, thin and non-greasy, and replenishes the skin’s required moisture without burdening the skin.

  Don’t: ● In this “skin balance is the most unstable” period, do not stimulate the skin, such as massage cream, scrub, freckle and other products are best not to use.

  ● Especially don’t smoke.

Cigarettes contain nicotine and produce carbon monoxide, which can cause poor blood circulation to the skin, which can affect the thyroid gland and reduce the number of subcutaneous aunts.

In addition, tobacco also contains formaldehyde, formic acid, ammonia, phenol and sulfur compounds, which are indicators of skin irritation.

  Dietary assistance: Eat more alkaline foods: alkaline foods such as cucumbers, onions, cabbage, coarse rice, tomatoes, carrots, and dark green high-fiber vegetables can ensure smooth flow, reduce toxins in the blood, and inhibit the growth of acne.

  Eat less acidic foods: acidic foods such as meat, eggs, scallops, pasta and foods that are too greasy, too sweet or stimulating, such as spices, curry, coffee, fried nuts and cashews, peanuts, etc. can cause liver and small intestineThe function is weakened, nutrient absorption is deteriorated, and the liver will accumulate traces, which will cause too much acid in the cheese and eventually cause acne.

  Menstruation: During the period when skin problems are triggered and menstruation, the progesterone and estrogen in the blood will be reduced to the lowest level, so the skin will be in a very sensitive state. If the skin itself is sensitive, it is easyAppears during this period, or a certain skin problem suddenly erupts during this period, but “acne” skin will gradually improve after menstruation.

  DO: ● Do not use high-nutrition skin care products This period not only disappears the skin’s transparency, but also the most sensitive period of the skin, so it is best not to use irritating or nutrient-rich skin care products. If the skin is always delicate, it may even beUse skincare for sensitive skin.

Recommend Clarins Anti-Allergy Night Cream to eliminate all kinds of skin discomfort and restore skin balance.

  ● Pay attention to the cleanliness of the T-shaped part. If the emerging acne has not returned, you can continue to use anti-acne products and strengthen the cleaning of the T-shaped part.

At the same time, a dual-effect face-washing method of washing the face with water-free and then washing the face with water can be used to replace the dirt in the pores.

During this period, it is best to use some deep cleansing masks regularly to prevent new acne. It is recommended to use Biotherm cleansing and balancing masks, which can regulate skin oil secretion and deeply clean the dirt in pores.

  ● Minimize skincare procedures. Minimize the number of skincare procedures for different brands at the same time. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing can be used. It is best to use the same brand. If multiple brands are used at the same time,It is also easy to increase the chance of sensitivity.

  Don’t: ● Avoid massaging the face, it will not stimulate the facial points.

  ● Try not to use high-tech biochemical products.

  ● Do not use scrub and hormone products.

  Dietary assistance: Eat more blood-enriching foods: Starting from menstruation, eating a small bowl of black glutinous rice and red date porridge every night before going to bed, can not only blood, but also nourish the skin.

Wash the black glutinous rice, soak it for 2-3 hours, then add the right amount of water, add longan, red dates, lotus seeds.

Use a saucepan to make porridge.

Before each meal, serve a small bowl and heat it in the oven for two minutes.

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There are good things to not report

There are good things to not report

Four strategies to help you overcome the difficulties of getting along with your colleagues.

  Look in the mirror.

  Have you considered that your approach to a challenging task may exacerbate the pessimism of your cynic colleagues?

For example, if you are a person who follows the trend and she is a person who is looking for trouble, your easygoing nature may trigger her to fear that you have not taken your work seriously.

At the same time, a determined, manageable attitude may signal that you are not interested in risky warnings.

Feeling neglected or improved is enough to make the employee feel frustrated and skeptical when she gives an opinion.

Let your colleagues know that you welcome constructive comments to avoid problems early.

  Find out why your colleagues are negative.

  No one likes their talents, and knowledge or skills are questioned.

But even a slight attack can trigger a crisis of confidence for insecure people.

So if a colleague doesn’t agree with her, you are overly defensive and try to increase compassion instead of getting more and more annoyed.

By coaxing her to explain her perspective more clearly, and turning her reviews into production solutions, maybe you can find common ground.

  Arrange one-on-one with her destructive behavior.

  Whether you are a colleague or manager, prepare a checklist when she messes with your ideas or projects.

If she loves revolutionary, take out your notes and keep a detailed record of your negative situation.

But be careful not to criticize her; just state her destructive behavior and its effects.

  Teach her to be a re-constructive player.

  Encourage her to continue asking questions, but the framework approach can make the brainstorming process more constructive and creative.

