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Du Qifeng: My next movie is still Xiang Zuoyan

Du Qifeng: My next movie is still Xiang Zuoyan
Du Qifeng also acted as an action director, directing Xiang Zuo’s comprehensive fighting scenes, and personally demonstrated “there is a scene in every action.”  ”My Boxing Boyfriend” starring Xiang Zuo and Wang Keru is a love movie created by directors Du Qifeng and Wei Jiahui again after many years.After the film was released on Friday, according to the Cat’s Eye Professional Edition, before the release of the film, the film was released on the 5th and the box office conversion was just over 20 million.In terms of word-of-mouth, it is even more polarized, with a Douban score of 4.8.Because Du Qifeng’s “Galaxy Image” has long-term cooperation with China Star Film Company, and the film starring Xiang Zuo is the son of Chinese star boss Xiang Huaqiang, there are too many questions and controversies about whether the film is Du Qifeng’s favor.In this way, Sauna and Yewang exclusively interviewed director Du Qifeng, screenwriter Wei Jiahui, starring Xiang Zuo, and talked to them about the true story behind and behind the film stage.  The type “Du Wei” love film seeks new and change. In Du Qifeng and Wei Jiahui’s view, this is a movie aimed at the young people, they want to present a new “Du Wei love film”, the entire script polished for two yearsOver a period of time, I have changed more than a dozen editions and also overturned many of the previous assumptions. It is a brand-new attempt to the emotional drama of men and women.Many people say that “My Boxing Boyfriend” is tailor-made for Xiang Zuo, but this statement Xiang Zuo does not mean that although the protagonist Lu Hu does in the movie: fighting, baseball Xiang Xiang Zuo has been tryingAlso insisting on the direction of interpretation, Xiang Zuo said: “The two directors are so famous and part, they don’t need to write a script for one person.In this project, they naturally arranged a lot of games. In addition to my role, many characters in the movie have their own characteristics. They just want to show my strengths.But the main purpose is to challenge and try a new series of men and women with both fighting and singing.The action of Xiang Zuo was beaten and continued to be played. Since 2010, Xiang Zuo has started to compile this film and conducted six years of professional training. Xiang Zuo recalled, “Every hour of kung fu physical exercise, three to four hours of performanceThe training lasted for six years. Du Dao never told me when I was the head. During this period, I was very anxious and anxious. Later, I found that I could only find a solution after I calm down and think about why I could n’t meet the requirements.The way, until 2017, Du guide told me, come on, we can shoot.”Zuo Zuo sighed. It took ten years to wait for Du Duo’s drama.”This time, Du Qifeng was also named an action director. How to shoot Du Qifeng’s action scenes, he bluntly said to Zuo: “His request is to have a play in the action. Every emotion I have on the ring, with what kind of expression to play, youIt’s not just the opponents or the various characters in the audience who have to deal with it. During the process of being stunned, you can’t forget to perform.”In the last scene, Xiang Zuo was dislocated three times on the same day. He also had an unexpected situation of being knocked down and comatose for tens of seconds. However, after only a five-minute break, he returned to the boxing ring. Du Qifeng said:” In terms of personal movements,Xiang Zuo occupied a lot of time.We refer to many MMA games.Everyone is inevitable to be injured during the fight. Xiang Zuo, the martial artist, and other staff members have all been injured, but there is no way, and they will always pay the price of the injury.”Characters look at the effect under a new attempt. In Wei Jiahui’s script, the actor Lu Hu is a person with many shortcomings. He loves to speak foul language, he doesn’t understand gentleness, and he always moves, but he has an advantage, everythingIn consideration for others, “His life is to help others, including Du Xiaojuan, his master Ma Qing, his brothers, and even his debt collectors.I wrote this just to make this character more three-dimensional, and bring out positive messages at any time.”As a gold screenwriter for Hong Kong films, Wei Jiahui said that his challenge this time was to shape the characters so that he became unique and textured. Whatever the themes and routines, the most important thing was to bring freshness to the audience.Xiang Zuo also said: “The two directors are too experienced. If I used too much force when I acted, he would turn into me. If it wasn’t enough, I would increase it. They are very rigorous about the movie.”Du Qifeng said that although Xiang Zuozuo and Wang Keru did not have a hundred points, they have done their best,” Wei Jiahui and I hope this film is different from our previous works, and try to avoid actors who have collaborated in the past.Let’s see what effect our cooperation will produce under the new try. Because it is suitable, we need to find new people. This performance is the initial performance of the new actor. I hope everyone can give space.”Zuo Zuobian did not know Guo Biting Sauna Nightnet when filming: Will the ending of Lu Hu and Du Xiaojuan win the game be ideal?  Xiang Zuo: Actually, everyone wants to live a dream. If we all lose in the end, the dream will break, which is too cruel for the audience.In fact, Director Wei Jiahui still wants to convey his passion for chasing dreams. Everyone carries their dreams, and a happy reunion will convey this message rather than intentionally idealizing.  Sauna Nightnet: Are you afraid of others stabbing at your acting skills?  Xiang Zuo: I did my best at the time, and I didn’t regret it.Like “Legend of the Gods”, although it was tailor-made for me, I think it failed.So this time I am very cautious, this goal is completely new, and there is no big coffee.I think that if the audience does not dance when I watch it, I am satisfied, indicating that we are doing the right thing.  Sauna Night Net: Many people think that you often search for variety shows because of feelings.  Xiang Zuo: No, I didn’t know Guo Biting until I finished the movie.She didn’t know her when she was filming, and she didn’t come to the class. This movie was not released because I had a few variety shows and it was hot.  ■ Du sir’s doubt-making production is large, but my thinking is slow. Sauna Night Net: What is the opportunity to shoot “My Boxing Boyfriend”?  Du Qifeng: My relationship with China Star started in 2000 as the company’s chief operating officer. In addition, I have been cooperating with China Star to shoot many movies.I think our origins, whether they are made or not, have maintained a close relationship over the years.Some people say that this is to give the Chinese Star a human relationship. In fact, my relationship with the Chinese Star has never been a relationship that requires human relationship, because basically everyone already has a relationship with each other.I have to be able to do it too, because we are very good friends and he is also a good boss to me.  Sauna Nightnet: What’s new about returning to the production of romance movies this time?The soundtrack is also very exciting, how about working with Jin Peida?  Du Qifeng: Both Wei Jiahui and I decided not to participate in the popular celebrity show, because this is a movie about young people, we hope to replace some new people to act, so as to have a sense of reality, the object in the film is nowadaysyoung people.In script creation, Wei Jiahui has always been an expert in writing love stories, so we will continue to use the traditional way of creation, that is, his creation, my director.I have collaborated with Jin Peida many times. Everyone already has a lot of communication foundations. There is no need for special communication. As long as you cooperate, everyone will know what you want, and he will often go to the shooting site to communicate with me.  Sauna Night Net: Some of the plots in the movie saw the shadow of Du Qifeng’s movie, and some people remembered the “Judo Dragon Tiger List”. How does this movie exist in Du Qifeng’s movie?  Du Qifeng: Actually, this movie has something to do with Judo Dragon Tiger List. The two movies are also stories about two young people pursuing their dreams. At the same time, they also have elements of inspiration and love.  Sauna Night Net: What new works are you still creating?Now the rhythm of filming is getting slower and slower, what are the reasons for this?  Du Qifeng: Recently, I was shooting a more personalized film with a little more Du Qifeng style elements. This movie also invited Xiang Zuo to play an anti-traditional undercover.Because the reason why filming is getting slower and slower now is the change in the production environment, the production scale is large, and more programs are needed, and my own thinking is slow again.  Writing / Sauna, Yehui Zhou Huixiaowan

