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Men’s mentality in love is fully revealed

Men’s mentality in love is fully revealed

Regardless of blood-type symptoms: these men are generally in an active offensive state in love activities. When they meet a girl who agrees with the person in their dreams, or when the girl they have been longing for gives themWhen there is a glimmer of hope, their nerves will be highly excited, so they will desperately devote themselves to the love movement, launching the most violent attack on the target regardless of the cost.

  In this situation, the men in love always maintain a state of high excitement. In order to get the love and love of their lovers, they can say that they have spared no effort.

  Once, when the lover saw a jewellery with a price of 8,500 yuan in the mall, she was very moved, and our male protagonist only earns 750 yuan a month. At present, the bank deposit is only 10,000 yuan.I bought this jewellery for my lovers, even though they determined that the relationship was less than a month old, and even the girl might soon become another multimillion-dollar fashion in the store and expressed great interest.

  Symptoms of Gain and Loss: Men with Gain and Loss are a classic paradoxical complex.

They may have met their lovers themselves or they were introduced by others.

Such men are often too calm, too calm, showing too much trouble in their relationship with their lovers.

Number of people, they fall in love with their lover (or have not yet determined whether they fall in love with each other at all), and hope to work with her to join together, but instead, they are reluctant to spend too much time, income and money for theirBecause they are not sure whether they and their lover will succeed in the future, they don’t see the hare or the hawk.

The reason is that the typical man is too realistic and relatively lacks the passion of love; or because he has felt some setbacks emotionally, which causes heavier suspicion and is afraid to be deceived again.

  Self-righteous symptoms: This man is often talented and at the center of public praise, so he feels generally superior.

In love activities, they are mostly passive, but they also have a sense of self-domination.

He said that he was in a passive state because the girl around him was not his effort to chase it, but someone else was attracted by the charm of our hero, in this case, no matter how good the girl isRarely, our male protagonist is also unaware, so he will have an inexplicable sense of superiority, and thinks that as long as he doesn’t disapprove, the girls around him will stay with them forever.They always appear in front of lovers as a charity, and sometimes even arrogant.

  Depression symptoms: Men with depression are generally known to lovers through introductions from others.

Such men are usually not very good in their own conditions, and lack a healthy and cheerful attitude, so they lack self-confidence and inferiority.

They rarely show their strengths in front of the opposite sex, and even deep in their hearts is very eager to have the love and tenderness of their lovers.

Therefore, once someone cares about him and introduces friends, he will be grateful and will cherish this opportunity.

But the bad thing is that the stubborn inferiority complex is always present and lingering.

When his lover talked happily with other men, when his lover temporarily rejected one of his invitations due to physical inconvenience, when his lover was given the opportunity to be promoted or raised . The inferiority demonHe jumps out at any time, he puts all his attention on the lover, and cares too much about the views and evaluations of the lover and the people around him. Over time, he will increasingly ignore his own advantages and charm.The advantages and charms that are not superfluous continue to die away.

  Sloppy army-type symptoms: Most of these men ignore the nature of love and are more indifferent to psychological pleasure.

They know that skin contact is more than emotional communication. They acknowledge that the end of marriage is more than the process of love. Therefore, they adopt a sloppy attitude towards love. As long as they see the girl, and the girl is willing to marry herselfIn that case, they don’t even feel like getting married right away, it doesn’t matter if they are in love.

So as long as there is a little external cause to catalyze, they immediately made a request to their lover to enter the siege.

A junior heard that the unit was to be divided into houses, and he did not hesitate to go back to the one who asked him to marry, but he ignored the fact that the two knew each other only one or two months (note!

They are not the kind of lovers who fell in love at first sight, and maybe they haven’t really pulled them together). It can be said that he is a typical sloppy special force.

It’s amazing that this kind of person still has a good market, just like the old man mentioned above, in the end, he really did as he wished for the harvest of the house lady, and he was praised by his friends, especially his father-in-law.: Well, my son-in-law is so capable.

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Psychological Analysis of Sister and Brother

Psychological Analysis of “Sister and Brother”

In addition to the physical advantages, the feeling of “sister-to-sister love” is stronger than ordinary emotions, and it is also inseparable from the unique psychological factors of the sibling-lover.

  First, the love of sisters and siblings must have the courage to counter-traditional, break old habits, and the happiness in exchange for withstanding the pressure of tradition and custom is itself the happiest and worthy of cherishment.

It is often said that lovers eventually become dependents for this reason.

  Second, the sibling relationship arises because both men and women are attracted to the unique charm of each other, which is found in lovers of traditional age.

Most of the men who have suffered a sibling affair are more mature in age and have more views on girls than their peers. Such feelings can only be found in mature women, which is irreplaceable by other little girls.

And the woman can find the same mature temperament in the boy as the adult man, and the boy has more pure love and passion than the adult man, it is more likely to arouse the love of the woman, which is also difficult for his peers to replace.

