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Do n’t be angry is actually a recipe for liver protection

Do n’t be angry is actually a recipe for liver protection

Grumpy is often regarded as a person’s personality traits. In fact, from a Chinese medical point of view, people who have a bad temper and are prone to anger often have liver dysfunction or even organic nature.

Traditional Chinese medicine classifies it as “liver fire”.

  ”Liver fire” can be divided into “virtual” and “real”.

“Real fire” means that the liver fire is prosperous, mostly due to long-term mental depression, emotional inconvenience, stagnation of liver qi, and discomfort caused by depression.

In addition to irritability and irritability, it often manifests as dizziness and pain, red face, red eyes, bitter mouth and dry mouth, or flank pain on both sides of the flank, fractures, constipation, short yellow urine, and poor sleep.

“Xihuo” means that the yang of the liver is normal, but the deficiency of yin and blood makes the yang of the liver relatively strong.

This is often caused by irritated liver injury, qi stagnation and fire, fiery consumption of yin and blood of liver and kidney, or excessive intercourse, old liver and kidney yin deficiency, and liver yang hyperactivity.

In addition to the above-mentioned symptoms of “real fire”, there are also manifestations of yin deficiency such as weakness in the waist and knees, light head and feet.

  ”Liver fire” is easily irritating, and anger is very harmful to the body.

A foreign scientist once conducted an experiment in which the mouse was placed in the gas exhaled when the human was angry, and it was found that the mouse died of poisoning soon!

So how to improve this situation?

  The first thing to do is to regulate your emotions.

The relationship between emotion and “liver fire” is extremely serious. Poor emotional stimulation can cause liver damage, and liver damage can increase emotional imbalance.

Therefore, in order to fundamentally correct this situation, we must learn to regulate our emotions independently, deal with people and things around us with tolerance and peace of mind, and actively deal with the adversity of life.

  The second is to form good living habits, get enough sleep, and sleep well.

Some people think that just sleeping for 8 hours is enough. In fact, the more important thing is sleep time and quality.

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, 11 to 1 am the next day is the time for the liver to work. If you do not sleep during this time, it will cause an excessive workload and damage the liver over time.

  The third is to eat properly.

Eat more protein foods such as eggs, milk, chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, and meat, and eat fresh vegetables and fruits that consume vitamins. Drinks should use a variety of fresh fruit juices. Yogurt and corn juice are also good.The liver is good, and you should drink as little or as little as possible.

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Ways to relieve baby’s brain fatigue

Ways to relieve baby’s brain fatigue

A good rest will lead to healthy development. Sufficient rest time is very important for children who are in the critical period of development. As a parent, do you know how to make your baby have a good development environment?

  Helps you understand the signs of your baby’s brain fatigue: Some people will show restlessness after studying. Usually, he will look away and be restless. He will touch the toy for a while, and make a grimace again.Things that I forget before and after school are often about to be suddenly attracted by something and leave the position.

  Crying and crying Some babies will cry and cry as soon as they are tired, or they may lie on the ground and do nothing to persuade them.

Although some babies don’t cry, they will show a natural expression, and keep their faces flat, no one will care.

Some babies will be depressed, lose their temper, and throw things around.

  Some babies will yawn for a long time while they are studying, just yawning to sleep, some babies simply fall asleep.

  A good rest will lead to healthy development. Sufficient rest time is very important for children who are in the critical period of development. As a parent, do you know how to make your baby have a good development environment?
  Method 1: Lighten the burden, learn more easily, let your baby learn too many subjects, and take too many classes, the baby’s brain will always be in a state of fatigue. For a long time, it will often cause the baby to feel dizzy and bloated., Memory decline, slow response, distracted concentration, reduced learning efficiency, will seriously affect the baby’s intellectual development or physical health.

  Therefore, parents should adjust their swift and quick growth mentality, and gradually improve the baby’s learning burden. When enrolling for various training classes for the baby, consider the baby’s interests and hobbies, use the “less and fine” principle to specifically train the babySomeone’s enhanced ability not only allows the baby’s brain to have a certain rest, but also allows the baby to gain expertise in some aspects.

  Method 2: Change education methods and stimulate interest in learning. For babies, “games” are their favorite way of learning.

Therefore, parents can incorporate learning content into some special games. When the baby is interested in this game, he is willing to participate and continue to do so, so that he can gradually learn the necessary knowledge.

  For example, parents can use water games to teach their babies the nature and use of water, and they can also exercise their abilities.

In addition, parents should give their babies more autonomy when playing games with their babies. Do not intervene or do any work for you. Let the babies decide how to play.

This will make your baby have fun, and it will also stimulate your baby’s thinking ability.