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On February 14th, the romantic person asked you to watch a movie-夜 问

On February 14th, romantic people ask you to watch a movie | 夜 问
Answer: A / B / C February 14 is undoubtedly the most romantic day in the world, and many love movies and TV shows will appear on this day.[Picture from top to bottom]”Warm Warm with Light” is directed by Michelle Gondry, starring Kim Carey and Kate Winslet, and begins on a Valentine’s Day morning when the actor Joel prepareA good gift, when he wanted to apologize to the heroine Clementine, he found that the other party did not remember him.It turned out that Clementine couldn’t bear the pain of the two people’s interaction, and went to the “Forgetful Clinic” to delete the memory of Yoel.In response, Joel also went to the “Forgetful Clinic” to erase the memory of Clementine.But the two people who lost their memories still met and fell in love again on Valentine’s Day. Picture 1 shows that the two met on the train.The film won the 77th Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.There is another classic movie that I have to mention. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan ‘s “Sleepless Night in Seattle” are in the catalog of almost all Valentine’s recommended movies.Directed by Nora Efron, the film tells that Sam (Tom Hanks) did not believe in love after his wife died, and he and his son Jonah lived peacefully in Seattle.But Jonah always hoped that his father could start a new life.He called the radio’s emotional hotline on Christmas Eve, and Anne (Meg Ryan) also heard.There was some throbbing in her heart during the phone contact, and she wanted to see Jonah’s father.After many mistakes, the two finally met on the roof of the Empire State Building on the agreed Valentine’s Day.Figure 2 describes the scene of the meeting.Back in Asia, Valentine’s Day is the evergreen theme of many youth campus movies. For example, in the popular movie “First Love This Little Thing”, the green love of Xiaoshui and A Liang’s seniors made many young people in Asia feel excited.On Valentine’s Day, although Xiaoshui, who has grown from an ugly duckling to a big girl, received a lot of gifts, the person he liked still did not appear.Finally, Senior Senior Liang came and brought a white rose. He shyly handed it to Xiaoshui, and made excuses that someone else gave it to him. The feelings between boys and girls brewed in the air.Figure 3 describes the scene of flower delivery.Recently, the starring Pinchena Lewispepine and Mario Maurer will collaborate again, let us look forward to it.>>> The male and female protagonists of the Thai movie “First Love This Little Thing” will cooperate again after a lapse of ten years. Figure 4 Although it is about love and confession, it did not happen on Valentine’s Day, but it appeared on the list of must-see movies on Christmas.The movie “True Love First” is composed of ten small stories related to love. The scene in Figure 4 is the confession of the heroine to the heroine on Christmas Day.

