Month: January 2001

Hebei Telecom launches a live broadcast of "Network Line Connecting Smart to help the elderly"

Hebei Telecom launched a live broadcast of "Internet Line Connected Wisdom to help the elderly".

Hebei Telecom’s picture of Hebei Telecom’s "Love Stand" regularly carried out "elderly mobile phone classrooms". This year, more than 1,000 love micro -class online live broadcasts have been carried out, with a total of exceeding 10,000 people.

It is understood that the theme of "Smart Mobile Class" online live broadcast is based on the theme of "Smart to help the elderly, warm peers", and guide the elderly to use smart phones through online live broadcasts, teach the elderly how to video calls, how to pay for receipt with mobile phones, and How to use a health code pass during the epidemic, how to watch news on mobile phones to watch the show, listen to the favorite opera, how to use Didi Chuxing, Gaode Map and other mobile apps … Help elderly users to play mobile phones, and at the same time popularize the elderly to popularize the elderly Anti -fraud propaganda, revealing common fraud techniques, increasing the awareness of anti -fraud, and becoming a glue agent that integrates into the intelligent era of the elderly, constitutes a wide range of forces to promote the construction of aging society. In the next stage, Hebei Telecom will continue to launch a series of classrooms and love activities for the elderly. Increase diversified publicity contacts through the network, allowing the elderly to enhance the experience of 5G intelligent life, and truly let them feel the convenience and change brought by 5G to life. (Responsible editor: Li Zhe, Fu Zhaoyu) Share let more people see recommended reading.

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Zhou Xingxing anger,骂 咧 将 方 方 方 怀:“There is no,Give up,I have to see how you are still prepared to humiliate me.。”

“Come on,Stop talk nonsense,Speak。”
Liao Wenjie knocked on the table:“Ax Xing,After the last haunted,Have you encountered a spiritual event?,I heard it.,I want to help others。”
Zhou Xingxing shook his head directly。
About spiritual events,He is tangled, don’t tell,Today is at the General Administration,The big shot is a smell of his face.,Threatening to throw him out to do undercover。
He is very grievance,Decisively, the policeman’s haunted things came out.,大 嗤 嗤,Come into a phone to find someone to verify。
Two hours later,A confidential agreement posted in front of him,Be signed,Don’t sign it when you are inserted。
After signing the word,Daxie let Zhou Xingxing quickly glow eggs,It means that the next few days will personally examine his work.,If you can’t change your new,His place is only one。
This is why Zhou Xingxing is depressed.,His church,Really rely on meritorious,No moisture,As a result, it is a leader to scare him.,It seems that he can’t do anything else in addition to undercover.。
Laugh,Long eyes know,He is a good time to take a good time.。
Ming Tang Qiuyi,Just don’t,Didn’t let a super speed,Even the total police officers of the illegal parking have received his ticket.。
Three consecutive days,Liao Wenjie’s holiday is just over,In exchange for the suit officially go to work,Are different from other office workers,The main purpose of his today is to fry the boss.。
Considering that Tang Judi is very meaningful to him,Going out, I don’t want to spend money.,When you dig people, I also smashed one million.,Euphemism must be euphemistic。
and,Tang Judi is big,Friends are all rich people,This potential customer base cannot be wasted。
“Ager,Come so early today?”
Tang Judi took the handbag into the assistant office,Seeing Liao Wenjie,Can’t help but:“See your face is good,It should be the body to raise it.,How about this,Take you tonight, take it out.。”
Liao Wenjie is serious:“Jude sister,There is something to discuss with you.。”
“Official is still a private matter?”
“Wait a minute,I will change your clothes first.。”
five minutes later,Tang Judi is sitting on the boss chair.:“Ager,Why is the good end?,Some people dig you?Tell me,Who is so bold?,How much does it dare to move my wall??”
“No one digs me,I want to resign and open the company.。”
“You open the company……”
Tang Judi squatted,Businessman’s mind is fast,Carefully:“Ager,Is there any internal news there??Say listen,I add money to share the stock to help you,do not worry,Rule I understand,Only money is definitely。”
“Do not,Zigdi, you misunderstood,I am ready to open a ghost company.。”
Scene,Tang Judi hits the hand,Sigh:“Ager,There is indeed a lot of rich business trust this,But it is not easy to make their money.,Not long enough……Ok,You are so prostured,Fu Po’s money is very good,After all, they only look at the face.,Don’t care what you said。”
“Jude sister,I am doing business.,Didn’t plan to lie。”
“I understand,But I am also a rich woman.,Why don’t you lie to me??”
Liao Wenjie turned over white eyes。
“Ager,About the resignation,Don’t worry,Selection、hiring、Certificate, etc.,Just a long time。”
Tang Judi tried to retain,When she opened the first company,A person is busy focusing。
Liao Wenjie’s foundation is far more than her,No half a year is fundamentally,If you are not accurate, I will break my mind.,I am old, I’m going to work.。
“Ager,Is it ready to start the fund?,Do you want me to borrow you?。”Tang Judi is slightly,I plan to make a dozen money.,She is mixed with rivers and lakes for many years,Use this trick to open a lot of long legs。
Liao Wenjie,One million people became her。

