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China released the facts about China and the United States economic and trade friction and Chinese position "white paper

    The State Council Information Office released the "facts about China and the United States economic and trade friction and the Chinese position" white paper, aimed at clarifying the facts of Sino-US economic and trade relations, clarifying China’s policy position to China and the United States, and promotes reasonable resolution.

  The white paper is about 10,000 words. In addition to the preface, including six parts, which are the facts of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation, the facts of Sino-US economic and trade relations, the US government’s trade protectionism, US government’s trade heroism, USA The critical practice of the government’s hazards in the development of the world economy, and China’s position.

  White Paper said that China is the largest developing country in the world, and the United States is the world’s largest developed country. China-US economic and trade relations is both significant for both countries, but also have a pivotive impact on global economic stability and development. White paper pointed out that China and the United States and the economic development stage, economic system, existence of economic and trade friction is normal, and the key is how to enhance mutual trust, promote cooperation, and control differences. For a long time, the two governments have been established in the principle of equality, rationality, and the principles of China, have established China-US Commercial Trade, the strategic economic dialogue, strategic and economic dialogue, comprehensive economic dialogue, etc., the two sides pay for this Unremitting efforts to ensure that China-US economic and trade relations overcome various obstacles in the past 40 years, continuous development, and become a crimping stone and propeller of Sino-US relations. The white paper said that since the 2017 new US government has taken place under the US priority slogan, abandoning the basic guidelines such as mutual respect, equality consultations, implement unilateralism, protectionism and economic hegemony, special for many countries and regions. It is a series of inextricity of unfaith, using the continuous increase in tariffs, and trying to take the limit pressure method to impose its own interests to China.

  White paper says that in the face of this situation, China has started from the common interests of the two countries and the World Trade Order, adhere to the basic principles of controversy through dialogue, responded to the United States with the greatest patience and sincerity, and properly handles differences in the same manner. , Overcome various difficulties, carry out multi-wheel dialogue consultations with the United States, put forward pragmatic solutions, and make a hard effort to stabilize bilateral economic and trade relations.

However, the United States is invested by the drug, causing difficult to launch, leading to the continuous upgrade of China and the United States, so that the two governments and people have been cultivated in China and the United States have been greatly damaged, which also enables multilateral trade system and free trade principles. serious threat.

In order to clarify the facts of the China-US economic and trade relations, clarify China’s policy position to China and the United States, and promote the reasonable solution, the Chinese government released this white paper.

  White paper pointed out that China and the United States economic and trade relations are related to the well-being of the two peoples, and they are also related to world peace, prosperity and stability.

For China and the United States, cooperation is the only correct choice, and win-win can lead to a better future. China’s position is clear, consistent, firm.

  (Reporter Han Jie Liu Wei) [Editor: Coco] Related links.

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After implementing the professional enlightenment education in primary and secondary schools … First-line practitioners tell the story of them and students – Middle School Dynamics

[Abstract] Recently, the Sino-pro-office and national office issued the "Opinions on Promoting the High Quality Development of Modern Vocational Education", requiring to strengthen the general education and vocational education of various sects, in general primary and secondary school implementation of professional enlightenment education, cultivate skills Intellectual Ability of Interests and Career Planning. Recently, the Sino-pro-office and national office issued the "Opinions on Promoting the High Quality Development of Modern Vocational Education", requiring to strengthen the general education and vocational education of various sects, and implement professional enlightenment education in ordinary primary and secondary schools, and cultivate the hobbies of skills. The ability to consciousness of career planning. The primary and secondary schools is an important stage of the students to cognition self, cultivate interest, and to establish aspiration. At this time, the professional enlightenment education is carried out, and the correct occupational view of young children, the concept of choice, according to their own interests, choose the future life path, It also helps to develop a solid foundation for cultivating high-skilled talents, building a strong country, quality and strong country, and skills China. The current situation of professional enlightenment education is implemented in primary and secondary schools. What kind of gains and experiences have to listen to several first-line practitioners tell their story and students. At the Yaohu Airport, Jiangxi Nanchang, the retired pilot led the students in Nanchang Second Middle School to conduct a real machine teaching experience.

Xinhua News Agency issued a "Xing Kiln Ceramics Fire Skill" National Non-Leg Project Representative Inheritance, "Xing Kao Ceramics Fire Skills", guiding students to experience ceramic tacit skills.

Xinhua News Agency has sent a larger blue sky to the rural children, and Zhao Yifei, deputy director of Ming Village, Ming Village, Qingdao, Shandong, and learned the knowledge of the blue ocean today. It’s amazing! I will be used later A ocean exploration home.

"Scratch knowledge I have mastered, but also let the robot ‘fire", I am far away from a programmer "… In the campus, I can often listen to the children talk about the future, full of future Tall.

This kind of yearning is derived from the career enlightenment education.

In this past few years, I am more and more deeply realized that the career enlightenment education is more important to rural children. So, we set up a research group to study, try to penetrate the career enlightenment education into the teaching teaching, helping the children establish the correct vision concept.