  Method 3: High efficiency of combining work and rest For the baby, the time for each study should not be too long, it should be 35-?
About 0 minutes, depending on the condition of each baby, and then rest for 10?
15 minutes.

There are various ways to rest, but the most active way is the best choice, play “hide and seek” with your baby, or let your baby play outdoors and sing with your baby.

  In this way, the baby’s brain can be fully relaxed and rested. When the baby enters learning again, the spirit will be better and the mind will be more concentrated.

In addition, parents can also allow their babies to alternate learning, which can also keep the brain active and reduce fatigue.

  Method 4: A well-nourished head is more agile in the development of brain cells and normal brain activity, which cannot be achieved without adequate and balanced nutrition intake.

And early childhood is a critical period of brain development. At this stage, more attention should be paid to nutrition, which will greatly benefit the baby’s future intellectual development.

  First of all, parents should help their baby develop good eating habits, try to get the baby to take in a variety of nutrients in a balanced manner, and timely add sugars, proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

Because the amount of glucose consumed by the brain is large, accounting for almost two-thirds of the glucose content in human blood, you should give your baby more foods that contain sugar. In addition, since protein is an important component of brain cells, protein supplementsIt is also very important that milk is the best protein supplement.

  Method 5: Sleep well and get plenty of sleep. An important means to eliminate brain fatigue and improve learning efficiency.

Brain weight is about 2% of body weight?
About 3%.

While sleeping, the body temperature and brain temperature of the body will naturally drop, especially in a deep sleep state, which is particularly beneficial for eliminating brain fatigue and repairing brain cells.

Normally, newborns need to sleep 22 hours a day, 3-year-old babies need to sleep 14 hours a day, while 7-year-old babies need 11 hours of sleep, and 10-year-old babies 10 hours.

  Method 6: Fresh air allows the brain to take a deep breath. Studies have shown that in a turbid room, the baby is very prone to brain fatigue due to lack of oxygen.

Because the brain consumes a lot of oxygen, a fresh air environment is good for brain health.

Therefore, parents can often take their babies to parks or outings while their babies are learning, so that their babies’ brains can get sufficient oxygen in nature, so that the brain cells remain active and vigorous.

In addition, green plants also help to relieve fatigue and purify the air. Therefore, parents can also plant some at home, even improve the indoor air, and can also relax the baby’s brain nerves.

  Method 7: There are many benefits of massaging the brain. When the baby feels tired, the mother can do some simple massages for this. There are three methods: First, comb the hair with the comb on the back of the baby’s head (it can also be replaced by hand).Knead the temples on both sides, or press the lower depression protruding from the bones of the upper and lower ears; third, use your hands to gently pinch the baby’s head 10 times.

Frequent massages nourish the brain and reduce fatigue.

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Does TA really like you?

Read it and know

Does TA really like you?
Read it and know

Whether it is a boy or a girl, there will always be so much embarrassment when facing a person they like, and they dare not tell their love directly, and can only show it by some quiet gestures.

Does TA like you anyway?

  1. He likes to call you and send text messages. At any time of the day, he is very happy to call and text you.

Ask him if there is anything, he will definitely say that nothing is happening, and then diverge from other “topics” to other topics, chat and chat about trivia, just to listen to your voice and feel with you through radio waves.

  2. Pay attention to your actions. He will pay attention to your every move on Weibo and also care about the status of your signature on everyone.

The information about food, travel, and fun stuff you reposted on Weibo is more important than you. He will quietly Baidu when he encounters unfamiliar information or network terms, and tries to have another common topic with you.
  3, to show you that he rarely sees the side in front of you, he has become a talkative and lively person, not only proactively introduce his family situation to you, even his quirks also share with you boldly.

Even the secrets of growing up that few friends know are happy to let you know.

Because you are special to him.

  4, always on time to make appointments on time, he reached the meeting place earlier than you on each date, never let you wait for him, and dressed well, the whole person’s image is brighter than usual.

You can tell from his hairstyle and dress that he must have been carefully designed.

Even the nails are neatly removed.

  Prepare well when dating, the atmosphere is harmonious and there is absolutely no cold field.

And he will be excited to set the date for the next appointment each time.

Being with him will never be cold, and your time together will always pass quickly, giving you the feeling of not being addicted.

  5. Think of your preferences. When you happily express your hobbies in front of him, he will listen with a smile and patience. He will join the discussion enthusiastically when encountering well-known places.

  Even if your hobby is to dress your pet, he will not laugh at you.

Because he thinks that all the time spent talking with you is so precious.

  6. Can’t help but talk to your buddies. If you have friends in common with him, especially good buddies, you will inadvertently hear his buddies say, “He always mentions you with me.”

Because he really likes you so much that he wants to let his friends know that you are good.

This is the show of love.

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