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Qingping: firm confidence, resolutely build an epidemic prevention and control barrier

  Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee to emphasize that party committees and governments at all levels should firmly understand the complexity and arduousness of the resistance and struggle, resolutely implement the party’s central decision -making and deployment, fully promote the spirit of the struggle, and resolutely promote the spirit of the struggle. Building an epidemic prevention and control barrier, resolutely consolidate the results of the hard -to -control epidemic prevention and control, so as to be responsible and responsible for keeping the soil. Be careful at the beginning, firm confidence and determination.

Since the epidemic of new coronary pneumonia, the General Secretary has personally hosted many important meetings and conducted multiple investigation and guidance. It not only carried out the formation of the stage of the epidemic prevention and control work. Institutional mechanisms. Practice has proved that China is confident and capable of winning the prevention and control of this epidemic. The majority of party members and cadres must resolutely overcome the ideas such as "no matter, unnecessary, not so, not so", always adhere to political requirements, maintain a sober mind, and insist on adhering to the "dynamic clear zero" general policy. The words and deeds of policies are fighting. As long as the overall requirements of firm confidence, the same convergence, scientific prevention and control, and accurate policies determined by the General Secretary, we can really achieve the final victory to achieve the measures of the epidemic prevention and control. Be precise and effective, maintain strategic determination. The General Secretary pointed out that the virus is still mutating, and the ultimate direction of the epidemic has great uncertainty, far before it can be relieved and rest.

Although the current national epidemic situation has maintained a positive situation, my country is a large population country, with many aging population, unbalanced regional development, and insufficient medical resources. Relaxation and prevention of prevention and control will inevitably cause infections, a large number of severe illnesses and diseases. In particular, Shanghai, as a large city after the epidemic raging, is facing the test of the increase of the liquidity of the resumption of work and the population.

Therefore, we must adhere to the prevents and paralysis of war, one -sided prohibition, layer by layer, and losing the tendency of the other, take the epidemic prevention and control work as the current most important task, coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the development of economic and social development, and prepare for a long -term war and encounter. To be rich in temperature and build a long -term mechanism.

The "Great Shanghai Defense War" that fights against the new crown pneumonia is a major test of the grass -roots governance system and governance capabilities. All parts of the country must be based on the present, cooperate with the big Shanghai defense war, but also look at the shortcomings and deficiencies exposed by the epidemic.

In the formulation and implementation of policy formulation and implementation, strictly prevent "overtime" and "increase" layers of "one -size -fits -all" measures, innovate the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures from the institutional mechanism, and improve the epidemic prevention and control measures in the emergency. The masses fight the war of prevention of the people, actively respond to social concerns, improve the satisfaction of the masses, and build a group defense line.

  In the event of the epidemic prevention and control of the epidemic, party members and cadres were pioneers, and the masses were backing. As long as we are under the correct deployment of the Party Central Committee, the "one heart" and the "one game of chess" in the country will definitely build an epidemic prevention and control barrier and achieve the ultimate victory.

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“sister,You also gave him medicine?