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[Can jujube kernels be eaten directly]_How to eat_How to eat

Do you have a good time? Do you have a good time? Do you have a good pick? Do you have a pick?
Chinese version of the Chinese version or the Chinese version of the Chinese version or the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the Chinese version.嚧鐨勩€傞吀鏋f槸涓€绉嶉噹鐢熺殑姘存灉锛屽鍚冧竴浜涢吀鏋d粊鑳藉鏈夋晥鐨勬不鐤楀け鐪犵殑鐥囩姸锛屽ぇ閮ㄥ垎浜哄枩娆㈢敤閰告灒浠佹潵娉℃按鍠濓紝杩欐牱鑳藉甯姪鐫$湢锛屼絾鏄湁涓€浜涗汉姣旇緝鍠滄灏嗛吀鏋d粊鐩存帴鍚冩帀锛岄偅涔堥吀鏋d粊鍙互鐩存帴鍚冨悧?鐞嗚涓婃潵璇达紝閰告灒浠佹槸鍙互鐩存帴椋熺敤鐨勶紝浣嗘槸涓嶅缓璁ぇ瀹惰繖涔堥鐢ㄣ€傚競闈笂鐨勯吀鏋d粊瑕佷箞鏄粡杩囩倰鍒剁殑锛岃涔堟槸鎵撴垚绮夌殑锛屾湇鐢ㄨ捣鏉ラ兘鏇存柟渚匡紝鍙f劅涔熸洿濂姐€傞吀鏋d粊鏈夊垎涓虹敓閰告灒浠佸拰鐔熼吀鏋d粊锛岀啛閰告灒浠佷篃灏辨槸鐐掑埗鍚庣殑閰告灒浠併€傜敓鐨勫拰鐐掔殑涓昏鍖哄埆鍦ㄤ簬鐐掔殑鏇存湁鍒╀簬鏈夋晥鎴愬垎鐨勭厧鍑猴紝瀹為檯涓婁袱鑰呬綔鐢ㄤ笂娌℃湁澶鐨勫尯鍒€傚彟澶栵紝閰告灒浠佹槸鍚︾敓鍚冭繕闇€鏍规嵁鐥囩姸鑰屽畾銆傛寜涓尰鐞嗚锛屽湪娓╁墏涓敤鐐掓灒浠侊紝娓呭墏涓敤鐢熸灒浠佹槸姣旇緝鍚堢悊鐨勩€傚尰鑽功绫嶄腑绉帮紝鏋d粊”Destroyed, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful; sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful;鐪狅紝鐨嗚冻鍘ラ槾灏戦槼鑽篃銆傗€濇剰鎬濇槸锛岀敓銆佺啛鏋d粊鍧囧彲娌讳笉鐪狅紝鐢熼吀鏋d粊涓昏鐢ㄤ簬鈥滅潯涓嶉啋鈥濅互鍙婄潯鐪犱笉瑙勫緥鐨勪汉缇わ紝鑰岀倰閰告灒浠佸垯涓昏搴旂敤浜庘€滅潯涓嶇潃鈥濈殑澶辩湢鎮h€呫€傛棩甯搁鐢ㄩ吀鏋d粊鍙妸璐拱鍥炴潵鐨勭敓閰告灒浠佹斁閿呴噷鐐掍竴涓嬶紝鐒跺悗娉¤尪鎴栬€呯叜鍚冿紝鐢熷悆鏁堟灉涓嶅ぇ锛岃€屼笖瀹规槗浼ゅ鑲犺儍鍝?閰告灒浠佸敖閲忎笉瑕佺敓鍚冮吀鏋d粊鏄惁鑳界敓鍚冭繖涓棶棰樿繕娌℃湁涓€涓畾璁猴紝寤鸿澶у杩樻槸瑕佸皢閰告灒浠佹斁鍦ㄩ攨閲岄潰鐐掍竴涓嬶紝娉¤尪鎴栬€呮槸鐓潃椋熺敤锛屾晥鏋滀細鏇村ソ锛屽洜I want to know how to do it. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to do it.鐜拌儍瀵掕儍鐥涚瓑涓€绯诲垪闂銆傜敓鍚冮吀鏋d粊鍙兘浼氬鑷磋嚜韬嚭鐜拌垖澶村兊纭紝鍥涜偄楹绘湪浠ュ強鍜藉枆涓嶈垝鏈嶇瓑鎯呭喌锛屾墍浠ュ缓璁ぇ瀹跺湪鏃ュ父杩樻槸瑕佸皢閰告灒浠佺倰鐔熶竴涓嬪啀椋熺敤锛屾棦鍙互棰嗙暐閰告灒浠佺殑钀ュ吇缇庡懗锛屽張涓嶄細缁欒嚜韬甫鏉ヤ换浣曠殑姣掑壇浣滅敤褰卞搷銆?

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[Grain and Miscellaneous Stomach Nourishing Formula]_ Production Method _ Practice Daquan

[Grain and Miscellaneous Stomach Nourishing Formula]_ Production Method _ Practice Daquan

In fact, everyone should know that the purpose of integrating the stomach and nourishing the stomach of the turbine can be made better, but some people do not know how to make the whole grain.It is relatively simple. Many foods are made with grains. For example, the ingredients in cornmeal and eight treasures are all grains, which are good for the stomach.

Cornmeal porridge: Add cornmeal to water to make a paste. After boiling water in the pot, pour in cornmeal.

Stir while pour, after cooking porridge, cook for a while.

Laba porridge: Laba porridge is a traditional porridge. Its ingredients vary slightly depending on the region and taste.

