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What mystery is implied by rubbing hands?

What mystery is implied by rubbing hands?

In life, seemingly subtle actions are often the easiest to “sell” us.

Like rubbing our palms and clinking the copper coins in our pockets, all of them reveal our inner thoughts.

  First, rub the palm of the hand. When the child sees his mother pushing a car from the supermarket, he is likely to rub the palm and make the gesture of expectation.

Or, a 60-year-old company president is presiding over an important meeting. At this moment, the secretary sends a note. After reading, he stands up and rubs his hands, saying, “Dear, we have reached a contract with a huge company amount.

“In the videotape of the negotiation, someone rubbed his hands quickly, as if expecting something.

At the beginning of the negotiation, some people saw that this gesture was very difficult, and they would immediately pause and ask the other party if they had other arrangements in advance.

His smile will tell you that his hand rubbing motion only convinced us that he knew and liked what was coming.

People often wash their hands and rub their hands before performing this activity.

Unless he has a cold hand, he is suggesting an interest in that activity.

Maybe this is why the gambler always rubs his hands before rolling the dice.

  Another stance is a sudden bad mood, which is to slowly rub your wet hands with a cloth.

This gesture is not an expression of self-confidence, but it seems to be nervous and upset.

Many people dry their sweaty hands on something when they are nervous.

Men usually use pants, and women often use handkerchiefs or toilet paper.

Testifying in court, newcomers giving speeches or athletes waiting to play, often made some gesture to wipe off the sweat on the palm.

  Second, ringing the copper plate in the pocket. Dr. Sanderman observed that people who often jingle the copper plate in the pocket are either very meaningful or short of money.

Anyone who arrives at the Las Vegas seat must remember playing dice, slot machines or other gambling equipment. The copper plates in their pockets always jingle.

  One of our friends is a producer of a film company. He is always used to ringing the copper plates in his pants pockets. When you ask him why he did this, his answer is: “Remind me when I had no money.

“Did you notice how the beggar walked past you, he always jingled the money in the tin can, indicating that they needed the money.

Service staff who live on tips often seem to ring coins as a means of passing information to guests.

  Third, the gesture of pressing your middle finger on your index finger with crossed fingers can return to our childhood.

Young children often cross their fingers when they tell an insignificant lie to their parents, or when they are looking for good luck.

  In his “The Habits of Speech and Posture”, Dr. Sander Federman pointed out that it was “a magical, avoiding evil attitude, regardless of whether the evil is born of the heart or foreign.

“A friend travelled by plane to transfer at an airport that is known for being always late. He crossed his fingers and said to others,” Maybe you can catch the transfer plane.

“In business or social situations, this stance is often more secretive than the common problems we know, and it soon separates after splitting.

In many stressful situations, this attitude was photographed.

When a party makes a request or request, they slightly cross their fingers and express their hope that his wishes will be recognized.

  In certain countries, the gesture of crossed fingers indicates that they are very close.

In the United States, two fingers are joined together without crossing, and they say, “We are so close.

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Persistent massage of limbs can help relieve fatigue

Persistent massage of limbs can help relieve fatigue

People usually massage their limbs and body, and are accustomed to pat and knead back and forth from top to bottom.

In fact, proper reverse massage is more beneficial to health and can achieve more results with less effort.

Sticking to mine and legs from bottom to top can better relieve muscles and relieve fatigue.

  When people are most or sitting, blood is easy to accumulate in the lower limbs, the circulation is not smooth, and over time, symptoms such as fatigue, swelling and pain will inevitably occur.

Especially in middle-aged and elderly people, weakness in legs and feet can lead to decreased balance.

Reversely massaging the legs every day can dredge the entire meridians of the legs and feet, promote blood circulation, promote blood circulation and stasis, effectively enhance leg strength and flexibility of joint ligaments, enhance coordination of limbs, and reduce the risk of elderly injuries.