Then he knows?”
Zhao Xiaoling didn’t think of this kind of thing I didn’t think of this kind of thing.。
She knows,If Li speaks from the wind, it is bullying Zhao Xiaoli.,Maybe I may say that Zhao Xiaoli is still a crime.。
“Yup,He should know,His medical skill is so good,Why don’t you know?
But then my sister can feel that he can’t stand it.,Just not move a finger for my sister。”
Then how did he solve it??”
Mention this,Zhao Xiaoli is also a little unclear,But later she thought about it, I want to understand.。
“It should be Qin Suiya to help him solve it.!After all, the little wind is almost dead for the woman.,This matter is as long as it is a lotus village, you should know,The breeze is at the beginning, but it is not to eat.,I have to die.,I heard that the female boss in the county is saved him.,so,Sister advises you,If you like a small breeze,Breeze also likes you,Don’t think about those who are married.。”
“After all, there is already a woman in the heart of the wind.。”
Zhao Xiaoli said like this,Zhao Xiaoling is more uncomfortable in his heart.。
Originally, she felt that Li Hui had his own sister and she could accept her.。
Now I heard the woman outside the wind.,She feels that even if she is with Li with the wind.,I will still be happy in the future.。
Face so an excellent man,I don’t know how to choose a time.。
“sister,do not talk,I’m not going,You are willing to find,You go find it.,I have to be busy with the people。”
“Little girl,Don’t regret it when you arrive,You are also waiting in the big city,I also know how much is the woman around those bosses.,Small breeze is so much so much,I feel that there is really no problem.。”
Zhao Xiaoli saw Zhao Xiaoling’s face hard to look,It is also what it is not to say.,But I have a few words directly.,Then go toward the B & B with the wind.。
The first thousand one hundred and thirty chapters are looking for the door.
She is clearly remembers a scene of a couple of couples that follow the next door next door.。
That night, she felt a bit hoarse.。
However, she is also inactive.。
Mainly the next small couple is too much,Slimming in the middle of the night,Large and early morning don’t sleep。
Li Hui Hui did not know that he was just back to him.。
After all, he didn’t think about what is the matter with it.。
How do he think now?,Grasp the construction of mountain villages。
just came back,The first thing to find is that Ye Shuangzhou and Ye Double。
See you,Li Hui also hurriedly invited two people to enter the house.。
“Leaf big brother,Ye Miss,The speed of your coming is really timely.,I just think about there is something to discuss with you.。”
Ye Shuanghuang heard Li Hui Feng to change his own call,Can’t help but frown。
“Humph,Don’t call me a lady,I will call me a double pair.,Double child,Girl,do you know?”

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Economic Daily Multimedia Digital Newspaper

The "Government Work Report" proposes that a large -scale tax refund will be implemented on the reserved tax amount this year, and it is expected to be reserved by about trillion yuan in tax refund throughout the year. Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly deployed and implemented this work to ensure that taxpayers enjoy timely policy dividends.

Among them, the first batch of transfer payments for support for small and micro enterprises to retain tax refund 400 billion yuan has been issued on March 21, which will be used for tax refund starting on April 1.

The occurrence of value -added tax is related to the calculation method of value -added tax.

my country’s value -added tax uses the method of tax deduction to calculate, first calculate the amount of output tax and input tax, and then use the amount of output tax to deduct the net amount of the income tax amount as the value -added tax paid by the company. According to the Provisional Regulations of the VAT, if the current output tax amount is less than the current input tax, the part that is not deducted can be transferred to the next period to continue to be deducted, and it will become the commonly known "value -added tax" or "reserved tax" Essence Prior to 2018, my country mainly adopted the practice of retention at the end of the period, and only the taxable taxes generated by eligible taxpayers due to eligible taxpayers were calculated at a certain formula due to specific matters.

In 2018, modern service industries such as equipment manufacturing, R & D, and other modern service industries, as well as the refund of value -added tax retention of power grid companies, were small and narrow.

In 2019, my country initially established a tax refund system at the end of the institutional period, and reserved the incremental incremental retention of the general taxpayers who comply with the conditions of all industries, and set more preferential tax refund conditions for some advanced manufacturing taxpayers.

In 2021, the scope of advanced manufacturing was further relaxed, and pharmaceuticals, chemical fibers, railways, ships, aerospace and other transportation equipment, electrical machinery and equipment, instruments, instruments and other industries.

This year’s VAT tax refund policy has increased significantly, which fully reflects the combination of phased measures and institutional arrangements. Specifically, the tax refund policy has the following characteristics.

First, the policy is great, and the problem of retention of the stock is solved in depth.

In terms of scale, the scale of about trillion yuan of tax refund is unprecedented. 2018年对装备制造等先进制造业、研发等现代服务业以及电网企业一次性退还期末留抵的退税总额为1148亿元,其后的增量留抵退税政策虽然覆盖全部行业,但均仅针对Compared with the incremental part compared with March 31, 2019, the stock retention before this point is not within the scope of tax refund, so the scale is relatively limited.