This can be frustrating because people usually revert to what is easiest for them.

But don’t give up.

A stress-free environment is worth the effort.

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Elimination of white-collar men’s aunt

Elimination of white-collar men’s aunt

Addressing the unfortunate crisis of white-collar men Office white-collar men are particularly at risk of gaining weight.

Sitting for long periods of time in the office, lack of exercise due to work stress, or seeking comfort from food or alcohol because of depression, these are the reasons why white-collar men lose their shapely figure on college campuses.

In addition, your weight and the stress you experience will form a vicious circle: most people are prone to overeating under stress, indigestion and overweight, so they are more susceptible to stress.

Some people think that having a wide heart and a fat body, gaining weight is a carefree performance.

From a psychological point of view, this statement is not unreasonable, which is one of the reasons why most men get fat as quickly as balloons are blown up after getting married.

  Although men do not advocate skinny beauty, it is not a good thing to get better and better. At least you will very much hope that you can see your belt buckle without reflecting the mirror.

Men’s fat-prone parts are different from women’s. Usually, beer belly is the most headache for young men.

This is an unavoidable fact: the average man has about 30 billion aunty cells in his body, and these cells will become heavier whenever he gets older.

Therefore, almost every man is always heavier after 30 years of age than before.

As a man gets older, his genes, hormones, and slowed metabolism all begin to affect his abdomen.

However, beer belly is not sustainable, you will look better if you remove it, it will be more plentiful, and it will live longer.

  Weight Loss: Exercise in moderation and ease with less weight is actually changing your exercise and eating habits.

Recall, you will remember that in the slimmer days than now, you definitely pay more attention to sports, physical education, forced exercise on the way to and from school, and sexual impulses in your teens can consume your energy and make your figureMore shapely.

Now, it seems that you spend most of your time on resetting or in front of the computer desk. You don’t have more opportunities or time to exercise.

But no matter what job you do, you still have a convenient way to consume too much.

  Aerobic exercises such as cycling, running, swimming, walking, etc. are the most effective way to consume the body’s transformation. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it can accelerate your heartbeat for at least 20 minutes.

Don’t expect a certain type of exercise to target the fat loss of parts of your body.

It is scientifically proven that weight loss is systemic, and it is impossible to lose only a part of it while leaving other parts unchanged.

Therefore, weight loss cannot be anxious.

In fact, the opportunities for exercise are everywhere: you do n’t look for parking spaces in the overcrowded parking lot like a bald eagle hunts for prey, and you can take the car farther away; you can enjoy the fun of walking; walk into the building, do n’t take the elevator, yourselfClimb upstairs; you can also send documents instead of emailing; take a break at the office and go for a walk instead of drinking coffee, Coke, because walking can clear your mind better than any drink.

  Weight loss: Just change your diet, not diet. If I warn all men who want to lose weight: Don’t diet, I believe many people will think this is nonsense.

But in fact, dieting is only a short-term behavior of changing diets, and it is precisely because it is short-term that many people who lose weight do not achieve their goals.

Instead, there is a beginning and an end. If you start a diet, it means that you will end the diet in the near future.

It will only make you fatter than before.

Therefore, many medical experts recommend weight loss methods: pay attention to diet.

That is, the amount you eat is the same, but pay attention to what you are eating.

For example, 1 gram of trace contains 9 kcal, and 1 gram of protein is only 4 kcal. If you eat a string of fatty kebabs and you eat two white boiled eggs of protein and protein, yourThe stomach grows the same volume, but the former makes you fat.

  Experts believe that the conversion that should be absorbed from adults every day should be 30%.

You don’t have to worry about counting these numbers, just remember to eat less casual food.

Also, don’t rush to eat.

Men always eat as if someone will grab them if they don’t.

In this way, when your brain has not responded, you are already full, but before your brain has issued a command to eat, you will keep eating.

In order to harmonize your brain with your stomach, please lower your chopsticks when you chew, and then pick them up after you swallow.

Also, alcohol is the enemy of men’s weight loss. Alcohol can lower blood sugar and increase appetite, so there is an aperitif.

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The habit of looking up to stop the nosebleed is actually wrong!

The habit of looking up to stop the nosebleed is actually wrong!

Nasal bleeding, also known as epistaxis, is one of the common clinical symptoms. It is mostly caused by the occurrence of nasal cavity, but also by the whole body, and occasionally, it is caused by nasal displacement due to bleeding near the nasal cavity.

  When a child’s nose is bleeding, parents often tell the child to look up to stop the bleeding, but experts think this method is not desirable.