Mingcun Town is an agriculture, industrial town, providing a lot of convenient conditions for career enlightenment education.

We combine unique geographical advantages and agricultural cultural resources in the Ming Village, and actively contact the social group organization to establish a student career enlightenment practice base. From March to June, we will organize students to participate in labor in blueberries, and saints. September, September, in October, students walk into local winery to learn brewing technology, familiar with wine production process In November, students came to Lianyama Casting Practice Base, visiting the precision parts of rails, trains, heavy machinery.

Technical Instruments will conduct simple operation guidance for students, so that they will experience the hard work and happiness of work. "Lid Tree" is a main line throughout our professional enlightenment education.

In 2019, Mingcun Primary School was awarded the title of "Red Army Primary School", Yang Mingzhai Memorial Hall, Sanhe Mountain Campaign Memorial Hall, and Red Culture College became our special position of our professional enlightenment education. Every year, I will take the children to the red career enlightenment base; July, in October, we have carried out patriotic education here, guiding children to combine life ideals to countries.

I found that the most laugue in the school is mostly the number of "园 farm". Every day, there will be a class of students at 1 hour of labor exercise.

I will grow management with children; when I gain, we will sell, and I will conduct "property inventory" and the coming budget. In the process of "planting-management-harvest" "Plan-Marketing-surplus", the children really understand the truth of "there is a return" and "new professional farmers". Since carrying out professional enlightenment education, children’s learning ability has been exercised, and there is a curiosity of related occupations, which inspires them to actively learn more knowledge. I believe that the development of professional enlightenment education will definitely put a more vast blue sky to rural children! Students in Urumqi, Xinjiang, experience tried to pay under the guidance of firefighters of fire rescue detachment in Urumqi. Xinhua News Agency seeding in their hearts, the seeds tell the story: Nanjing Information Vocational and Technical College Intelligent Control Technical Specialist, Cui Ji, I am a "80", home in Shandong, now in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Someone asked me, why not go to foreign companies, and choose to be a silent "teaching book" that is because this is an extremely happy thing: in the classroom in higher vocational work, in the "craftsman", When participating in the skill competition, when you talk to the primary and secondary school students, I can always understand the fullness and happiness of this profession. Our school has a "digital factory public professional experience center" is a professional experience center of Nanjing. A few years ago, I was fortunate to participate in the central preparation. At the beginning of the preparation, we strive to work hard to live the school’s "home". On the one hand, it is actively mobilized more enterprises to participate in the joint, and the resources are complementary, and strive to build the center is not general.

Later, we integrate the industrial robot 4S center, the digital twin intelligent workshop, deepen the school-enterprise cooperation, and developed a series of professional experience courses. Soon, the center became a special platform for the majority of primary and secondary school students. Here, they can conduct professional job experience, work scene, practical training, etc., and accept career planning guidance, professional tendency test, professional quality improvement training .

In June 2020, I received more than 70 middle school students to open professional experience activities to help them understand the "digital twin technology".

Special, there is a pair of twin brothers in the student, in order to strengthen the experience, I deliberately invite them to demonstrate together.

In the monitoring scheduling center, the data on a large-screen change has attracted the students’ eyeball, the equipment operation status, the number of raw materials, and the order production situation is present in front of everyone.

The twin brothers tap the mouse, the picture instantly switches to the production line model, and everyone discovers the same equipment as the picture in the actual production line according to the three-dimensional model in the position of the mouse. It instantly understands what is "digital twins".

Next, I will give them a tablet, guide them to order their own name, enter their name, the favorite U disk shell color and personalized pattern, U disk capacity, complete their own product model, and submit Production.

The crisp motor rotates, the production line starts running, everyone looks at the actual production line, while watching the production line model on the big screen, the virtual and reality equipment operation accurately, the production process digital "twin" phenomenon makes everyone amazed .

When I left, the twin brothers said to me: "Teacher, we want to apply for your school, become a person like you understand smart manufacturing technology.

"At that moment, I feel very happy.

Since the completion of the self-experience center, we have received professional experience activities in more than 3,000 primary and middle school students, including primary and secondary schools in Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing University School, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and University. Through the professional experience, people have gradually changed people’s engrave impression on vocational education. In a large batch of children’s hearts, they become the seeds of craftsmen and big country craftsmen. I am looking forward to rooting these seeds, germination, and makes future China have more high-skilled talents.


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Chengdu Medical Insurance Bureau joins Chengdu High-tech Zone to build medical insurance innovation application centers

People’s Daily Online Chengdu May 29th (Guo Ying) On May 28, the Chengdu Medical Insurance Bureau and Chengdu High-tech Zone held a signing ceremony for the development strategic cooperation agreement for medical insurance adapter industry in Chengdu. In the future, the two sides will build a medical insurance innovation application center, and "jump out of medical insurance to pay medical insurance" and "number transformation, use number management, factor development" medical insurance innovation concept, excavate the application value of medical insurance data, and promote the medical insurance Quality development, enhancing the transformation and upgrading of medical health industries, and helps industrial ecotry circles.