This year, the implementation of tax refund policies at the end of the VAT period will be further increased. For eligible small and micro enterprises, manufacturing, scientific research and technical services, power thermal gas and water production and supply industries, software and information technology services, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology Enterprises in the six industries of the protection and environmental governance industry, transportation and storage and postal industry not only refund the total value -added tax increase tax on the monthly monthly, but also refund the existing tax on the same time. Corporates through difficulties, revitalize corporate funds, stimulate corporate vitality, and further enhance the competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry. They are of great significance.

Second, the policy is strong and the tax refund is fast. For the tax refund, the "Government Work Report" proposes priority to arrange small and micro enterprises, focusing on supporting manufacturing, and comprehensively solving the tax refund issues such as manufacturing and other industries. Based on the influence, the targeted policy decisions made are conducive to the continuous and stable operation of small and micro enterprises, help enterprises in key areas to expand investment, improve their processes, upgrade technology and equipment, promote the high -quality development of manufacturing, and accelerate through acceleration The development of the manufacturing industry improves the modernization level of the industrial chain supply chain, and enhances the stability and competitiveness of the supply chain of the industrial chain.

The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation have deployed the policy arrangements for various types of enterprises to carry out in -batches of value -added tax refunds in batches. Third, funds are strong.

The central government provided a strong financial guarantee for the reserved tax refund of the trillion yuan this year. The scale of tax refund this year is large, which may cause great pressure on some of the weaker areas.

Therefore, the central government arranged special transfer payment support for the place where the tax refund was repaid this year, and tilted to the small and micro enterprises and counties to ensure that the tax refund policy was not discounted.

After the implementation of large -scale tax refund policies this year, all eligible small and micro enterprises, and six industries, including six industries, will be thoroughly resolved.

By refunding the real gold and silver that is refunded to the enterprise, it directly provides the company with cash flow, promotes its acceleration of technological transformation and equipment updates, helps effectively boost market confidence, stimulates the vitality of the market, and enhances its internal vitality. Quality development savings new momentum. (The author is a professor at the School of Economics of Peking University).

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Not at this moment,They are not the protagonist,But a tall youth。

Youth Jono 278 years old,Handsome,And there is a long hair with a black and bright hair on the shoulder,Reflecting gloss under the profit light,It also reveals a different temperament。
Zhang Jiayu,Zhang Yunfeng。
People’s understanding,Continuous face,If it does not respond,Then he is not Zhang Yunfeng.。
Strange atmosphere,Let the Zhang Yunfeng who have been laughing,Now look。
Now,His eyes are bright,It seems that Chen Bing is only now,Handsome face is full of joy,Stepped over。
“Bustle,I thought you won’t come.。”
Chen Bingzhu,Faint,“How can I come?……and,Zhang Yunfeng,Please call us!”
Zhang Yunfeng laughed without a smile,Just talk,But I saw a step by step.。
“Small hybrid!You really dare to come.。”
At this time, the rumor is again arrogant.,Cheeks are like devil,The corner of the mouth is scratiful,Odor,That kind, I can’t hate the summer.。
Racing is strongly rolled,Later, http://www.lantingxushi.cnit was a fight.,Even if the retaliation in Yunding Xuan door is also not achieved……Yan Lang is definitely an angry from the heart。
But same。
He is now exporting first,Also deliberate。
really,Zhang Yunfeng seems to be a bit surprised,Go on,“Um?How is it,You know him?”
“cousin,I know this dog hybrid, I know this dog hybrid.!”
Dragon’s voice is full of endless compliance,“I am now,Just worship him!”
“It’s him?”
Zhang Yunfeng is obviously a good player.。
Short mistake,Face is gloomy,Nowadays cold drink。
“polar bear!”
Voice is just,I only see a young woman walking to the left.。
Youth is not high,Not,Untrusted。
on the contrary,His surface looks black and thin,But both eyes are extremely fierce,It is like a sword that is invisible.,People don’t dare to look at。
“polar bear?
Many people present in the scene,Sworm reveals the color of excitement。
Old people may not be clear,But the people in their circles are familiar with this bodyguard.。
all know,This nickname white bear,But without his appearance, it looks so weak.。
Black and thin,The reason why the nickname white bear,Is because in his deceptive appearance,Tibetan Bear’s general power。
Many opponents in the past,Both have been exploding the head……Then the cerebrose pulp。
This is the origin of white bear nickname!