  The method of reverse massage is: after getting up every morning, do some exercises properly, move your limbs, sit on a stool, hold your right ankle with both hands, then rub it up at the same time, massage 20 times, and then massageLeft leg.

You can also use one hand to rub the arm in the opposite direction, and rub it slowly from the wrist to the shoulder for 20 times.

It should be noted that the downward pressure on the palm of the massager should be even and moderate, and it is advisable to not fold the skin when rubbing; move the limbs before the massage to prepare the body; have tibia, severe heart disease, liver disease,People with kidney disease and lung disease are not suitable for reverse massage.

  The face is also suitable for bottom-up reverse massage, which can resist gravity and delay aging; forward reverse massage can widen chest and regulate qi, promote local and whole body blood circulation, increase endocrine and digestive functions, and improve the body’s immunityAnd disease resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of health care.

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How do old people want to live longer? How to make nine kinds of food for the elderly to prolong life _1

How do old people want to live longer? How to make nine kinds of food for the elderly to prolong life

There are many opinions about the secrets of longevity: clean air, moderate exercise, balanced nutrition, regular work schedule. For busy modern people, diet adjustment is the easiest to achieve.

Eat the following 9 kinds of foods to maintain your health and prolong life.

  Blueberry has good antioxidant effect, can also supplement vitamins and minerals, can prevent inflammation, and promote the release of free radicals from cells, which is beneficial to reduce the incidence of cancer, morbidity, cognitive impairment or Parkinson’s syndrome.

  Omega 3 contained in salmon is a source of many fatty acids that strengthen the brain and heart function and prevent cognitive impairment.

  Yogurt is a good source of probiotics. Probiotics protect the immune system, enhance disease resistance, and help the body absorb nutrients from food.

Developing the habit of drinking yogurt can help maintain good health, prevent certain cancers, relieve diarrhea, and urinary tract infections.

  Sweet potato calcium, fiber and vitamin A, are good for vision, bones, growth ability, children’s growth and development, but also maintain blood pressure, normal blood sugar.

  Green tea has high levels of antioxidants, is anti-aging, and helps balance cholesterol levels.

  Spinach calories are low, but contain vitamins A and E, minerals, calcium, which protects human cells.

The amount of calcium in a cup of spinach juice is equivalent to the amount of milk in a cup of milk.

There are also many benefits to the cardiovascular system.

  Tomato supplementation with lycopene can slow down the body’s aging, help the body resist prostate cancer and coronary heart disease, and contains many trace elements such as potassium and iron, as well as vitamins A, C, E, etc.nutrition.

  Dark chocolate contains a lot of flavonoids that help protect your heart.

  Oatmeal is the main source of soluble fiber, which lowers plasma levels, controls blood sugar, and reduces the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Winter nourishing and dry recipes Chinese cabbage stewed tomatoes

Winter nourishing and dry recipes Chinese cabbage stewed tomatoes

The weather is getting colder, and some of the “warm” pot dishes are the best when eating.

Take a look at the Chinese cabbage stewed tomatoes we introduced today.

Chinese cabbage is the best vegetable in winter, especially in the north.

The weather is dry in winter, and the cold wind is very harmful to human skin. Cabbage is rich in vitamins C and E. Eating more cabbage can help the skin care and beauty through its very nourishing and moisturizing effect.

  Materials: 400 grams of Chinese cabbage, 100 grams of fresh shiitake mushrooms, 2 tomatoes.

  Practice: 1.

Wash and slice fresh shiitake mushrooms, wash and cut Chinese cabbage, and cut and cut the tomatoes; 2.

Put 1 tablespoon of olive oil in hot pan, stir-fry ginger, stir-fry tomato pieces, add some salt and water, and fry until slightly sauce-like.

Add another spoon, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, stir-fry the shiitake mushroom slices and Chinese cabbage, stir-fry until the vegetables are soft, add half a bowl of water and stir-fried tomatoes, simmer for 10 minutes, season with salt and chicken powder, and put in the pan.Ready to eat in a wide mouth clay pot.