It is understood that the two parties determine the medical insurance innovation application center of cooperation construction, and is a innovative integration platform that converts data value as a core. The platform will utilize information technology such as Internet +, big data, AI, block chain, 5G, carry out new technology application tests, innovative research results transformation and medical insurance information, and cultivate medical insurance information, and in Chengdu High-tech Zone Demonstration, explore medical insurance refinement management and modern management methods, jointly build smart medical insurance.

According to the agreement, the future will also give full play to the medical insurance policy, data, resources of the leverage, enabling the innovation and development in industrial sectors such as biomedicine, smart medical, health insurance, and improve the medical and health industry of Chengdu High-tech Zone Medical Health Industry Ecology Circle and Innovative Ecological Chain. The Ideas of New Economic Development Advances Promoting the Fusion Development Situation of "BT + IT" industry, and helps regional economy rapidly and high quality development. By building a normalized communication platform, promoting key projects, key enterprise services, key policies strive for industrial development work. The relevant responsible disclosure of the Biological Industry Development Bureau of Chengdu High-tech Zone, in the future, the two sides will also rely on the Tianfu International Medical Center to build medical insurance payment management innovation test fields, jointly explore innovation policies and measures such as medical insurance and international security imports.

(Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).

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12 Sterk Alan: leer zelfregulering tegen gesloten leven

Op 9 november, lokale tijd, ging het Chinese team naar het Sharjah-stadion om aan te passen aan de training. Voordat de training begint, accepteerde Alan de voorkant van de voorkant, de voorkant, het media-interview. Hij zei dat hij met de doorlooptijd voor de leider kan spelen. Zolang het team nodig heeft, doe je ons best. Alan die voor de media verschijnt, heeft altijd een optimistische mentaliteit gehandhaafd. Op de avond van de lokale tijd is Alan tegenover de verslaggever, maar zei ook met een eenvoudig Chinees.

Het team kan niet worden gespeeld in het land, Alan zei: iedereen weet dat nu heel moeilijk is, we willen het spel thuis spelen, maar nu is er ongeacht waar het huis is geregeld, we moeten ons voorbereiden, een goed spel spelen .

In de warming-up wedstrijd van Shanghai en Shenzhen-team op 3 november maakte Alan het doel, dat goed lijkt te zijn.

Zhang Yunning als een frontlinepartner is ook in het spel in het spel.

Hij zei hierbij: we zijn bekend met elkaar. Ik heb de bal gespeeld in het Guoan-team. Ik heb al heel lang samengewerkt. We hebben een heel goed ding in elkaar, en de samenwerking is ook goed. Spelen .

Voor je eigen problemen zei Alan: ik weet het nog steeds niet, afhankelijk van de hoofdcoach, zie hoe hij zich regelt, maar ik ben klaar, ik ben opleiding, zolang het team nodig heeft, zal ik mijn best doen. Voor langetermijntraining, het leven, is Alan gelooft dat we een evenwichtige staat moeten vinden. Het is nu heel moeilijk. Nu is dit wereldwijd, en nu is er geen bijzonder goede oplossing. We zijn lang om bezorgd te zijn. Het is niet veel te doen, dus het wordt voornamelijk aangepast en het trainingsveld is geconcentreerd. Neem een ??goede training, goede games.

Voor het Chinese team, Amman, Alan, zei: als een voormalige speler, ik moet het doen, voordat ik mijn best doen in overeenstemming met de vereisten van de coach, ik zal mijn best doen in dit spel. Ga voor een goed resultaat. Op de 9e van de lokale tijd was de FIFA het officieel afgesproken dat de nationale voetbalfans deze maand open waren voor het tafereel, en de Alan zei: te goed, er is een fan om het veld binnen te gaan, het spel van dit jaar is alleen in Suzhou, dat is er alleen Een toelatingsondersteuning van een ventilator, deze game kan worden toegelaten tot de fans, onze motivatie zal heel vol zijn, na het doel, vieren met de fans, voel me heel wonderbaarlijk. Tekst / Beijing Youth Daily Reporter Xiao Yu.

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De derde plenaire vergadering van het FIKE People’s congres van Linyi City hield de derde plenaire vergadering

Op de ochtend van 20 februari hield de eerste bijeenkomst van het 5e volkscongres van Linyi City een constitutionele eath-ceremonie in het centrum van Linyi City. Op 20 februari hield de eerste bijeenkomst van het 5e volkscongres van Linyi City een derde plenaire vergadering in het Gemeentelijke Conventiecentrum, de leiders van de nieuwe gemeentelijke staatsorganen. De vergadering moet de vertegenwoordiger van 332 personen en 325 personen bijwonen, die aan het wettelijke aantal voldoen.

Voorzitter van het Bureau, de derde plenaire vergadering, Executive President Zhang Zhizhi, voorgezeten over de vergadering.