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Shanxi Province High -quality Promotion of Three One Tourism Highway Construction

  Original title: [Comprehensive promotion of high -quality development] Our province’s high -quality promotion of three number one tourism highway will basically achieve a global tourism pattern after three years of construction. "Highway Construction Work Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") recently issued, three years in our province will form a global tourism pattern. The "Plan" clearly clearly invests 58.2 billion yuan from 2022 to 2024. The Yellow River, Great Wall, and Taihang No. 1 tourist highway were built. Simultaneously built 6,77 kilometers of slow lanes, 168 stations, 117 RV camps, viewing views, viewing views 238 Taiwan.

By 2024, three No. 1 tourist highway networks with a total scale of 10,000 kilometers and penetrating Shanxi have been built to create a number of boutique tourist landscapes with regional characteristics, which basically achieved full coverage of communication network signals along the line , Complete function, outstanding characteristics, and excellent service "City Jingtong, Jingjingtong" a global tourism pattern.

  In 2022, focusing on the construction of the main line of the three tourist roads, 260 projects on the opening (re -) work, completing 2682 kilometers, basically realized the main line through, and the slow lanes were built at 214 kilometers, 51 stations, 33 RV camps, and observations. 73 scenic platforms.

  In 2023, focusing on promoting the construction of three number one tourist highway branch line and connection line, 167 projects for opening (re -) work, completing 2420 kilometers, basically realized "branch circulation, connection lines into nets". 55 posts, 38 RV camps, and 80 observations. In 2024, the three tourist roads were promoted to effectively connect with highways, highways, national province highways, rural highways, and urban roads. In the "last mile", the "Fast Travel Slow Traveling and Deep Experience" global tourism transportation network is comprehensively constructed, and 238 kilometers of slow lanes, 62 stations, 46 RV camps, and 85 observation platforms are simultaneously built simultaneously.

  The "Plan" proposes to promote the integration and development of "big data+tourism traffic" in an orderly manner.

Accelerate the layout of the base stations along the three tourist highways, and achieve full coverage of the communication network signal of tourist highways and the travel scenic spots along the line.

Relying on big data, cloud computing and other technologies, promote the construction of tourism highway informatization platforms, build a network system for integration of people, cars, and roads to build smart tourism highways. Develop and apply the traffic tour APP mobile terminal, aggregate the destination travel dynamic information and offline service resources connecting the destinations and offline service resources of eating, housing, traveling, traveling, purchasing, and entertainment along the tourist highway to provide tourists with a "convenient and smooth" smart travel experience. The "Plan" clearly states that the construction of the three number one tourism highway is an important basis for the annual assessment and reward of the pilot of the transportation country.

Reporter Zhang Ting.

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“That line!”

I heard three people in Hanjiang.,The flag of the flag left from the shoulders of Hanjiang,Go to other floors to find clues。
“Where have you been?,With anything you can determine that this world has no living?”Hanjiang asked。
Xier looked at the window:“The whole world is dead,Even the birds and beasts disappeared,Only collapsed beasts and dead,What is well confirmed??”
“Your strength is not weak,It’s hard to make you feel that you can’t afford the richness of this world.,Is ordinary people who can survive??”
After Han Jiang came to this here, I found that the collapse can be very rich.,But such a thing has also happened three times in the owner.。
Three times before and after,Every time, the people of the city have a large-scale land.。
So Han Jiang believes,This world is just a large-scale collapse of this city.。
“Then why do you want to stay in this world??”Han Jiang asked。
His lick his short hair,Say:“For our people who walk in the sea of quantums,Can’t find the coordinates of returning to the main universe,Which world survival is not true??”
“Moreover, only a total of several worlds,No matter where,Are the same results”Xier’s voice is desirable。
“There are only a total of several worlds?”
“Do you have been walking in a few limited worlds??”
Han Jiang grabbed the key points in Xizi,It is also in the quantum.。
I don’t know Schr?dinger of the destination.,Always looking for new world exploration,And Zimi seems to be trapped in some。
“Is the result of the experiment?”Han Jiang’s heart。
Schr?dinger quantization,Is her own experiment。
But Xer is accepting the experiment of Canocia,Although both are experiments,But the purpose should be different。
“I’m home!”
Not long,The flag of the flag returned from the downstairs。
Xingchong said to Hanjiang:“Comparison now,Time to stop on the network is nine o’clock in the morning of 12 days ago。”
“It can be inferred,The big collapse is at that time.。”
“What kind of collapse is,The people in the world will lose resistance at the same time?”
Each parallel world will derive a way to fight against collapse,Very comparable to armed people。
Cracking will change with human science and technology,Han Jiang observes the level of this world and the development of the owner.。
“Can you find this world to deal with collapse?,Is there information on the Internet??”Han Jiang asked the wings of the bis。
The flag of the fans thought about it.:“There is no mention of the words such as collapse on the civilian network.,In this world,Cracking should still be secret,Not familiar with civilians。”
Listening to the wings of the flag,Han Jiang thought it。
The collapse of the owner is not a knowledge of people.,The second crash,Xilin can announce that humanity is completely destroyed。
At that time,Cracking is gradually spread。
“This world has a lot of means of fighting against collapse.,But different from the owner,Advocating the organized name of anti-collapse。”Xier said。
“Fire moth?”
“Yes。”Shi Lai said lazy:“There are their traces eight days ago,After that, I can’t completely disappear.,Not surprisingly,It should be dead.。”
Han Jiang is finely pondered.,Here is the event of the previous era。
The world is destroyed in the hands of the end of the end,After the fire moth left the hope of the hopes, it completely disappeared.。