Chen Yuehua, deputy chief physician of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the First Hospital of Shijiazhuang City, said that the onset of nosebleeds in children, due to the increase in the temperature of the air and the decrease in humidity, dilated the constricted nasal blood vessels and caused dryness, itching and other discomfort in the nasal cavity.Digging, that will bleed, coupled with vaginal movement of the veins, it is more likely to cause nosebleeds.

  When a child has a nosebleed, parents often ask the child to raise his head to stop the bleeding, but this will not only help stop the bleeding, but it is also prone to accidents.

Nasal bleeding in children mainly occurs in front of the nasal cavity. If you raise your head, blood will flow behind the nasal cavity, mouth, trachea and even the lungs.

  The lighter may cause tracheitis and pneumonia; the severer may cause tracheal blockage, difficulty breathing, and even life-threatening; if the blood is suffocated, it may also cause stomach discomfort or pain.

  The correct method of hemostasis is to apply cold or ice water towels to the forehead, the back of the nose, and other parts. Cold stimulus transfers the small blood vessels in the nose to contract and stop the bleeding. It can also be filled with clean gauze and cotton.Inside, if you can apply some hemostatic agents, etc., the effect will be better.

Chen Yuehua reminded that parents should warn them not to dig their noses when itching their noses, and to give light products in their diets. Do not eat fried foods more. You can take silver flower, chrysanthemum, Ophiopogon, raw water decoction to prevent nosebleeds.

  If your child has frequent nosebleeds and is accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever and stuffy nose, go to the hospital in time to rule out the possibility of suffering from blood diseases.

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What you need to know about a woman’s temperament chart

What you need to know about a woman’s temperament chart

The core tip: There is something in the book of war: know yourself and know yourselves, and you won’t be overwhelmed.

In the great pick-up career, if a man does not understand the temper of a girl, it is a big taboo.

Friends from all walks of life who are interested in picking up girls, please read the following girl temperament chart in detail, and you will get more results with less effort.

  Level 0-No wind At this time you can’t feel any girl’s temper at all.

Seems to be in a still air.

Usually this happens only when the girlfriend is not around.

And your spirit can be in a state of complete relaxation!

  Level 1-Soft Wind At this time you will feel a little reaction from the girl.

You will see the girls laugh and say they hate.

When you compare you you will feel her like the soft breeze of spring.

It feels very comfortable!

  Level 2-Light breeze At this time the girl has begun to show a little discomfort and usually spit out boring.

To represent her feelings.

But turning around quickly and walking away from this level may not have any effect on you!

  Level 3-Breeze At this time you will find that the girls are beginning to show more dissatisfaction.

Usually it hits you with a little thing.

Let you know to stop but may not affect you because you would think she was joking with you!

  Level 4-Zephyr you will find.

Girls started using some voice language to express their unhappiness!

  Level 5-Breeze At this time you should feel a little chill. Usually girls will give you a hard glance.

Some cool words will be said soon.

Do n’t think it ‘s just a breeze. If you have been in this situation for a long time without knowing it, then I have to remind you that this level is separated from the strong wind of the next level!

  Level 6-Strong wind This level is usually a girl who has scolded her hands and started cursing.

And the tone has been turned up.

You should know how to advance!

  Level 7-The blast has begun to soar at this time, and the cursing sounds are constantly heard. You can know what are called “shrews scolding the street” and “hedong lion roared”.

  Level 8-The gale level is a bit scary from the beginning. In addition to the constant cursing sounds, it is accompanied by some loud noises and noises. Usually it is to slap the table while scolding!

  Level 9-The gale will start to lose some property, usually she starts to drop some small things that you can easily take, such as pens, mobile phones, and shoes!

Often it will cause the damage of some small things. Remember, at this time you must have the ability to receive things in the air.

  Level 10-Storms often have a lot of things broken and hurt at this time. At this time, don’t pretend to be calm or strong. When encountering flying objects coming in and pointing at you, it is best to find cover., The treatment is the same as in the case of an earthquake.

  Level 11-The level of Gale is just like the name. She will rush over and hit people like crazy, often causing some human disasters, usually Baba can’t run away.

  Level 12-This level of hurricane is also known as a strong typhoon. If it is not prepared for prevention, there are usually casualties and disasters.

  The cause of temper tantrum in the “hidden iron deficiency” Lily has always been obedient, well-behaved girl.

But recently, it was uncharacteristic. She had a lazy life and a weird temper. She quarreled with each other and blatantly opposed her parents. Sometimes she was crying in the corner alone. After going to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination, she found that Lily had “hiddenSexual iron deficiency. ”

  Why is your temper getting hooked on iron deficiency?