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Spring and autumn and autumn – these five types of people can not be frozen

Spring and autumn and autumn – these five types of people can not be frozen

Autumn is so cool that you don’t have to add clothes too early, and freezing it properly will allow your body to adapt to cold weather.
However, the following five categories of people cannot be so “frozen”.
Patients with chronic lung disease are also conditional.
Under normal circumstances, when the sunshine temperature is between 15 ° C and 20 ° C, people can appropriately reduce the dressing, but when it is near the early winter, it is necessary to add clothes in time.
  For patients with chronic lung disease, it must not be “autumn frozen.”
In this type of patient, cold evil is easy to take advantage of, resulting in trachea, bronchi and other sputum, which induces the onset or aggravation of bronchitis, bronchitis and bronchial asthma.
Cardiovascular disease Patients are mainly involved in cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, coronary heart disease and heart failure.
Chinese medicine believes that the heart of the blood, heart disease is more related to the body’s body and blood, the operation of the blood, blood and blood are greatly affected by the external temperature.
  Therefore, for patients with cardiovascular disease, especially elderly patients, because of physical weakness, can not tolerate activities to increase exercise to prevent cold and enhance the body’s resistance, so it should not be “autumn frozen.”
Gastrointestinal patients For patients with gastrointestinal diseases, including chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis, peptic ulcer, etc., should also be careful to treat the autumn.
  For example, patients with peptic ulcer often have periodic episodes, especially those with duodenal ulcer.
Generally from autumn to early spring, it is a season of ulcers.
The stomach is suffocating and suffocating, and the cold is collected. After the cold, the blood and blood are not running smoothly, or vomiting or venting, or swelling or pain.
Therefore, if you encounter the autumn wind, you should add clothing in time, not too much “autumn”.
Patients with arthrosis should be moderately frozen, and should not be frozen casually, especially for important parts of the human body, such as head, chest, abdomen, foot, neck, shoulder, waist, knee joints, etc.
If the patient still can’t relieve after adding clothes, he should seek medical advice in time to find out the cause of pain and discomfort and treat it as soon as possible.
Diabetic patients Diabetic patients should not be “autumn frozen”, first because “autumn frozen” is easy to catch a cold.
Long-term or irregular high blood sugar reduces the phagocytic ability of human white blood cells, resulting in a decrease in the body’s resistance, so it is easy to catch cold when the seasons alternate, and when it is cold and hot.
Second, to prevent vasospasm in patients.
When the blood sugar of the sugar friend is suddenly stimulated by cold air, vasospasm will occur, and the blood flow will be further reduced. However, it often causes peripheral vascular neuropathy, which may cause microcirculation disturbance, which may easily cause tissue necrosis and diabetic foot.
  Hurry and see if you or your family have entered the misunderstanding of the spring and autumn!
If there is any, please remind them not to blindly “autumn”!

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Eye body of birth

Eye “body of birth”