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Five new cases of new crown pneumonia in Xingtai Qinghe County were announced

Shijiazhuang, People’s Daily Online, March 9th. At 0-24, March 8, 2022, 5 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were added in Qinghe County, Xingtai City, all of which were light.

In order to effectively ensure the health and safety of the masses, the schedule is now announced: confirmed cases 23: Qiu Moumou, male, 53 years old, now live in Dujialou Village, Yongfang Town, Qinghe County. On March 2nd, at about 11:30 am, 5 Zhang Moumou’s three customers in Inner Mongolia went to its home in Inner Mongolia to buy cashmere raw materials for about 5 minutes. If you are satisfied with the transaction, 5 Zhang Moumou leaves directly with three customers; he eats with his wife at noon. After lunch at 13:30, he goes to Qiu Mouke’s home in Qiu Mouke, Yinfang North Street, and stays for about 30 minutes. The Ke family went to the village of Huangmou, Zhengbaotun Village, Xiajin County, Shandong Province, to hang filial piety, and returned to Yusong Village around 16:10. After others got off the bus, they returned to Dujialou Village at around 16:30, 19: 19: About 20 Annou visited and stayed for about 10 minutes. After that, he was injured due to the feet of repairing a fooled velvet machine. Go home after treatment. On March 3rd, around 8:00, his sister, and his son and daughter -in -law with his ex -wife visited at home. Around 11:00, his daughter, son -in -law, and second niece visited at home. On March 4th, around 7:00 am, Gao Moumou and Guo Moumou left with the couple with their husbands and wives outside his home. After collecting nucleic acid collection points in Loucun, I went home without going out. On March 5, resting at home did not go out. On March 6th, around 9:30, his wife pushed the wheelchair to take him to the nucleic acid collection point in the village for nucleic acid testing. He returned halfway. Afterwards, the medical staff came to collect nucleic acids for it. On March 7, after receiving the notice around 8:00, we need to go out at home after a concentrated medical observation. It was transferred from a negative pressure ambulance to a centralized isolation point around 12:00. Transfer to designated hospitals in the city. On March 8th, the diagnosis was diagnosed with a new crown pneumonia. Confracted cases 24: Gao Moumou, female, 54 years old, now live in Dujialou Village, Yinfang Town, Qinghe County.