Modern medical research has found that iron deficiency reduces the amount of oxygen carried in the blood, which affects the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, and the robe affects spirit and emotion.

Therefore, the uncontrollable bad temper has become a more obvious feature of early iron deficiency.

  Some women do not like meat and fresh vegetables, and they like sweets and pastries. This partial habit of eating leads to insufficient iron content, which makes women emotionally irritable.Emotions are changeable, and they are often upset for small things, and I always feel angry.

In menopausal women, the symptoms of irritability are more obvious.

  It is recommended that women should eat some iron-rich foods in moderation: animal foods such as animal blood, liver, lean meat, and plant foods such as black fungus and red dates.

May distort bad moods, help improve brain attention, and maintain a toxic state.

  Here we recommend two dishes with expected iron: 1. Black fungus fried lean pork ingredients: 50 grams of dried black fungus, 100 grams of lean pork, 50 grams of bell pepper, 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams of peanut oil, and 3 grams of salt.
  Production: Put oil in the pan after heating, fry the ginger with the meat for a few minutes, stir fry with the black fungus that has been soaked and simmered with water for 3-5 minutes, or you can blanch for 2 minutes and sprinkle with colorPepper and salt, stir fry and serve.

  Nutrition Review: This recipe is simple to make.

However, the nutritional value is very high. It is a combination of high-speed iron dishes. They all say that eating meat is afraid of high blood lipids, but we use lean meat, less aunts, and black fungus that lowers blood lipids to offset it, and eat with confidence.

Just don’t pour too much oil when frying this dish.

  2. Mung bean sprout pork liver soup ingredients: 100 g mung bean sprouts, 25 g pork liver, 10 g ginger, 5 g cooking wine, 3 g sesame oil, 3 g salt: make the water in the pot and add the cooking wine and gingerMarinate the pork liver for 10 minutes. This is to remove the fishy smell. After 2 minutes, add the green bean sprouts and cook them together for 2-3 minutes. After putting the sesame oil and salt together, you can fill the bowl.

  Nutrition comment: pig liver iron supplementation effect is better, animal is better than plant iron supplementation. If iron absorption is better, vitamin C can be replaced to replace more foods, and fresh mung bean sprouts can be added to vitamin C. PigsThe combination of liver and mung bean sprouts is a good dish for VC to promote iron absorption.

  Men’s anger is actually sick. In people’s minds, men seem to have a stronger temper than women.

But do you know that a man who loses his temper at all times is actually a disease-male irritability syndrome, which can lead to excessive depression.

  Women’s menopause, women’s hormones will change, but why do men become prone to emotional fluctuations, irritability and seclusion when they reach a certain age?

This shows that men also have menopause, and they may become victims of male irritability syndrome.

  As men’s social roles change, more and more people develop the disease.

Because more and more women enter the workplace, more men don’t know what role they should play.

As a result, men’s economic prospects are gradually threatened, which naturally affects emotions.

  In social relations, women do not want to be with men who are unsuccessful or incapable of success.

They are also reluctant to marry men who are less capable than them.

Therefore, more men feel that they are unattractive and cannot even win the hearts of a woman.

  ”Male irritability syndrome” was first proposed by a Scottish researcher.

He found that when the testosterone levels of rams dropped sharply, they became manic and angry, lonely and irrational.

  He analyzed data from more than 6,000 men and found that about half said they felt depressed, depressed or negative all along or most of the time.

  The survey results show that 40% of the respondents are often or always in a state of irritability and irritability.

Most people who admit that they have negative emotions also experience hormonal mutations: a decrease in retinal pill hormones, accompanied by increased stress and loss of male sexuality.

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What you need to know about fitness equipment taboos

What you need to know about fitness equipment taboos

Fitness equipment.

The space walker must not swing too much. What is the space walker?

It’s popular because many people think it’s easy to play, not too hard, and it’s fun to toss it around.

The doctor said that the space rambler is actually very easy to strain the lumbar muscles, especially the aged muscles due to aging, the moisture is reduced, and the flexibility is poor. If the amplitude of the swing of the legs is too large and the speed is too fast, it will easily strain the muscles around the spine.
Therefore, it is best for the elderly to swing their legs at about 45 ° C and the frequency to be 3-4 seconds each time they do a “space walk.”

  Elderly people with hip osteomalacia don’t play with pedals. This device is mainly used to exercise the strength of the lower limbs and waist, but for those who have just caught osteomalacia, this exercise is not suitable.

The main symptoms of so-called hip osteomalacia are usually knee pain, and you feel weak when going up and down the stairs.