This statement is made by two disciples of the academician of the acupuncture and moxibustion industry, Dr. Cheng Wei, the chief physician of Beijing Tongren Hospital and Dr. Wang Hongcai of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  Eyes are sore, tired and other uncomfortable symptoms, almost all modern people have personal experience, especially those who watch computers, books or TV for a long time, often feel sore eyes, bloating, dryness, blurred vision, and headachesInsufficient attention, emotional irritability, slow thinking, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of systemic fatigue, which is the role of “fatigue toxins” in the human body.
  Yang Wei pointed out that visual fatigue is the most likely to produce “fatigue toxins”. 90% of external information is received by the eyes. The information explosion has increased people’s knowledge, but the eyes are overloaded.
The “fatigue toxin” produced by visual fatigue eventually causes the body to become “tired.”
Therefore, the eye is the birthplace of general fatigue.
  At the same time, visual fatigue is one of the main manifestations of general fatigue.
Wang Hongcai believes that when you feel your eyes start to get tired, the danger of even more fatigue is approaching your health.
“The essence of the internal organs are all in the eyes, the twelve meridians and blood are gathered in the eyes, the tiredness of the eyes is caused by liver and kidney loss, spleen and stomach weakness, qi and blood stasis, and heart and soul.”
Solve the problem and find the “eye” point.
Yang Wei said: “As the source of the most vulnerable to fatigue, the eye plays an early warning role for the appearance of general fatigue symptoms.
Solve the whole body and get tired when starting from the eyes.
Yang Wei reminds everyone that the eye drops are as little as possible, and the eyes are tired to rest more. Usually, watching the computer and TV have to rest for 10 minutes in an hour, blink more, turn the eyeball, and spend 5 minutes doing eye health massage exercises.
Eat light, eat more fresh vegetables such as carrots, fruits and dried fruits such as walnuts and sesame.
Apply twice a day, use a cool towel in the morning and a hot towel at night.
More exercise, outdoor activities such as outings are very beneficial for relieving eye fatigue.
If the eyes continue to dry up, you should go to the hospital for treatment.

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Please think of the love of the lonely old man

Please think of the love of the lonely old man

The first obstacle is nothing else. It is the old-fashioned morality that the elderly have.

They often pour themselves cold water on their own, “all so old, and talk about love.”

Most elderly people are influenced by feudal clinical ethics, and they think that it is the cultivation of noble people who are ignorant of sex. Therefore, even if there is desire in this aspect, self-repression is carried out.

Even some elderly people with certain cultural accomplishments may also use the language that cannot be refuted. Old age love is the manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease.

  The second obstacle is the pressure from public feudal customs and public opinion.

Before a few liberations, especially the liberation, the widows re-married and the widows remarried. Their reputations have not always been so good. Many people always comment on the feudal and stereotypes of “good women don’t marry two husbands”. It often becomes a street tail, after a mealThe hot topic, and there is always a bit of irony in it, so that the elderly who want to remarry are daunting and deterred.

It is like a net that you can’t see and touch, so that you can’t tear it off.

In fact, the elderly have the right to have their own independent ideas. He has the right to love and marry freely according to his own will.

  The third obstacle is the opposition of the children.

Opponents can oppose countless reasons, such as inheritance will fall into the hands of others; people will gossip, think that the younger generation is not filial, the elders will come out with this policy; will be against the deceased wife; unwilling to take care of the stepmother (stepfather))Wait.

It’s not uncommon to find a marriage that has been forced to be lifted because of these reasons.

The elderly are both interested but unable to get married, which is a major correction.

The younger generation nailed their parents to the position of “parents” forever, instead of putting them in the same way as themselves.

They didn’t think about their parents at all. The parents who lived in the wind and the ages lived alone and alone, and lived happily and meaningfully.

  The fourth obstacle is the lack of housing and long-term independent income, which hinders the marriage and love of the elderly.

It is necessary to improve the social labor insurance system, especially for the unaccompanied elderly in rural areas who do not have a pension.

At the same time, the elderly should realize that they should invest their accumulated money into their old age.

  The fifth obstacle is the lack of counseling agencies and experts for elderly love, marriage services.

Many cities in China have established old-age marriage agencies, but they are still pitiful in the face of a large lonely elderly population.

Training for experts who understand the issue of sexuality of the elderly is also a priority.

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a few bad habits that make you lose weight

a few bad habits that make you lose weight

Poor eating habits are the leading cause of obesity.

The following points are the most common habits of modern people living in the urban jungle. If you change these habits, your weight loss career will take a big step.

  Habit 1: Do not eat breakfast, omitting breakfast, causing serious damage to the stomach, making people unable to work adequately, and easily accelerating aging.

Not eating breakfast will make you feel weak, and it is easy to get up in the way of eating more, and you will gain weight without knowing it.

And not eating breakfast also greatly increased the amount of lunch at noon.