The practice is to add pearl rice, barley kernel, black rice, and some also put ginkgo, lily, lotus seeds, longan, mung beans, pinto beans, etc., and then add candied food.

You can also make black rice flower porridge, two rice porridge (putting millet and rice together to make porridge), millet mung bean porridge, millet brown sugar porridge, millet yam porridge, sweet potato porridge, pumpkin porridge and so on.

Grain bread materials: medium-type dough: 824 g, instant yeast 10 g, water 494 g, main dough: 103 g, rye flour 103 g, wheat protein 51 g, maple sugar 51 g, salt 19 g, milk powder 51 g,Improver 2 grams, 175 grams of water, 51 grams of olive oil, filling: 82 grams, pumpkin seeds 41 grams, wolfberry 41 grams Practice: 1.

Put all the medium-type dough materials together in the mixing tank, stir at a slow speed until there is no dry powder, turn at a medium speed until it becomes a dough, and continue to stir at a medium speed until the dough is gluten, that is, the dough will feel slightly elastic.Take out the dough.


The dough of Method 1 is rounded, put into a steel pot and moved into a fermentation box, and the basic fermentation is performed at a temperature of 28 ° C and a relative humidity of 75% for about 90 minutes.


Pour an appropriate amount of water from the main dough material into the container, add the improver and stir well.


Add all the main dough materials except olive oil into the mixing tank together, add the 2 kinds of dough that is torn into small pieces, and stir at a slow speed to a dry powder-free state.


Add olive oil to method 4 and stir at medium speed until the dough is pulled out to form a film. Add all the filling materials, continue to stir until the dough is pulled out and spread into a thin film. The dough is taken out and rounded.


Divide the method 5 into small pieces of about 250 grams each, then round them, seal them with plastic wrap and let them relax for about 10?
15 minutes.


Use loosening method 6 to roll out the long shape, then roll it into an olive shape, put it in a baking mold and move it into the fermentation box, and perform the final fermentation at a temperature of 38 ° C and a humidity of 85%, about 45 minutes, until the volume expands.Is double the size.


Remove method 7 and leave at room temperature for about 3?
The surface is skinned for 5 minutes, and then 2 knife lines are diagonally drawn on the surface with a cutting knife, and transferred to a preheated oven, 160 ° C above the fire, and 230 ° C under the fire for about 25 minutes.

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[Celery tofu practice]_Celery tofu_How to do_How to do

鑺硅彍璞嗚厫鐨勬惌閰嶄篃鏄瘮杈冨父瑙佺殑锛岃櫧鐒惰鑺硅彍浠ュ強璞嗚厫閮芥槸姣旇緝甯歌鏅€氱殑椋熸潗锛屼絾鏄悎鐞嗙殑鎼厤鍗村彲浠ョ粰鎴戜滑浜彈涓嶄竴鏍风殑缇庡懗锛岃€屼笅闈㈠氨鏄叧浜庤姽Chiseled canister 懮 沮 锅 氭 桶 浠 ュ 强 钀 ュ 吷 锸 癥 銆?涓€銆佸埗浣滄柟娉?銆佽姽鑿滄嫨娲楀共鍑€銆佽眴鑵愪竴鍧椼€佹湪鑰抽€傞噺銆?銆佽姽鑿滃垏涓ゅ叕鍒嗛暱鐨勬銆佹窎姘磋繃鍑夈€佽眴鑵愬垏涓ゅ叕鍒嗛暱鐨勬潯銆佹湪鑰虫挄鐗囥€?銆侀攨閲屾斁娌圭儳鐑€佹斁鍏ヨ眴鑵愮吀鐐掋€?銆 佺 倰 递 霒 霴 霴 愬 倉 閶 勶 纴 鐩 嚘 嚭 徶 囩 啤 劆 劤 銆?銆佺暀搴曟补銆佹斁鍏ヨ懕濮滄湯鐓搁銆佹斁鍏ヨ姽鑿滄湪鑰冲揩鐐掞紝鍐嶆斁鍏ヨ眴鑵愩€佺洂銆侀娌广€佹枡閰掋€佺櫧绯栥€佸懗绮剧倰鍖€銆?銆佸嚭閿呰鐩樸€?浜屻€侀鐢ㄩ』鐭?.I ‘m going to go to this place, I ‘m going to see you, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to go there綋蹇呴渶鐨勫叓绉嶆皑鍩洪吀锛岃€屼笖姣斾緥涔熸帴杩戜汉浣撻渶瑕侊紝钀ュ吇浠峰€艰緝楂橈紱2。It ‘s so rough, it ‘s so rough, and it ‘s not easy to see what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?郴缁熺殑鐮村潖锛岄闃查璐ㄧ枏鏉俱€佷钩鑵虹檶鍜屽墠鍒楄吅鐧岀殑鍙戠敓锛屾槸鏇村勾鏈熷濂崇殑淇濇姢绁烇紱 3.涓板瘜鐨勫ぇ璞嗗嵉纾疯剛鏈夌泭浜庣缁忋€佽绠°€佸ぇ鑴戠殑鍙戣偛鐢熼暱锛?.澶ц眴铔嬬櫧鑳芥伆鍒板ソ澶勫湴闄嶄綆琛€鑴傦紝淇濇姢琛€绠$粏鑳烇紝棰勯槻蹇冭绠$柧鐥咃紱5.姝ゅ锛岃眴鑵愬鐥呭悗璋冨吇銆佸噺鑲ャ€佺粏鑵昏倢鑲や害寰堟湁濂藉銆?