Als de derde plenaire vergadering waren de voorzitter en de voorste rij voor de voorzitter: DU JIANHUI, YANG YU, TANG PEIYUAN, LI YINFENG, LI GUANGHUI, JIANG SHILIANG, LI SHOUZHI, Shi Zhisheng, Yang Dynasty, Gong Wenjun, Hu Xingcai, Yang Zhutian.

De organisatie van de provinciale partijcommissie zal de verkiezingsbegeleidingsgroep aan de leiding veranderen.

Zhang Jihua, lid van de afdeling Organisatie van het Provinciaal Partijcomité, lid van het Permanent Comité van het Congres van het Provinciaal Volkscongres, plaatsvervangend directeur van de Commissie van het Provinciaal Volkscongres en Middelenbescherming, aan de voorste rij van de voorkant.

Bij de voorzitter: Zhao Zijie, Chen Changyu, Kaiko, Qiu Ming, Shen Xi, Zhao Guixiang en andere leden van het Bureau.

Er is ook een zitplaats in de voorzitter: Mang Hongyu, Wang Meirong, Zhao Weidong, Feng Weiqing, Yang Li People, Zhao Xue. De Meeting Stem passeerde de directeur Ticket Person, The Scrutiny List.

Na het lezen van de lijst van offici?le kandidaten, de vergaderverkiezingen in een niet-registratie-stem. Volgens het telresultaat van het Director Ticket Report: Tang Peiyuan wordt verkozen als directeur van het Permanent Comité van het 5e Volkscongres van Linyi; Du Jianhui wordt gekozen als de burgemeester van de People’s Linyi City; Yang Team, Zhao Guixiang, Shi Zhisheng, Li Mingchang, Tang Yongchun, Wuhan Festival wordt gekozen als plaatsvervangend directeur van het Permanent Comité van het 5e Volkscongres van Linyi; Zhao Zijie, Mi Hong, Wang Meirong, Zhao Weidong, Ni Zheng Liu, Yang Zhutian, Feng Weicheng is geselecteerd als de plaatsvervangend burgemeester van de regering van de Linyi; Li Shouzhi voor de directeur van het Comité van Linyi City Supervision; Yang Liimin wordt gekozen als de decaan van het hof van de intermediaire mensen van Linyi; Zhao Xue, de procureur van de procuratoraat van het volk Stad, volgens de lokale organisatiewetgeving, zal de procureur-generaal van de PROCURATORAAT van de Yunnan-provinciale volksrechten verslag uitbrengen om Yunnan aan te vragen die is goedgekeurd door het Permanent Comité van het Provinciaal Volkscongres; Gong Wenjun werd verkozen als de secretaris-generaal van het Permanent Comité van de 5e volkscongres van Linyi City; Wang Qn en Andere 29 werden gekozen als lid van het Permanent Comité van het Vijfde Volkscongres van Linyi City. Vervolgens, Zhang Zhizhong, secretaris van de Municipate Party Committee, directeur van het Vijfde Volkscongres, burgemeester, plaatsvervangend directeur van de Gemeentelijke Volksregering, plaatsvervangend directeur van het Congres van Gemeentelijke Volkscongres, plaatsvervangend burgemeester, directeur van de regering van de gemeentelijke mensen, directeur van de Municipal Supervision Committee, Municipal Sports People’s Court a Long-term uitgeschakeld certificaat.

Na de derde plenaire vergadering, leidde directeur Tang PEI, directeur van het Vijfde National People’s Congress Perman-commissie, respectievelijk een gekozen certificaat, een lid van het Fifth National People’s Congress, en 8 gespecialiseerde commissies van het Congres van de Gemeentes. (Wang Chaoyang Zhang Honglin Dong Jun Zhang Jiapy Yang Zhai) Bron: Linyi Daily (Editor: Mu Jingyu, Xu Qian) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

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The "Mahejuan Lecture" passed the party’s voice to "Fly, a family"

Several big snow after winter, wrapped a strict winter pasture in the Akdara-siki area in Fuhai County, Fuhai County.

In the past few days, the arrival of the Horses the Horses in Sarah, let the herdsmen in Gobi will melt. "In order to let her herders deeply understand the spirit of the third Central Central Xinjiang Work Symposium, the party’s voice spread throughout the district, we have joined the mountains for two days." January 7, preliminary, Sarajun Village Party branch secretary Mar Buku looks to tell the reporter. The Akdala area is more than 40 kilometers from the Village Committee of the Secoura Village, and more than 20 herders are distributed at 50 kilometers of Gobi corners. In order to make each housemaster understand the spirit of the conference, the village cadres and the public are not afraid of cold, and they are in depth to the pastoral area. Slip of snow, the teams ride riding through the Gobi, arrived at the herds, counted, Kash Turp, near noon.

I heard that the preaching team is coming, and the four or five old herders nearby will come to Buick home, and everyone is sitting together and listen carefully. "It has built more than 1.69 million rural housing rooms and more than 1560,000 sets of urban affordable housing, and more than 1 million people live in a clean and beautiful new house, including us.