  Habit 2: Dinner is too rich. In the evening, the blood insulin level is the peak of the day. The insulin is gradually converted into traces and condensed on the blood vessel wall. The dinner is too rich. Over time, people become obese.

At the same time, a sumptuous dinner with a shortened duration will destroy the normal body clock of the human body and easily cause insomnia.

  Habit 3: Drinking too much coffee can easily lead to heart disease.

Coffee contains a high concentration of caffeine, which can alter heart function and increase plasma in the blood vessels.

Drinking coffee will reduce work efficiency.

Reduces the moisture of degraded digests and easily forms constipation affecting weight loss.

  Habit 4: Insulation cup tea contains a lot of sulfuric acid, theophylline, tea oil and multi-vitamins. It is more suitable to brew with water of about 80 °C. If you use soaking cup to soak the tea in high temperature water, it is just right.Decoction with micro-fire will destroy the vitamins in the tea, make the tea scented oil volatilize, transform the acid, the large amount of theophylline oozes out, the harmful substances increase, affecting the digestion ability and leading to weight gain.

  Habit 5: Fruit as a staple food Many office workers for the purpose of weight loss, rarely supplement the staple food, often replaced by fruit, and experts remind the fruit can not be a staple food.

Because the fruit contains a variety of vitamins and sugar, but the body needs the body’s protein and some trace elements, nutritional imbalances can easily lead to unfortunate accumulation.

  Habit 6: Eating too fast Many office lunches are eaten in a very hurry.

The food is not fully chewed, which is not conducive to the initial digestion of oral food and salivary amylase, which increases the burden on the stomach.

The chewing time is too short, the vagus nerve is still over-excited, and it is easy to excite high blood pressure due to appetite.

  Habit 7: Drinking water is insufficient in the office. Due to the high concentration of work, it is easy to forget to drink water, resulting in insufficient water supplement in the body.

Concentration of blood and increased concentration of viscous blood, easily lead to thrombosis, causing cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, which in turn affects the function of kidney metabolism, affecting metabolism and naturally losing weight.

  Habit 8: Box lunch is a greasy killer box too much greasy, tastes heavy, and may add chemical seasonings, these often invisible obesity factors.

In the case where you can’t avoid eating lunch, try to reduce fried or high-conversion foods, and choose vegetables or cooked foods as a side dish.

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I want to live long and this kind of food is definitely not lacking.

I want to live long and this kind of food is definitely not lacking.

Kelp, also known as Khumbu.

The kelp is olive brown in color and becomes dark brown after drying. It is dark brown with white powder.

Kelp is known as the “longevity dish”, “the vegetable on the sea”, and the “Iodine-containing champion” reputation. From the perspective of nutritional value, it is a food that is long-lived and healthy.

  The nutritional value of kelp: 1.

Kelp is rich in carbohydrates, a small amount of protein and traces.


Kelp and spinach, rapeseed grade, in addition to containing vitamin C, its crude protein, sugar, calcium, iron content are several times to dozens of times higher.


Kelp is a seaweed with a high iodine content.

Cultured kelp generally contains 3%-5% iodine, and up to 7%-10%.

  The therapeutic effect of kelp: 1.

Kelp is rich in calcium and can be added to the body’s calcium deficiency.


A hoar-like white powder, mannitol, is often attached to the kelp, which is a valuable pharmaceutical substance.

Modern scientific research has shown that mannitol has the effect of lowering blood pressure, diuresis and swelling.


Kelp contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acid EPA, which can lower the viscosity of blood and reduce hardening of blood vessels.

Therefore, eating kelp often can prevent cardiovascular diseases.


The iodine in kelp is extremely rich, it is the main raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine in the body, and the luster of the hair is formed by the action of thyroxine in the body.

Iodine can stimulate the pituitary gland, reduce the level of estrogen in women, restore the normal function of the ovaries, correct endocrine disorders, and eliminate the hidden dangers of breast hyperplasia.