Such an elderly person would have a poor weight-bearing function of the hip joint. If the pedaling device is used again, the extensor muscles of the knee joint may be damaged, thereby aggravating the symptoms of the consequences.

  If you suffer from disc herniation, do n’t hit the ride. This kind of equipment overcomes the strength of hands and feet to make up and down movements, so as to stretch the whole body to achieve the purpose of moving all joints in the whole body.

In principle, this exercise is suitable for those who often work at the desk and have strains on the neck and waist muscles.

However, if the disease has progressed to herniated discs, do not use this type of equipment, because the spine absolutely can not withstand the “toss” of pulling and pulling.

  To play the tractor, first try the function of the pull-up upper limb tractor to the hospital for traction treatment. It is good for stretching muscles and preventing disc herniation.

However, it is recommended that the elderly who do not have enough power should not play this sport.

To test your hand strength, whether you can do pull-ups as a standard. If an elderly person who can’t even pull-ups can do it, it is better to choose another stretching exercise.

In addition, many elderly people like to use the leg press to exercise their flexibility. The doctor reminds that it is best not to raise the leg more than the shoulder joint, otherwise it will easily damage the knee ligaments and muscles.

  The twisting range of the twisting device should not exceed 180 ° C. The twisting range should be controlled, the speed should be slow, and the movement should be gentle, otherwise there is the danger of straining the lumbar muscles.

The doctor suggested that the amplitude of the twist should not exceed 180 ° C, and the frequency should be controlled within 3-4 seconds to complete one action.

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How do old people want to live longer? How to make nine kinds of food for the elderly to prolong life _1

How do old people want to live longer? How to make nine kinds of food for the elderly to prolong life

There are many opinions about the secrets of longevity: clean air, moderate exercise, balanced nutrition, regular work schedule. For busy modern people, diet adjustment is the easiest to achieve.

Eat the following 9 kinds of foods to maintain your health and prolong life.

  Blueberry has good antioxidant effect, can also supplement vitamins and minerals, can prevent inflammation, and promote the release of free radicals from cells, which is beneficial to reduce the incidence of cancer, morbidity, cognitive impairment or Parkinson’s syndrome.

  Omega 3 contained in salmon is a source of many fatty acids that strengthen the brain and heart function and prevent cognitive impairment.

  Yogurt is a good source of probiotics. Probiotics protect the immune system, enhance disease resistance, and help the body absorb nutrients from food.

Developing the habit of drinking yogurt can help maintain good health, prevent certain cancers, relieve diarrhea, and urinary tract infections.

  Sweet potato calcium, fiber and vitamin A, are good for vision, bones, growth ability, children’s growth and development, but also maintain blood pressure, normal blood sugar.

  Green tea has high levels of antioxidants, is anti-aging, and helps balance cholesterol levels.

  Spinach calories are low, but contain vitamins A and E, minerals, calcium, which protects human cells.

The amount of calcium in a cup of spinach juice is equivalent to the amount of milk in a cup of milk.

There are also many benefits to the cardiovascular system.

  Tomato supplementation with lycopene can slow down the body’s aging, help the body resist prostate cancer and coronary heart disease, and contains many trace elements such as potassium and iron, as well as vitamins A, C, E, etc.nutrition.

  Dark chocolate contains a lot of flavonoids that help protect your heart.

  Oatmeal is the main source of soluble fiber, which lowers plasma levels, controls blood sugar, and reduces the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Winter nourishing and dry recipes Chinese cabbage stewed tomatoes

Winter nourishing and dry recipes Chinese cabbage stewed tomatoes

The weather is getting colder, and some of the “warm” pot dishes are the best when eating.

Take a look at the Chinese cabbage stewed tomatoes we introduced today.

Chinese cabbage is the best vegetable in winter, especially in the north.

The weather is dry in winter, and the cold wind is very harmful to human skin. Cabbage is rich in vitamins C and E. Eating more cabbage can help the skin care and beauty through its very nourishing and moisturizing effect.

  Materials: 400 grams of Chinese cabbage, 100 grams of fresh shiitake mushrooms, 2 tomatoes.

  Practice: 1.

Wash and slice fresh shiitake mushrooms, wash and cut Chinese cabbage, and cut and cut the tomatoes; 2.

Put 1 tablespoon of olive oil in hot pan, stir-fry ginger, stir-fry tomato pieces, add some salt and water, and fry until slightly sauce-like.

Add another spoon, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, stir-fry the shiitake mushroom slices and Chinese cabbage, stir-fry until the vegetables are soft, add half a bowl of water and stir-fried tomatoes, simmer for 10 minutes, season with salt and chicken powder, and put in the pan.Ready to eat in a wide mouth clay pot.

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