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Haier Zhijia (600690): Overseas business is developing well

Haier Zhijia (600690): Overseas business is developing well

Event: The 2019 Interim Report was released, and the company achieved revenue of 989 in the first half of the year.

800 million, an annual increase of 9.

38%; net profit attributable to mother 51.

500 million US dollars, an annual increase of 7.


Key points for investment: Overseas revenues further increase In the first half of 2019, overseas revenues reached US $ 46.7 billion, a year-on-year increase of 24%. Overseas revenues accounted for 47%, and the proportion increased by 5%.

From the perspective of profitability, the gross profit margin of overseas business has also increased by nearly one substitution compared with the gross profit margin at the end of last year, but it is still lower than the domestic sales business by more than five substitutions.

Considering this achievement, the overall sales of home appliances in the US market fell in the first half of the year5.

6% obtained under the background, indicating that the company’s overseas competition is steadily increasing, and the company’s main growth point in the future will also mainly depend on overseas.

Under the background of the overall sluggish domestic market, the retail sales of refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners in the first half of the year were reduced by increasing their share in the first half of the year.

3%, 3.

9%, 8.

2%, the retail sales of kitchen appliances, water heaters fell by 2.

9%, 1.

0%, the domestic home appliance retail market is not booming, and the company’s internal revenue is only 1%. However, the company seeks to increase market share by focusing on explosive model competition and guiding products to increase high-end market share. The company’s main products are refrigerators and washing machine lines.The next market share is 3 in the second place.

1x and 2x, the online market share is 2x and 2 respectively of the second place.

1 times.

Taking smart home landing as the starting point to enhance product power and build an overall competitive advantage The company’s kitchen appliances revenue increased 23%, refrigerators increased 9%, and washing machines increased 22% in the first half of the year.

9%, but the air conditioner is 6 per second.

55%, mainly due to the expansion of the domestic air-conditioning industry in the first half of the year and increased competition in the industry, but the company integrates the advantages of the parallel industry and the entire process, and actively promotes the deployment of the smart home network.Integrate Zhijia Cloud, improve user experience, create overall competitive advantages, and promote high-end smart complete sets of products to grow 24% sequentially in the second quarter.

Leading products, retail transformation and transformational operations shape the company’s future. The company will expand its product washing strategy and the leading advantages of water heater products to achieve product leadership. The retail network will realize the comprehensive transformation of township networks, service providers, and business personnel.Home brand new connected network.

In overseas markets, a 360-degree marketing model upgrade for brands, industries, markets and other channels is established to promote “explosive” marketing.

Profit forecast and total investment The company’s profit growth in the first half of the year was lower than revenue growth, due to the increase in research and development expenses and management expenses, of which research and development expenses reached 2.7 billion US dollars, an increase of 21%; administrative expenses of 4.5 billion US dollars, an increase of 12%.

After the company’s large overseas acquisitions, management costs will remain high for a long time, and research and development costs will be difficult to reduce under the high-end strategy.

According to the domestic appliance market entering the 苏州桑拿网 adjustment period and the global economic downturn, the company’s growth will tend to gradually.

Therefore, the company is expected to increase revenue by 9% and profit by 11.

8%, expected EPS is 1.

17 yuan, 13 times of dynamic assessment, and recommended rating.

Risk warning: Real estate stall drags down, industry competition intensifies, overseas economic slowdown drags down, and risks of failure of overseas mergers and acquisitions.

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Weixing New Material (002372) Interim Report Comments: Steady Growth in New Business

Weixing New Material (002372) Interim Report Comments: Steady Growth in New Business

Core point of view: The company achieved operating income in the first half of 201921.

50,000 yuan, + 12% for the whole year; maximize profits 5.

3 billion, a year + 15%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

4.4 billion, previously + 15%.

“Quality” is more important than “quantity”.

In 西安桑拿 the first half of 2019, the PPR business will be + 10% for ten years, the PE business will be -4% for half a year, the PVC business revenue will be + 30% for one year, and the waterproof and water purification business revenue will increase + 90%.

Attributive analysis shows that, one, the company’s second-quarter growth rate is indeed the company’s initiative to optimize the quality of municipal engineering operations, while the municipal engineering business volume has declined, but at the same time the company’s operating quality has improved, and the first half of the year receivable income increased 9%, Which is lower than the growth rate of revenue, and the net cash flow from operating activities has increased by more than 21%, which is higher than the growth rate of net profit.

Second, the continuous heavy volume of 深圳桑拿网 concentric circles business is the bright spot. Benefiting from the synergies of brands and retail channels, the waterproofing and water purification business has significantly increased since last year, and the gross profit margin has also started to rise significantly. The future will also be the company’s business growth highlights; PVCThe business was driven by the construction engineering and retail business channels, and revenue maintained rapid growth.

Third, the growth rate of PPR business revenue has improved rapidly, mainly due to the impact of hardcover housing and the sluggish industry demand. The company began to arrange hardcover housing channels to respond to changes in downstream procurement channels.% +.

Strong brand and channel, excellent business management and profitability remain high.

The company’s gross profit margin in the first half of 2019 was 46.