The gum contained in kelp can promote the excretion of radioactive substances in the body along with the stool, thereby reducing the accumulation of radioactive substances in the human body and reducing the incidence of diseases.


“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “kelp can cure rickets (ie goiter) and other edema, with phlegm and dispersal function.

Scientists have found that eating kelp often has an effect on the prevention and treatment of cancer.


Kelp contains 60% fucoidan, which is an excellent dietary fiber. After consumption, diabetic patients can delay the time of gastric emptying and food passage through the small intestine. Thus, even in the case of reduced secretion, blood sugar levels will not beRise and achieve the purpose of treating diabetes.


Obese people can eat kelp, which can reduce the sense of obesity and absorb a variety of amino acids and inorganic salts. It is an ideal satiety agent.


The laminin contained in kelp is a special amino acid that has the effect of lowering blood pressure and preventing hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage.

  Kelp dietary taboos: 1.

Do not drink tea immediately after eating kelp (tea contains higher acid), and do not immediately eat sour fruit (sour fruit contains plant acid).

Because kelp is rich in iron, both of these foods can block the absorption of iron in the body.


Patients with hyperthyroidism should not eat kelp, because the iodine content in kelp is rich, it will aggravate the condition.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not eat more kelp.
This is because iodine in the kelp can enter the plasma and the baby with blood circulation, causing thyroid dysfunction.

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Spleen and stomach are weak, eating radish may be more virtual

Spleen and stomach are weak, eating radish may be more “virtual”

As the saying goes: “Winter eating radish and eating ginger in the summer, no doctor to prescribe.”
This radish turns into a “ginseng” in the winter, and its health is of great significance.
In other words, this white radish listed in the winter is white and fat, crisp and sweet enough.
Not only does it taste good, it also has good medicinal value.
Chen Yan, director of the Department of Gastroenterology, Fangcun Branch, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that radish has the effects of eliminating stagnation, phlegm, heat, and detoxification.
Modern research has found that many trace elements contained in radish can enhance the body’s immunity.
Experts pointed out that eating white radish often in the winter is good for the body, but those with spleen deficiency eat less radish, and the spleen and stomach are weak and eaten radish may be more “virtual”.
  People with spleen deficiency eat less radish.
Because radish has the effect of qi and stagnation, it is best not to eat white radish often for people with weak spleen and stomach (expressed as poor appetite, loose stools and diarrhea) and without accumulation.
Because of too much qi, there is a possibility of gas consumption, which will make the state of weakness of the spleen and stomach unable to improve, and even worsen the situation of weakness.
  Do not eat with Codonopsis and Astragalus.
“Many people think that radish has the effect of antidote. Don’t eat radish when eating Chinese medicine. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.
Chen Yan said, “From the perspective of TCM theory, radish and other Chinese medicines are not intimidating, so there is no impact on other Chinese medicines.
“But, because radish has the effect of “lowering” and “stagnation”, Chinese medicine believes that it is easy to break the gas if it is too motivated. Therefore, eating radish will help the qi-invigorating drugs (such as ginseng and astragalus).There are certain obstacles.
In addition, Cantonese people often use soups such as Codonopsis, Chinese wolfberry, and Astragalus membranaceus to achieve a nourishing effect. At this time, do not eat radish, unless you do not need the nourishing effect of those herbs.
  Old slow-branch, asthma patients, don’t eat radishes.
Radish is cool, spicy, sweet, clearing heat and phlegm.
Because of the coldness of the sex, it is best not to eat radish, such as white, thin or foamy, which is mainly characterized by debilitating cold. Because the body is weak, eating cold food will definitely aggravate the condition.It can even trigger an acute attack of asthma.
In addition, patients with chronic bronchitis, asthma, etc. have a longer course of disease, and the body is mainly “spleen and kidney deficiency”, so it is not suitable for eating radish.
Of course, even in the acute episode of the old chronic bronchitis, radish can still be used as an auxiliary when it is sputum, yellow, and sticky.

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