The national health inspection continues to launch, the basic medical insurance insured rate of residents reaches%, we don’t have to worry about seeing a doctor … "Zhu Ma Buji, read the herdsmen. Pearl Marke cloth Be serious, everyone can listen carefully, nod his head from time to time.

When it comes to the village to build kindergarten, health room, cultural station, and the masses can enjoy high-quality public services, and the herdsmen have applauded and applauding the party’s Huimin policy.

"We enjoy the country’s farming subsidy policy, I have raised more than 200 sheep, more than 40 cow, 15 horses, more than 200,000 yuan per year." Don’t Kash listened to the proposal, confident, "Party and the country We have such a good policy, this year, I have to increase the fattening efforts of cattle and sheep, the small abstraction of the livestock, the animals are replaced, and the road to scientific feeding, the days are getting better. "The herds of the herds Canal Buick Karan then said: "In the past few years, our family’s income is higher than a year. I raised 7 cows, more than 70 sheep, poor houses have taken away, these are unknow the party’s Huimin policy We must always feel the party, listen to the party Chinese, and go with the party.

"In the future, we must integrate the spirit of the third Central Xinjiang Work Symposium into the specific work, do a good job in the grassroots party construction, continuously strengthen the construction of the village-level cultural position, so that the villagers continue to increase, and constantly enhance the acquisition of the masses. Sense, happiness and security. "Zhu Ma Buji, Say. In the past few days, Fuhai County passed the" Winter Little Team "" Dandelion Propaganda Group "," Marsh Legal Trouce ", etc. It is easy to understand to present the spirit of the third Central Central Xinjiang Work Symposium, listen to more than 40,000 people. "We also listen to the voice of the people of herds, what they think, what, what, for the village Determine the foundation for future development goals.

"Zhu Ma Bu," Mahy Xuan Ti will enter every pastoral area, pass the party’s voice to ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”mte Fly’ ” ”.

"(Zhang Ting Yang Xiaodong) (Editor: Li Long, Han Ting).

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De centrale propaganda-groep predikte in Jiangxi, de provincie Zhejiang (diepgaande studie en implementatie van de partij van de 19e plenaire zitting van de Communistische Partij van China)

  Deze krant Hangzhou 29 november (Reporter Dou Hao) op de ochtend van 29e, studeer en implementeer en implementeer de 19e plenaire vergadering van de Partij van de Central Propaganda Group gepredikt in Hangzhou, provincie Zhejiang, lid van de Central Propaganda Group, Central and State Organs Liang Yanshun , plaatsvervangend secretaris van het dagelijkse werk, is een propaganda-rapport. Zhejiang Lord, meer dan 10.000 mensen in de locatie woonden het propaganda-rapport bij. Bij de verslagvergadering gebruikte Liang Yanshun rijke historische feiten, verse voorbeelden en de informatieve gegevens, introduceerde het geheel de basissituatie en de hoofdinhoud van de 19e nationale president van het feest en hoorde de betekenis van de conferentie en maak resoluties. De initi?le missie en belangrijke prestaties van de honderd jaar strijd, het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken begonnen het nieuwe tijdperk, de historische verandering van geschiedenis, "twee gevestigde" beslissende betekenis, Xi Jinping’s nieuwe tijdperk van het socialisme, socialistische denken, marxisme China’s nieuwste resultaten , de historische betekenis en historische ervaring van de 100-jarige strijd van de partij, met de geschiedenis van zeven aspecten en het cre?ren van toekomstige belangrijke vereisten, enz. Systeemprediking en diepgaande interpretatie.

Liang Yanshun zei in de presentatie dat het leren van de geest van de plenaire vergadering, het belangrijkste is om de beslissende betekenis van "twee etablissement", resoluut te ondersteunen en te verdedigen "twee etablissement". Op de middag van de 29e kwam Liang Yanshun naar de technologie van Zhejiang en nam deel aan de vertegenwoordigers van vertegenwoordigers van de zesde plenaire zitting van de vrijwilligersklasse van de vrijwillige competitie en luisterde naar de jonge voorlopige verkopers.