On March 2nd, the morning with her husband Qiu Moumou (confirmed cases 23) was the same trajectory. At 13:20 pm, he walked alone to Du Lulou Village Business Street Exposure to collect nucleic acids. Around An Moumou visited, stayed for about ten minutes, around 20:00 due to his husband Qiu Moumou’s foot injury, he and his son and husband Qiu Moumou went to Ruihui Hospital (Guo’s Orthopedic) in Yinufang Town. Essence On March 3rd, around 8:00, his husband Qiu Moumou and his ex -wife’s son, daughter -in -law and sister visited home. At 9:00, he rode an electric car to Du Lulou Village Trading Street to collect nucleic acids. Buy vegetables at the flow booth of Dulou Village, go to Du Lulou Village mobile booth to buy tofu around 10: 24, go to Du Lulou Village Industrial Park Baoxue Vegetable Store to buy vegetables around 10:30, 10: 40 to Du Lulou Village Jinyu Supermarket for shopping around 10: 40 Back home, around 11:00, his husband Qiu Moumou’s daughter, son -in -law, and second niece came to visit the house. Shopping, return home at about 11: 55, and ride an electric car around Du Lulou Village Industrial Park to buy vegetables after buying vegetables around 13: 40. The plaster from home, ride an electric vehicle around 14: 45 to the Likang Pharmaceutical Store in Dulou Village Industrial Park to buy medicine, and go to Du Lulou Village Liangli Mingguang stores to return home at around 15:10. The Baoxue Vegetable Store of Dulou Village Industrial Park returned home to eat after buying vegetables. On March 4, around 7: 00, Gao Moumou and Guo Moumou left with their husband and wife outside their home gate. After collecting nucleic acids at the village collection point, go home at around 21:00 and go to the Likang Pharmaceutical Store in Dulou Village Industrial Park to buy plaster and return home without going out. On March 5th, walk around at 8:25 to the Likang Pharmacy in Dulou Village Industrial Park to buy plaster and return home without going out.

On March 6, at 9:30, a wheelchair took her husband Qiu Moumou to go to the village’s nucleic acid collection point for nucleic acid testing, returned halfway, and the medical staff came to collect nucleic acids for them. On March 7, when I received a notice from around 8:00, I needed a concentrated medical observation at home. I did not go out again. It was transferred from a negative pressure ambulance to a centralized isolation point around 12:00. The car is transferred to the designated hospital. On March 8th, the diagnosis was diagnosed with a new crown pneumonia. Confracted cases 25: Shi Moumou, female, 44 years old, lives in Garden Dingyuan Community, Qinghe County, and operates the store in Xianghe Street Anxin Cashmere Test Center.

On March 1st, driving from the garden to the store from the Garden Dingyuan Community around 8:00 in the morning, drove at the Xulan Group Clinic at about 10 am, and then returned to the store to dine in the store at noon; leave the store around 19:00, 22: 22: About 30 drove back to the new century garden son’s home. On March 2nd, drove to the store at around 8:00 in the morning, and drove with her husband at 20:30 to eat at Rongweizhai Hotel. Yuan District’s home. On March 3rd, drove to the store at around 8:00 in the morning, and was transferred to the centralized isolation point by a negative pressure ambulance around 19:00 in the evening. On March 4th, around 15:30, his younger son (confirmed case 10) had a fever, and his accompaniment was transferred from the negative pressure ambulance to the Qinghe County People’s Hospital. At 22:30, he returned to the centralized isolation point from the negative pressure ambulance. From March 5th to 7th, at the centralized isolation point. On March 7, around 14:30, it was transferred from a negative pressure ambulance to the People’s Hospital of Qinghe County due to a fever. The initial sieve positive of nucleic acid testing was then transferred from a negative pressure ambulance to the designated hospital in the city.

On March 8th, the diagnosis was diagnosed with a new crown pneumonia.

Confracted cases 26: Li Moumou, female, 72 years old, now live in Yuan Songzhuang Village, Gexianzhuang Town, Qinghe County, and is a confirmed case of Guo Moumou’s wife.

From March 3rd to 5th, the home isolation did not go out, and the medical staff collected nucleic acids.

On March 6, the home wasolate in the morning. In the afternoon, her husband was transferred from a negative pressure ambulance to a designated hospital in the city.

On March 7, he was transferred from a negative pressure ambulance to a centralized isolation point. On March 8th, the initial sieve was positive for nucleic acid testing, and then transferred from a negative pressure ambulance to a designated hospital in the city. It was diagnosed as a confirmed case (light) diagnosed on the same day.

Confracted cases 27: Xu Moumou, female, 35 years old, now lives in Yuan Songzhuang Village, Gexianzhuang Town, Qinghe County.

On March 1, 6:30 to 7:30 ride a tram and took two sons to send his eldest son to Xie Foo Zhuang Yonghui Elementary School. After returning home from 8:30 to 9:00, he did not go out. Zhang Moumou (confirmed case 1) home play; 17:40 goes home to play with Grandpa’s house in the village; when he returns home, he passes through the village supermarket to shop and did not go out after arriving at home. From 6:30 am to 7:30 am on March 2nd, go to Yang Erzhuang Edinburgh Kindergarten to send the younger son to school. Dongwang Auto repaired shopping, and then went to the buckle Daquan to get the goods. He returned home from 19:00 and did not go out at home. He went to the village committee to collect nucleic acid around 20:00. The control of the village from March 3rd to 4th was not going out in this village.