36%, rising by 0 every year.

3pct, stay high.

In terms of different products, the company’s gross profit margin increased mainly from the increase in the gross profit margin of PE and waterproof water purification business.

In the first half of 2019, the gross profit margin of the PPR business was 58%, which was extended by 0 every year.

78pct. Although affected by hardcover, gross profit margin of PPR business remained stable.

The gross profit margin of PE business was 35%, an increase of 4 a year.

53 points, mainly from the company’s optimization of business and falling raw material prices.

Waterproof and water purification gross margin was 37%, surpassing the increase of 5.

67pct, the scale effect of the business began to increase.

The cost rate during the period was 21.

88%, a slight decrease of 0 every year.

2pct, affected by the effect of scale, the sales + management expense rate are showing a slow downward trend.

Investment suggestion: Maintain “Buy” rating.

The company has a good governance structure and strong operation and management capabilities. It has established high-end brands in the home improvement pipeline through business model innovation and strong channel management capabilities, and has a wide moat.

The company still has room for expansion in the field of home improvement pipe, and at the same time has both brand and channel advantages. The company began to expand its category to the home improvement waterproofing and water purification market. It is a high probability event to replicate its success in the field of home improvement pipe; meanwhile, it will expand construction engineering and municipalEngineering business, layout of refined decoration channels, with operating quality as the core.

Taken together, the company’s performance growth is sustainable and stable growth can be expected. We expect EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.

84, 0.

97, 1.

14 yuan, based on the company’s estimated PE average of 25x in the past five years, taking into account the speed of performance growth, we believe that we can give the company a 23x PE valuation in 2019, corresponding to a reasonable value of 19.

32 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: The real estate market is sluggish, raw material prices are rising, and new business development is less than expected.

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GF Securities (000776): Equity Derivatives Trading Business Affected by Market Impact

GF Securities (000776): Equity Derivatives Trading Business Affected by Market Impact


Event: The company disclosed its 2018 annual report and achieved revenue of 152.

700 million, a decrease of 29 previously.

2%, net profit attributable to mother is 43.

0 billion, a previous decrease of 50.

0%, lower than expected (originally expected to return to mother’s net profit every 21 years.


The reported budget ROE is 5.

07%, a decrease of 5 from the previous year.

48 points.

The performance was lower than expected due to changes in equity market investment income, the company’s trading and institutional business segments in the reporting period achieved revenue8.

6 trillion, a reduction of 72 a year.

5%, mainly due to possible equity investment.

Equity and derivatives trading business was under pressure, and FICC business realized net investment income of 45.

500 million, an annual increase of 22%.

At the end of 18, trading financial assets were 88.3 billion, other debt investment was 79.5 billion, and other equity instruments were 10.8 billion, totaling 187.6 billion.

Derivative financial assets at the end of the year were 175 ppm, an increase of 2 per year.

2 times; nominal amount of derivative financial instruments 1.

44 trillion U.S. dollars, an annual increase of 77%, of which the scale of equity derivative financial instruments was 19.4 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 17%. Due to changes in the rights market, the company’s equity and derivatives trading business replaced.


The company actively develops FICC business. In 18 years, ChinaBond has the second largest trading volume in the industry, with solid sales and net investment income of 45.

5 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.


Revenue from repo transactions increased by 36% annually, driving revenue growth in the wealth management business segment once.


18 years of share trading market share 4.

37%, remained stable; the market share of fund trading was 2.

09%, increase by 1 every year.

2pct; the brokerage business income decreased by 24%, mainly due to the decrease in market transaction volume. The company’s intelligent investment consulting beta cattle service customers have reached 700,000. In the future, it will continue to deepen the technology and financial model to help wealth management transformation.

Stock pledged interest income increased significantly: At the end of the period, the company’s stock pledged business balance of US $ 22.3 billion, a continuous decline of 16%, and repurchase business interest income of US $ 1.6 billion, an increase of 35.


Large asset management business income surpassed brokerage, and the average monthly scale of active asset management ranked third.

18-year asset management income 37.

400 million, down slightly by 6%.

At the end of the year, the scale of asset management was 38.14 million yuan, a decrease of 27.


The company continues to deepen its active asset management transformation. In 18 years, it has ranked third in the industry in terms of the average monthly asset scale. The increase in the overall portable management fee rate will change the impact of the decline in the scale of the channel business. It is expected that the asset management performance will resume positive growth;E Fund, a 51% -controlled GF fund, and the size of its public offering funds each increased by 7.

6%, + 67

3%, net profit decreased by 2.7%, 52.


The 18 years of equity distribution and sales have gradually led to pressure on the performance of investment banks. In 19 years, the science and technology board launched the company to promote benefits.

For the full year of 2018, the income of investment banks decreased by at least 56%; in terms of scale, the company’s IPO lead underwriting37.

9.5 billion, ten years -77.

6%, refinancing lead underwriting 90.

4.1 billion, ten years -55.

0%, the scale of bond underwriting is 963.

160,000 yuan, at least -17.

2%; The concentration of equity financing on large customers in 18 years is relatively unfavorable to the company’s service model based on SMEs, but in 19 years it will help to benefit from the recovery of the primary market.

The magnitude of the pressure drop in credit business was not large, and credit impairment was provided in 20183.

0 billion, of which 1 in the fourth quarter accrued 1.