  Laratu-vertegenwoordiger, Zhejiang Buitenlandse taal Universiteit Russische Jeugdleraar Laolingshan zei: "Ik wil een goede hoek kiezen, uitgraven het materiaal, gebruik meertalige soorten om de geest van de plenaire vergadering te prediken, re?le, stereo, uitgebreid China aan de wereld." Nieuws Nanchang 11 op 29e (Reporter Yang Yanfei) studeren en implementeren van de 19e plenaire zitting van de Partij van de centrale propaganda-groep in Jiangxi, een lid van de centrale propagander en Xinhua News Agency, Fu Hua gaf een propaganda-rapport, Jiangxi Lord, Slecht vierkant WAN De rest heeft deelgenomen aan het rapport. Bij de verslagvergadering omringde Fuhua de belangrijke speech van Xi Jinping bij de nationale secretaris van Xi Jinping in de 19e nationale plenaire zitting van de Communistische Partij van China, en de resolutie van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van China. Samenvatting van de betekenis van de 100-jarige strijd en historische ervaring van de partij, de eerste missie van de 100-jarige strijd van de partij, de historische prestatie en historische prestatie van het nieuwe tijdperk van het socialisme Met Chinese kenmerken, de historische betekenis en historische ervaring van de 100-jarige strijd van de partij in het geval van de geschiedenis, is de toekomst belangrijke vereisten en 6 aspecten van de honderd jaar van strijd van de partij, en de geest van de plenaire vergadering zal systeemprediking uitvoeren en Diepte interpretatie, die zich richt op de verjonging van de verjonging van de economische ontwikkeling, het nieuwe patroon van economische ontwikkeling, re-architectory, het nieuwe tijdperk van spirituele wervelkolom, leidt de bestemming en een totaal van nieuw tijdperk, een nieuw hoofdstuk openen Van de grote opwekking, de systematische prestaties en historische veranderingen sinds het 18e nationale congres van de partij, diep uitlegt "twee vestiging beslissende betekenis. HU Peng, de Partijcommissie Secretaris van het Partijcommissie van de Pelike Township, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, zei: "We zullen leren om de geest van de plenaire vergadering te implementeren, streven naar het bevorderen van de revitalisering van de landelijke woning, de infrastructuur, Verbeter de dorpsomgeving en verbeter de massa’s om zinvol, geluk, gevoel voor veiligheid te geven. "In de middag van de 29e kwam Fu Hua naar Nanchang Bayi naar de gedenkteken en het rode voorlopige personeel, de gemeenschapskader, enz.

(Editor: Yuan Bo, Haojiang Zhen) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

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Peripheral tour: Exquisite camping suddenly hot 90 after 95 is consumer group

  On the weekend, Shu comfortably woke up naturally, in the nature of the suburbs at noon, there, the high-quality tent and camping equipment, food drinks, etc. are ready, what you need to do is to sit down and enjoy leisure Time, and friends are full of feet, come and take a happy mood, and now take a happy mood … Today, the exquisite camping has become a new hotspot around the surrounding tour, including the night campaign is a hot choice.

In fact, whether it is overnight or not night, comfortable, easy, leisure has become such a fine camping experience, winning a lot of people’s favorite. However, the night camping subverts the traditional exquisite experience, "90" Xiao Hui loved the night’s camping activity, and the backpack in everyone’s impression, bringing a tent to the wild camping, the camping of Xiahui Experience obvious A lot of exquisite.

Not only is a special organizer responsible for laying a camping site, all equipment, food does not need her, just replace the clothes you like, make a makeup, bring a beautiful mood to go to this camping. If necessary, the organizers will arrange specialized photographers to provide professional camera services.

"I have always wanted to experience the tent, but the experience in the wild sleep tent is obviously not suitable for me, and now this exquisite campaign experience is just in line with my needs, which can always touch nature, will not very hard, about two Three hundred yuan once, on the weekend for a long time, there is a camping experience.

"In other words, in the name of the camping, it will be more in line with the spirit of exquisite camping, more refined than the traditional camping experience, and have fun, good-looking, good shot, and comfortable experience.

A Ken, who had participated in the exquisite camping group of the company, told reporters that now, the company will basically consider the surrounding, mountaineering, hiking, hot springs, and rural tour, etc. He is surprised by a small exquisite camping group.

The department handed the event to the company’s camping company, and a group of self-driving, tasting the local farmhouse after the local farmhouse came to the designated place, and he had already read the tent and dining table food, etc., and some people organized various kinds. Group game.

In the evening, everyone enjoyed the improvity performance while enjoying the food, colleagues were very high, and the relaxed camping experience was full. Although the exquisite campaign like this is flexible because of the time, it does not need to consider the comfort of accommodation, and the exquisite camping of overnight is still the heart of the deep camping lovers. Today, with more and more camps in the surrounding fidel destination, the depth experience of well-equipped camps is also getting more and more popular, coupled with RV, wild luxury villas and other rooms in these camping camps, let this class The surrounding camping experience is more diverse.

  Reason: Why is the exquisite camping so fire? Unlike the camping in the traditional impression, the exquisite camping in the beginning of last year has appeared in many trend of the taste, and suddenly, it has become a popular tone of the hot gates in the past two years, a large number of exquisite camping equipment brands, product suppliers, service organization companies Shut up, constantly "copy" the new experience of exquisite camping for the people who want to have a taste. In fact, outdoor camping is not unfamiliar for many people, but from the exquisite camping of last year, it has played a new pattern.