On March 5, his younger son Xu Moumou (confirmed case 15) was positive for the initial sieve of nucleic acid testing, and then transferred from the negative pressure ambulance to the city’s designated hospital.

On March 8th, the initial sieve was positive for nucleic acid testing, and was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia diagnostic cases (light type).

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Everything I do,Not for myself,But for the entire UK!

Mother is old,To change this country,Can only rely on me to do it!Others are not!
so,I am not wrong!
A shadow is slow to come to Kelisha,That is a blonde man,He is in the water of the rear,His friends,Knight party head。In his hand,Holding a huge suitcase。
then,Man holds hands to suit,Single knee,Friendly giving a standard knight ceremony against Kelisha,Subsequent,Men slowly opened the suitcase。
A dazzling radiant,Form a strong light column in the sky,Run with incomparably holy breath,Like some legendary existence,It is the same as a powerful power of your own.。
Ray slow down,Exposed items inside the suitcase,And at the same time,In Steick and Verian also widened,Almost all the same sound shouted:
That is a sword。
The appearance is a typical western double-edged sword,Even the sword handle is almost eighty centimeters long。No sword tip,Sword blade is also flat,Like a slender quarterly board connected to the sword handle,However, it seems that it is abnormal.,Like a beautiful art,Plus no sword blade,It looks completely unlike things used on the battlefield.。
This is true‘Katana’,That is, this sword started to be cast.,Also represents the authority of the British Royal Authority and Strength,It is also the truly source of the royal family.。
the difference is,This sword is the first start,Today, the handle in the British queen is its later replica.。
Looking at the exquisite Western Sword in the suitcase,Ke Lisa is a little deep,But very fast,On her eyes, I wiped a dry two nets.,Re-recovering the firm and calm,then,She slowly reached out and holding the sword.。
“Notice of the Knights Army in the UK,”Slowly lift Katana in the hand,Kelisa took a deep breath,Knight heads in front of,“Start to attack!”
“Katana in my hand,”Hand long sword,The woman is proud and majestic sounds ringing in the vast land.,“If you don’t want to watch this country continues to decay,Just follow my new headage,Follow my hands in my hands”
“Let’s fight together!”
The knight is not talking,Instead, I took a breath.,A knight rude to the woman in front of the woman again,Then slowly stand up,Ordered to the surrounding knight,And he own, after everything,Standing behind Kelly,Slowly lift the melody of the sky。
Oville,At the beginning, I totally guarded the friend of the UK.,Now what are you???
I have selected the protagonist for the future of the United Kingdom.,I hope and believe she can change this country.,You think,I am doing right??
If it is your words,How will you choose again??
Chapter 620 Power new
at the same time,Buckingham Palace。
“Really,Actually, I will call the banned books.。”Dimming living room,Rostuta is somewhat uncomfortable,Hold a high cup in her hands,Filled with brandy,“I thought it was possible to analyze the results before three prinions.。”
“That is also very difficult。”Her opposite,The old queen is elegant, a cup of black tea,Satisfied look,“after all,If it is really a saint,From the behavior of that person,His personality is not so milder in the Japanese little girl.。”
“Looks like a cracked is also a Japanese。”Rostuta shiny shrug,“but,I really didn’t expect it.,She can be so easy to master the entire knight party.,It is worthy of the second prior to military dispatch.。”
“It’s my daughter”The quee nodded,“Actually found Katana I,Through this, I will easily become scrap iron by this Katana II in my hands.,This rapid strategy is really excellent”
“Can I understand that you are praising her?”Rosulartal is helpless.,Looking at the Queen of the Look with inexplicable satisfied look,“Your dear daughter will kill you.。”
Be strange,Although the ultimate bishop of the Queen and the UK,Inside the insurgence of the whole country,Two women don’t have a panic,Still like chattering,You are in the living room in the living room.,It seems that they are not discussing about their own life and death.,Instead, in Rajia often。
Just as two women talk to gossip,The door of the living room suddenly shocked,The magical loop inscribed above is blinking.,then,The gate is pushed away.,The black knight of the big block of the armor came in from the door.,The long sword in the hand flashes cold in the bleak light.。

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