500 million.

Capital was raised 453 at the end of 18 years.

600 million, bought back 368 financial assets.

At the end of the period, the assets of credit business / net assets attributable to the parent are approximately 96.

6%, 15 earlier.

武汉夜生活网8pct, the decrease is smaller than that of the industry.

Maintain the company’s overweight rating. The current closing price is only 17 times the 19-year PE.

The company’s self-employed performance in 18 years was affected by the influence of the market. The market grew in 19 years and the trading activity increased. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the mother in 2019-2021 will be 82.

7 billion, 105.

300 million, 118.

100 million (slightly lowered the profit forecast for 19-20 years, the original forecast was 84.

100 million and 106.

800 million, a forecast of 2021), an increase of 92 each year.

4%, 27.

3%, 12.

2%, corresponding to the latest closing price of PE is 17 times, 13 times and 12 times.

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Check your lover’s phone the most emotional

Check your lover’s phone the most emotional

Career success is not equal to marriage happiness. Ms. Julie, a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at Peking University and an international MBA from Beijing University.

  Prior to the establishment of Absolute 100 Marriage Network, Julie held a senior management position in CCTV.

Julie said, “When I went to Peking University to study for an MBA in 2001, I had a deeper understanding and understanding of how to achieve a happy marriage.

At that time, a total of 102 people in our class were basically executives and founders of various enterprises.

It should be said that all belong to people with more successful careers.

Maybe it’s professional sensitivity. Soon I discovered an amazing fact that a large proportion of them are unhappy in marriage!

Some have broken up, some are in conflict, and some are not satisfied with their other half, especially women, who are still single.

Why is this so?

I thought it was a special case of CCTV’s unique media environment.

This is the beginning of my research on marriage in the surrounding environment. At that time, I was serious about this already common phenomenon.

“Differences in key dimensions lead to emotional breakdown.” Julie said, “Hundreds of pairs of cases have been visited abnormally, and my evidence has changed again.

In addition to the huge difference in values of life as the biggest killer of marriage, I also found that several other important dimensions of life also have a great impact on marriage.

People with increased sense of responsibility will be very depressed and even indignant when they are with weaker people.

They don’t understand why each other is so irresponsible?

Don’t you love me?

He must not care about me!

This is the origin of the contradiction.

Also, a sense of trust. Some people have a higher degree of trust in others, while others substitute.

When two people with this dimension difference are together, it ‘s easy to mistrust each other. Ask questions, check your phone, etc. Such small things happen frequently around us. Except for the reason that someone is not confident, trustSense is also some outstanding preliminary.

“There are other dimensions that you may not have imagined, but they are also one of the main killers that cause emotional breakdown!

Ms. Julie said, “Of course, the way of communication and tolerance have an important impact on the intimate relationship between the two. I will not explain them one by one. Let me talk about romance. I didn’t expect this dimension to be so important at first.

It is often heard in life that XX is romantic, and XX does not have a romantic cell. If the two people differ greatly in this dimension, both parties will feel very bad.

One party will argue: no fun!

It even says it’s like wood!

Delayed and so on.

The other side was wronged and confused, and I didn’t understand that I was so good to her. Why was she always dissatisfied?

So picky!

and many more.
“Ms. Julie said:” Huge demand and professional responsibility are the basis for my sprout to create the absolute 100 dating network.

After careful research on the dating market, I found that most dating websites only provide a simple platform for understanding and exchange, and cannot give some basic guidance to both men and women on how to build a harmonious and happy marriage relationship.

The result of simple understanding will cause a new round of emotional breakdown and the couple break up.

Even if I know a little about common sense to achieve a harmonious relationship when starting a relationship, I can avoid a lot of misfortunes. This is what I can do.

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Whitening methods teach you to quickly transform into Snow White

Whitening methods teach you to quickly transform into “Snow White”