The concept of exquisite camping originated from Europe and America, English is Glamping, from "Glamorous" and "Camping" and "camping", Chinese translation as exquisite camping, style camping, etc. From Camping to Glamorous, its kernel is camping, but emphasizes its "charm" show, remove the adventure and the elements of the outdoor experience. The direct reflection of the charm is "high-quality", a good-looking white tent, retro chandelier, high quality outdoor table and chair, barbecue, coffee machine, and beautiful vases and ornaments embellishment, just a good photo.

Today, open social network platforms, enter "exquisite camping", you can see "model" uploaded by many netizens bloggers, no one is not online. In addition, in now, people are more refined to high quality leisure needs, and the charm of exquisite camping is also reflected in "comfortable". Don’t worry hard, whether infrastructure or software is equipped, there is exquisite taste, and even tents You can also equip air conditioning, even in the hot weather, you can comfort the air conditioner in the tent. In 2020, it is called "camping first year" by many industries, and the media consultation data shows that China’s open market scale increased from 7.71 billion yuan to 29.9 billion yuan, and it is expected to grow in 2022. More than 18.6%, the market size reached 35.46 billion yuan, in this regard, the Medical Advisory Analyst believes that the market size of camping camps has been driven by overall tourism market and the increase in demand for experience in experience, expects to return Will grow. There is data show that the experience of exquisite camping in the past year has increased the increase in the entire camping market, and the number of people experienced the total number of camping people.

  Who is playing delicate camping? "90" "95" is a major consumer group "" young, parent-child family, company built is the main experience crowd of exquisite camping. "The person in charge of the" La Bin Uncle "told reporters to play exquisite The camping crowd is nothing more than these three types of people, and the most prominent demand on them is "social attribute." "90" "95" is the main consumption crowd of exquisite camping. They like exquisite camping this kind of experience. In addition to getting close to nature, enjoying it, as a fresh social way, to show young Consumers’ colorful life. A "2021Z Generation Camping Social White Paper" released by Taobao is shown that young people with hobby camping have embodied some of the very personal characteristics, camping socially is one of their main appeals, can be close to camping. Natural ways, communication in a pressureless environment.

Compared with young people’s favorite script, the camping is not limited to the game mechanism, and any topic can open a hot chat, and the script kill and the room escape must focus on the game itself, so camping travel High quality social relationships are easier to establish high quality social relationships. In addition, this report also shows that 82% of the "95" users in the love camping have chosen at least one skill, there is a meal, skateboard, play music, riding, fishing, etc., a variety of skills. It also means that there is more common topics of "95" after the love of love, which is easy to deepen each other’s relationship.

  The new profession and other new professionals such as the surrounding tourist pumes have become the mainstream of travel in the surrounding, and the style camping has become a new gameplay of the surrounding trend.

Zhao Huan, chief of the Gorgeous Adviser Group, said that in the case of the 2020 restaurant business, the camping service earnings 10 million yuan, it can be seen that the subdivision is preparing for the market after the epidemic.

"This year, the development of self-driving tour and surrounding tour, let the camping development coincide.

"Zhao Huan said that the quality of the camping depends on the level of experience. This is the performance of the" experience economy ". Experience the economy is the way of customer demand and experience, and its service and product relationship has reversed. In the economic economy, the direction of the main research is not to provide products, but to provide a stage, allowing experience elements to rely on products and services, allowing the experience of memory for a long time, in the brain of consumers. In addition, huge market demand is promoted This industry is new and new, also gave birth to new professionals such as exquisite camping suppliers, exquisite camping planners.

As early as 2013, "La Bin Uncle" as a friend who loves outdoors is involved in the camping field, but from last year, it is premonstated to the trend of exquisite camping. He launched a team in the province but night and overnight and other exquisite camping. service items.

"There are many surrounding games that can expand in exquisite camping. For example, in combination with outdoor resources, you can play kayaks, skates, rock climbing, hiking, climbing, and can also develop research in the parent-child tour, such as such a class can be carried out, but truly do it. It is an innovation, such as the experience of cultural integration into the exquisite camping experience. "For example, in such a way to the Cantonese Tea Tower in the Lingnan Style Scenic Spot, he put the steamer of the Cantonese reflection on the small cart in the tea house. Exquisite camping guests offer special food experience, as well as setting bookshelf at camping, create a reading angle, etc., there is also an activity. For example, the music sent to the form of a young man, can introduce the experience.

(Chen Weiwei).

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Suzhou City, Xiaoxian promoted the construction of high quality development in close-oriented counties

In recent years, Xiaoxian, Suzhou City, insists on promoting the construction of tight-type county medical communities as a result of consolidating health and poverty alleviation, realizing the key initiatives of rural residence, integrating counties resources, strengthening policies, and deepening medical and health system reforms, and enhancing county comprehensive medical service capabilities Multiple measures to promote the construction of high quality development in tight-type county medical commissions. Taking a "total" word, establish an efficient coordination mechanism, focus on reconstruction of county medical health service system, the county, the construction of tight-type county medical residential construction as a fundamental, basic, basic Work, to promote the spirit of the spirit, and do a good job in the "total" article.