These irreplaceable characteristics make their feelings more stable.

  Third, sibling love often shows that women’s self-confidence and men’s maturity.

A confident woman and a mature man (man’s maturity is not defined by age), their behavior is often clear.

They don’t joke on serious topics, and they don’t play tricks on life.

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How does sexual intercourse nourish and tonic?

How does sexual intercourse nourish and tonic?

The wedding honeymoon is sweet.

However, due to excessive sexual life, men and women often feel fatigued, dizzy, dizzy, weak limbs, palpitations, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, back pain, dim and heavy all day, indicating that sexual life has been excessive and should be controlled in time, Appropriate tonic.

Replenishing the needed nutrients in a timely manner is beneficial to both the spouse and future generations.

  Types of sexual intercourse strains include ecstasy, spermatophoresis, and seizures.

  Causes of Sexual Injury Injury Sexual injury is excessive sexual life. The reasons include: excessive repetition of sexual intercourse; forced sexual intercourse when physical strength is unavailable; too much desire and masturbation loss.

Chinese medicine believes that Jing, Qi, and God are the three treasures of the human body, of which Jing is the foundation, Qi is the power, and God is the intervention. The three can be transformed into each other.

If the lust is excessive, the kidney essence will be damaged, the severe injury will be discouraged, and the discouraged will be scattered.

The essence is severely damaged, and God and Qi will have no attachment, resulting in both Qi and God being injured and causing serious illness.

  Sexual injury and tonic adjustment method for newlywed honeymoon, sexual intercourse changes, proper service of kidney tonic essence is necessary, here are a few models for reference.

  Braised trotters with shallots: The main ingredients are trotters and shallots.

Wash 2 trotters and 150g of shallots, and reserve. Put the trotters and shallots in a pot together, add the right amount of salt, add water, first boil with high heat, add cooking wine, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, and simmer with low heat.
  Chinese wolfberry and red date porridge: The main ingredients are wolfberry, red dates, and previous rice.

Pick up 15g of wolfberry, 9 red dates, 75g of previous rice.

After boiling, add the previous rice, medlar, red dates, and simmer until the red dates are ripe.

Eat supper before going to bed at night.

Because it has the effect of calming the nerves and relieving the heart and kidneys, it is suitable for room labor injury caused by palpitation, insomnia, dizziness and kidney qi degeneration.

  Qiangjing Bushen Food Recipe: 30g of wolfberry and pig kidney are stewed together; 30g of sea cucumber and 60g of black sesame are stewed together; 1 catfish, 30g of peach kernel and 250g of rice porridge.

  The above dietary treatments can all strengthen the kidney, prevent impotence, premature ejaculation, and replace the honeymoon life in the newly-married sex life.

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The habit of looking up to stop the nosebleed is actually wrong!

The habit of looking up to stop the nosebleed is actually wrong!

Nasal bleeding, also known as epistaxis, is one of the common clinical symptoms. It is mostly caused by the occurrence of nasal cavity, but also by the whole body, and occasionally, it is caused by nasal displacement due to bleeding near the nasal cavity.

  When a child’s nose is bleeding, parents often tell the child to look up to stop the bleeding, but experts think this method is not desirable.

Chen Yuehua, deputy chief physician of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the First Hospital of Shijiazhuang City, said that the onset of nosebleeds in children, due to the increase in the temperature of the air and the decrease in humidity, dilated the constricted nasal blood vessels and caused dryness, itching and other discomfort in the nasal cavity.Digging, that will bleed, coupled with vaginal movement of the veins, it is more likely to cause nosebleeds.

  When a child has a nosebleed, parents often ask the child to raise his head to stop the bleeding, but this will not only help stop the bleeding, but it is also prone to accidents.

Nasal bleeding in children mainly occurs in front of the nasal cavity. If you raise your head, blood will flow behind the nasal cavity, mouth, trachea and even the lungs.

  The lighter may cause tracheitis and pneumonia; the severer may cause tracheal blockage, difficulty breathing, and even life-threatening; if the blood is suffocated, it may also cause stomach discomfort or pain.

  The correct method of hemostasis is to apply cold or ice water towels to the forehead, the back of the nose, and other parts. Cold stimulus transfers the small blood vessels in the nose to contract and stop the bleeding. It can also be filled with clean gauze and cotton.Inside, if you can apply some hemostatic agents, etc., the effect will be better.

Chen Yuehua reminded that parents should warn them not to dig their noses when itching their noses, and to give light products in their diets. Do not eat fried foods more. You can take silver flower, chrysanthemum, Ophiopogon, raw water decoction to prevent nosebleeds.

  If your child has frequent nosebleeds and is accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever and stuffy nose, go to the hospital in time to rule out the possibility of suffering from blood diseases.

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