As a woman, it is necessary to master basic whitening methods. As the saying goes, one hundred covers three ugliness, so whitening is very important. So how to do whitening work in such a hot summer?
How to resist the sun’s rays?
Don’t worry, teach you a few recipes today to make you easily become Snow White.
  Many women like to use some expensive cosmetics to improve their skin tone. In fact, whitening is a very simple thing. Most whitening products on the market do not have such great effects.
Instead, there will be dependence, which is also bad for health. First of all, it is your wise choice to discard whitening products.
Secondly, cuties need to use very natural methods to care for the skin, such as lemons and tomatoes. These are common whitening ingredients that can fight back the melanin in the skin.
Cuties want to be whiter and whiter. Maybe follow the instructions below!
  1. People who wash their skin with white vinegar and oily skin can use a small spoon of white vinegar and warm water to wash their face to whiten the skin. In this way, the thick cuticle can be thinned and softened.
When washing your face with white vinegar, remember that you cannot be too greedy and fast. Excessive use will burn off the stratum corneum and make the skin very thin.
  2. Apply a yogurt mask. Make a yogurt mask 1-2 times a week. It can be directly eaten with the yoghurt that we can eat. There are many lactic acid bacteria in it, which can make the skin quickly turn white.
Yogurt mask is healthy and affordable, and it does not harm the skin and has no side effects.
  3. Pearl powder whitening Pearl powder has a significant whitening effect and has a good nourishing effect on the skin.
Take 3 scoops of pearl powder, one crushed vitamin E, and then use pure water to make a paste.
Apply on the face and wash it with pure water after 20 minutes.
  4, milk whitening prepare a small cup of fresh milk, (in the summer, you can also put fresh milk in the refrigerator, apply cool, it will be more comfortable).
Steam the face with steam, soak the cotton pad with fresh milk, leave it on the face for about 15 minutes, remove it, and wash the milk with clean water.
Long-term adherence can make skin tone white and even.
  5、泡薏仁水喝  使用意仁粉,加一小匙在大约1000cc的水中,当饮用水喝,不单只对皮肤好,连对减肥都有神奇的幼议寣I这是利用意仁具有利尿The effect can reduce puffiness, so it has a slimming and thin face and it is also very helpful for whitening the skin.
  6, soaking in hot springs, whitening, hot springs, hot springs can not only make skin smooth and smooth, but also eliminate fatigue.
If you have skin allergies, using hot springs can also improve!
  7. Applying seaweed mask Use seaweed mask to apply the face, the whitening effect is very good, and it can supplement the collagen of the face, so that the skin is moist and white.
  8. Sufficient sleep: The skin will enter the metabolic time after 10 pm. Whitening, sleep is the key. It is necessary to ensure more than 8 hours of sleep a day, and always maintain a cheerful attitude, and the whole body skin will naturally be white.
  9. Drink plenty of water. Drink a large cup of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning and a small cup before bed to allow cells to fully absorb water, which can effectively prevent the appearance of melanin and have a whitening effect.
Remember to guarantee at least 8 glasses of water every day.
  10. Green tea bath: Put the green tea residue you have drank in the bathtub, inject hot water, and soak in the green tea water for 10-20 minutes.
Green tea bath can effectively remove the oil and dirt on the skin surface, and has the effect of toning and removing scalp and softening keratin.
Whitening can also be achieved by bathing regularly with green tea.
  11、把握出行时间  紫外线是全身美白的的最大敌人,因而要尽可能的避开紫外线较强的时段出行,早上10点至下午2点是一天之中紫外线最强的时段,对肌肤的伤害很Large, it is best not to travel at this time, you must also wear sun protection tools, such as UV umbrellas.
  12、使用防晒产品  烈日当空,怎么样也少不了防晒产品,每天出门要擦防晒霜,出行时每隔3-4个小时擦一次防晒霜,因为流汗有可能把之前涂的防晒霜冲没了, So pay attention to your skin and give proper protection.
  13, eat more foods containing vitamin C 必需 essential substances of the human body is indispensable vitamin C, eat more foods containing vitamin C, is important for whitening the whole body, such as apples, grapes, oranges, etc. can be very good whitening.
  There are several simple ways to whiten the skin 1. Sun care If you want to make your skin fair, sun protection must be an issue that cannot be ignored.
The reason why the skin of the eyebrows turns black is because they are exposed to ultraviolet light. If you want to keep your skin away from ultraviolet radiation, you can only stay indoors and occasionally go out. Use sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 or more.To protect the skin.
In addition, you need to wear a hat and cover your face when going out, while protecting the skin, it is also more fashionable!
  2. Exfoliating in the summer once every two weeks. Some crushes, because they feel that their skin is not white, are exfoliating crazy. This is a very wrong approach.
Frequent exfoliation will damage the skin’s protective film, making the skin more sensitive and detrimental to skin health.
Cuticles can be exfoliated every two weeks. You can make your own scrub. Add regular oatmeal or almond powder to your regular cleansing milk, and then gently wipe the skin with a small soft brush, which can effectively remove the skin.Excess keratin to prevent skin from appearing dark yellow and rough.
  3、自制柠檬爽肤水  柠檬汁有着极强的美白功效,它富含果酸,又是天然的去角质剂,又富含柠檬酸,有非常好的漂泊作用,使用柠檬汁护肤,可以很好地Brightens and whitens skin.
Use a cotton ball to dip a small amount of lemon juice and apply it on the face and neck. After 20 minutes, wash it with water. After long-term use, the skin will be significantly whitened.It should be noted that after using lemon juice for skin care, do not go out and bask in the sun immediately. This will make the skin very sensitive. At the same time, lemon juice can whiten the skin, but it will dry the skin. Remember to apply moisturizer after washing your face.

Use lemon to whiten the skin. Don’t overdo it, so as not to irritate the skin.

  4, raw potato chips wipe the skin potatoes contain a large amount of vitamin C content, potatoes have a very good whitening effect, cuties can be directly cut into several pieces of potato chips, coated on the skin, especially the spots, and gently wipe,Can achieve very good whitening effect.

The use of potato chips to whiten skin is a long-term skin care conditioning process. Eyebrows should not be rushed. Occasionally, it can be done once. If it is repeated, it will hurt the skin and make the skin more fragile and sensitive.

  5. Wipe the skin with milk Milk has a very good whitening effect. Frequently wiping the skin with milk can make the skin more fair and delicate. Whitening the skin with milk requires long-term adherence. Occasionally, once or twice, the effect is not great.

Milk wipes the skin for whitening, which is more suitable for those with healthy skin and less melanin deposits.

  Conclusion: The above is the content about how to whiten for you. Through the introduction above, have you learned these whitening methods recommended by everyone?

Whitening is as simple as that. Keep going. You can also be Snow White!

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