Established a leading group of close-type county medical community construction, introduced "Multi-Party Promotion of the Party Committee", the construction of the party committee, the government, the department, and promote the medical affirmation The construction provides strong guarantee: the work mechanism under the leadership of the party committee, the Council consists of the responsible comrades of the lead hospital and member units, responsible for daily operation management; in accordance with the principle of streamlined, clear, highly collaborative, lead hospital in the original On the basis of administrative departments, the 15 functions management departments of the Health Supervision, the Medical Insurance Bureau, the Board, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the Development and Reform Commission, and the Food and Drug Administration have formed a working force, division of labor, responsible for the daily operation management of the medical affirmation; The county medical institution’s service capabilities and population distribution, and the establishment of two medical skills of county hospitals and Chinese medicine hospitals, the business management solutions, grading diagnosis and treatment, and performance assessment management methods, and drug equipment management methods, The relevant regulations and systems such as the Medical Council, the Charter of the Board of Supervisors; Implement "Eight Unity" and integrated management county and township hospitals.

Found around a "strong" word, strengthen the leader leading to drive, and focus on improving the county medical service capability, the county puts deep medical reform, improving the integrated medical service capacity of county as the fundamental policy of sustainable and high quality development, according to the county The requirements of strong, homesick, and village stabilize, consolidate the basic base, highlight specialist leadership, promote the sinking of resources, promote up and down, and realize that the county level is strong to the county.

Accelerate the construction of provincial regional specialist medical centers. Cooperate with the Department of Dominant Medical College to build the "Xiaoxian Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medical College", through the part of the hospital, technological innovation, scientific management, etc. Strength, ensuring that after 3 years, Xiaoxian People’s Hospital reached the level of the county-level three-level hospital. Strengthen the construction of grassroots hospital facilities. Using special funds 1.47 million to standardize construction of 114 village-level health sections; planned to invest hundreds of township health centers for Sun Weizi, Yongxi, Du Building, and Yanglou four township hospitals for renovation or new construction.

Strengthen the construction of talents in the grassroots hospital.

Based on the 64 medical backbone talents and experts, they will help township hospitals to recruit 136 talents. Ordn for free medical students, and jointly entrust 6 rural doctors, and 960 medical staff of the town village medical staff. .

Grasping a "joint" word, implement the long triangulation integrated strategy, combined with the level of the county and township medical institutions, the county will implement the Yangtze River Delta integrated development strategy as the fundamental follows of the development of various fields, to strengthen the medical field and Suzhou, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, China The cooperation is for the forerunner, and the interconnection of online medical technology is actively passed through a "joint" word, and combines the level of medical treatment in the domain hospital. Strengthen the docking with Xuzhou.

Signed a business cooperation agreement with 2 three-level hospitals such as Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of Municipal Bureau, and cooperate with Xuzhou Central Hospital to build a total construction area of ??160,000 square meters of Fengcheng Hospital.

Strengthening the docking with, Huaibei. Formation of city, county, township three-level remote imaging diagnostic network, covering 2 secondary hospitals and 23 township hospitals (community health service center), covers 100%. Strengthen the interconnection of medical institutions within the domain.

It is established 3 + X family doctor’s signing service team consisting of counties, township, village three-level medical staff and specialists, to provide a full-scale, full life cycle health service to sign up the masses, forming "unsattended early prevention, small diseases , Big disease can consult, slow disease has management, referral to help dock control system. Enhance a "tube" word, innovate comprehensive supervision model, and focus on constructing multi-level supervision and management system, the county insists on promoting the important guarantee for promoting medical reform, and focusing on the system mechanism to ensure sustainable development of medical commissions.

Reform medical insurance payment method. Take the "total budget, quarterly predecessor, balance, super branch], 90% of the urban and rural residents’ medical insurance funds to the implementation of medical unit purchase services, and the remaining 10% is the risk of risk. Innovation integrated regulatory model. Construction of government inspector, industry management, group supervision, social supervision of the four-level medical fund supervision and management system, use the media, hire the National People’s Congress, the CPPCC, supervise the "three-in-one system" implementation situation and medical fund operation, standardize medical service behavior Maintain the safety of medical insurance funds.

(Zhang Zu Bei) (Editor: Fan Xiaolin, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.

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People’s Daily: Carrying Forward Lei Feng’s Inheritance Red Gene

Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and inherit the red gene.

For more than half a century, the initial heart of the Lei Feng in the people will always remain unchanged, and the accumulation of 320,000 passengers are transported, and 36,000 bags are transported.The demand for the masses is the starting point of all work.

Relear vehicle group members always remember "what the passengers need, what do we do", remembering the spirit of learning Lei Feng in mind, using practical actions to practice the initial mission of serving the people.

Inheriting the red gene, so that the spirit of the Lei Feng vehicle group never fades.

In these years, people’s lives have changed huge changes, and the service content provided by the Lei Feng vehicle group is also expanding.

It is always constant, it is a constant red gene in the Lei Feng car group. It is a career who is doing a line of love.

(Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei).

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